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Reality check Does my existance / Bring you joy / Throw away all pretenses / It’s not about being coy / Do you find life here / Time is not a thing… Reality Bites How you can look me in the eye / Unflinching… / How you can sit and hold my hand / Unfeeling… / How you can greet me at the door / Like Usu… Dreaming and Reality I am tired of seeing you / So I will close my eyes / And think of you instead / We will sleep together / Wrapped in each others arms / Tra… Reality Bites I promised myself I would never tell this story until my kids were grown and had no real need for me anymore. . . until the day when I beca… reality reality registers with / the tune that bids a / salome dance / choreograph / as it sings through / physics/chemistry / mathematically / as … Dreaming is my reality Dreaming is my reality / Im free to be ~Morning Reality I hear the alarm of the morning and remember. / Preparing for sleep the night before, / Crawling into my resting place. / Wrapping my nake… Main character of this story We are all the main characters in this story called life. / ….Or should I say our story of life. / And that is just what life is. A … me. me. / they are someone i haven’t seen in a while / or maybe even a long time. / i lost count amongst autumn leaves / and too thick no… Reality A door has opened somewhere in my house, and now footsteps near. The door to this room, to this very real room in this painfully real world… IN TIME LIFE EXISTS LOVE LIFE IT DRIFTS Fester, Prologue She would not like to say often, but every night when the tangible world melts into its fog, knocking ricochets through the insides of Fest… Whose Reality? The indistinguishable, inseparable layers upon layers of subjectivity. Extreme Makeover a room of beaming simpletons / hold their breath / and celebrate / the mask of technology / lips, like blisters / eyes, cut and repositione… Dark Reality Bound, / Unable to move. / Tied tightly in place, / A small struggle takes too much energy. / Leather, / Rough, hardened and comfy. / What … Reality TV? “Those for whom the earth moved!” / Silence / “don’t call us, we’ll call you!” Reality Carcinoma in situ A Wish & A Reality If the words mean a lot, / If the words not only wish, / Not only want, / It would be totaly different than / In the thoughts.. / It would … in for the night reality is a word / invented to frame / a construct / we can wrap / our minds around a selfish reality “speak now or forever hold your peace” has never rung so true as written in the eyes of a man who lost his beloved to what some… Only A Visitor I was only a visitor / Looking in / Getting a glimpse / Of something that could have been / Something that was not / And would probably ne… Waiting for Writer A weird play, kind of like Waiting for Godot; an unstructured structure of planned chaos. For those who like to have fun with meaning or h… Are you lying? Once someone has lied to you / will you ever know if someone is telling the truth - ‘Far Away’ From beneath ornate arches in the flowering gardens, on the southern banks of the river of light; to the gentle slopes of the regal memoria… My Mirror Kicked aside, forgotten on a damp dank basement floor. The Mirror of Reality Absorbed in The Mirror – / Who do I see? / Is that you, precious friend…? / Or could it be me? / The Mirror Knows, / And can n… Answers You get higher information, you’ve got a higher sense of reality. / You will open doors to me to the perception of what is true. The makings of Dr.G and his Blue Shoes Band Duane Allman was next door to me trying to find another guitar player before Dickey Betts showed up. Paul Butterfield was just forming a ba… MY LIFE IN MY SOBRIETY THROUGH A HUMANS EYES WILL… KEEPING SOBER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE. I AM CONVINCED MY WHOLE LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS MORE IMPRORTANT … Easter…More than bunnies and eggs if Christ has not been raised…your (belief system) is worthless and we are prey to the winds of merciless torment. There would thus… The link between life and death… We are born to live. Live to die. And die to live again, / I am not afraid…but only he who has lost everything fears nothing Night And Day Castles in the air / have no place in the / sharp light of day. Smoking Dark A ponderous escape from a storming reality Imaginary I dream… Dreams to reality… Dreams to reality, soon to appear, / The universe moves you / Your angels hold you very dear, reality 7 we all / receive / ’’eden’’ / so to speak / perfectly itself / . / . / nothing / you can name / point to / is not / the said R… Art is Truth. (Mature) A guilty little monologue (Mature) My Bodies Ballistic___ ?y?o?u? / My Bodies Ballistic / on my way / ^^i see bridges burning^^ / …as i’m forced to the ground… / ///so high for so… Here’s to Me. Here’s to me and my current life story / The handprint I leave, not for any glory / Based on what people believe me to be / Not what I thin… A Reality Check Behind the pale blue screen fuck my life I can feel his warm breath on my neck, his legs entwined with mine, the taste of the 50,000 potential children that died on my tounge just … The Long Goodbye And I felt like putting my foot down, flooring it and not stopping until I hit something solid, then the hurt could be physical. DREAMING OF MEANING DRIFT INTO TIME WITH ME Reality Hello. Is this a nightmare I am living? / Is this a dream I will awake from? / Is this a fantasy I could right about? / Is this a life long… Bliss exists in your fiction I think he is wrong / He is a / Negative / An abstraction / To believe euphoria lies in somewhere but here / For him to pursue / a state … back to reality it looks as if I going / to die / alone / without a hand / holding mine / in the end / not from any lover / not from my dead parents / no… FRIENDS? I have no real friends, just a bunch of people that get off on leaving an infection in my body on purpose and pretending they are not doing… Hot Air Balloon *I