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[‘My Duality.’] The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol… confusion I was, I used to be, thinking back my spine held me upright before but now my veins are disappearing with their lack of blood flow and my e… On cold Trudge still walking to find a fix / something is broken Split reality Come / Lets be friends / You and me. / We are not / So different. / Yes you feel this / And i see that. / But ultimately / We are the same. LITTLE MEN he kept referring to me as garbage while he kept me in bondage… Story Of Love Seems as Though the Gap in time brought us closer together. We lead different lives, different friends, different relationships, emotional drought i wear the same face / beaten n scarred from life’s ways / put my masks away for these few days / flung them in corners where they sh… Spirit Trails A shadow passed overhead. A giant wings creature, scaled and breathing fire. A dragon? IT swooped down and picked her up harmlessly in its … Abstract Reality I’m in a frame of mind, / that is not square: / Crossing lines, / Taking dares, / Splitting hairs, / Facing demons, / Chasing reasons, / Co… If You Think IT Is… On Reality, Nothing(ness), and the reality of Nothing(ness). Born Again Virgin (Mature) Escape’s me from reality I love to read your poetry. / For it inspire’s me. / Romantic or comedy. / Whatever it may be. / As I read your poetry. / I can feel … Lies on which we are built. What does it mean to be a real person? VISION THE FOOLIN’ Life is a vision, / A vision that fools all of us, / A beautiful dream, / And a nightmare sometimes, / So in anyway; / Life is a vision.. /… between dreams and reality I LOOSE TRACK OF THE TIME / SOUNDS TURN INTO SILENCE / MY MIND SETS ITSELF ALOOF FROM HUSTLE- BUSTLE / THEN I KNOW ITS MY SPACE,MY SPACE TO… Working On Fumes Every turn…doesn’t seem to matter / You think you understand / Fooled again / Your faith in mankind doesn’t really matte… NEW REALITY They may find pure meaning in Life but what am i, without an instrument I can tempt your fascination with tales of divinity and / ethereal music dripping from the sky like a spring shower, / washing the horizon … On the Edge, and back again it’s like staring into the sky, and falling / that feeling you get when you know what’s coming The Thin Green Line that Separates My Fiction fro… In a world composed only of black and white / We lived alone together / And you screamed in surprise / When I started painting in color / B… hidden truth Hidden deep / behind those walls you seek / lives a life of fear, / full of painful memories, / where darkness always wins / and nothing ev… Seems I close my eyes, and I see yours, glowing white. / You look so fine, you’re to good, to be true. / I lie there awake, thinking of you… The Power Of The People The Power Of The People is back, / Hovering over the track, Ethereal Reality… … there’s no such thing as ‘negative’ space. / “It’s all good”! :) Grey Noise blackened silence / between tall false whites i am… in context, i