wish a hot air balloon / Could take me away / To a place full of golden sunshine / To a place without pain / A place full of love and a … THRICE PERSON TWICE AWOKE A part of neither realm / Dream is produced by? Reality is produced by? / But reality is really real / Hopefully dreams take over / What is… my virtual reality – chapter 13 from the ic… I was posioned from a kidney infection, I ran away from hospital Someone Has Changed I’m sitting in my loungeroom / I’ve been promised the world / It’s gotta be coming soon / I’m laying here in my bed… Reality My reality will be what I want it to be / Not the vision that you want me to see / If that’s a problem don’t complain to me / B… Memories of a great loved aunt When first you’re born your parents visit a lot / Showing off this little bundle that they have got I ask myself I ask “will you guide me in the right way?” / Teach me not to stray. / I ask “will you show me to be kind?” / Teach… Life Can be Roadblocks Gwendolyn is ready ‘Reticent’ It’s been Ten years. / You would come to me, / while I was between worlds. / I’m still escaped by the notion / of exactly what … Haunting Dreams And so you came in a dream- / A haunting / n i g h t m a r e / that scratches at it’s head. Just one day If for a day we two could be / To share a breath, to maybe see ‘The Desert Bell [Part II]’ The torches flickered vainly afore the brilliant death of Sol. Stood upon the edge of westernesse, I watched the veil of eventide; a great … Imagine That… Making just a ripple / That can somehow bend reality / When we all know that / There is no spoon Exist to exit Like to just smile / For a long fucking while / And complete the guile The Rearview Mirror Dimension My attention to / Literal flaws . Are paid frequently, / Held around / Glossy worlds. reality——-2 (to____.) (must work backwards / ……………………………….[too, out of a cage?] / and rea… What’s on TV? Voices, Idol…competition or chance? / Celebs that…no,yes…can’t dance! POLITICALLY REALITY IS. THE GUYS WHO JUST GOT US $750 BILLION LIVE THIS MANTRA Still I think. / And all the Financial types in Europe who are getting a further $20… MY FANTASY’S REALITY I WRITE THIS FOR THE LADY / WHO MEET’S ME EVERY NIGHT / SHE TAKE’S MY HAND AND LEADS ME / FROM THE DARKNESS,INTO LIGHT Twenty-Five Year Wife You were always happy with what you owned and never / ask for more than I could supply, / Your main happiness was your Faith in God and how… Euphoria Lopsided, / An epidemic from one point of view, / Speaking of which reminds me of the city in the afternoon and this relentless struggle to… obscure reality it’s hard to see yourself , / when you always stand behind the mirror / afraid to see, / what others see / i chose candlelight / ove… Until the Ship Brings It what is it like to be intense / who do you hide from in the night / when is the best time for regrets WHO CONTROLS YOUR REALITY? One can never get enough of what really makes it all happen. We each hold a lot of power, it seems…. its a case of What you percieve … The reality of Imagination “Images that refused to bow down to the ideas of logic” Moments of a Wake for Reality The best of every dead end soul / And danceless afternoon, / The beauty of a loveless night / Spent swooning at the moon. American Dream A finished symphony takes comfort / Knowing the heart asks pleasure first. One Man’s Fridays Quietly, I would sit at Jake’s bar each Friday evening / Minding my own business, until this killer of a woman / Came through the door and … In Touch with Reality! Reality, a face of life that I sometimes deny / Trying to ignore what daily comes somehow / With mindset to flee, and leave what’s … A Force called Love Were drawn here by a force called… love / Your the other part of me / Your heart fits my heart Perception is Reality “So you haven’t talked to him?” / “No. Just looked. You know. Meaningful looks. Like we both know, you know.” / Cheyenne offered her Fr… Maya Devi Maya means “illusion”, / for in this dreaminess, / that is what she is and we, ‘The Red Letter’ A battalion of colour, salient through my window; brings about the rain. / As all potential and actual realities, past, present and future … Reality What strange reality is this? / Is it one that I have stumbled on in the dead of night? / Entered through chance in lucid slumber? / A mere… Sense of reality In the glow of the stars / we are leaving the queue / believing our own eyes / when the reality appears / in different versions OffBeatality Open your mind and extract the art of wordplay. your 2010 reality check up Now you have made it to 2010 ALIVE..You ARE ready for a clearer look at what makes you you. THE BIGGY thats Last has some MAJOR Perception … Reality And I would say cute little things / Just because they sounded good ‘Triptych’ What if this life is nothing more than a test to determine how much torture you’ll be able to endure, should you ever be captured by … The Reality of Fear The Reality of Fear (poem) Rock Guru For there it shall remain until I return again on my black and silver lined stallion….Farewell, here is where it came from..I will ca… My Dream Is My Reality We have spent our lives in a rush, but here we can slow down to the rhythm of our hearts… How do you know when to give up? How do you know when to give up? / How do you stop hoping for something to happen that will probably never happen? / What does it take? / I… Precious Life It was several years ago when I fell down the rabbit hole. I rolled a cigar and sat on the front porch, watching as the sky was consumed by… the reality of perception I see / everything / i notice / what you wont / i wonder / why / why you dont Life and Virtual reality ..your dream will no longer be a fairy tale. The Shadows in the Dark A Shadow crept by the tents. The fire flickered, as the shadow bent down. The light went out, blackness covered the camp grounds, silence h… Nightmare? Mind a blur / Heart confused / No longer mine / A memory no more / the reality
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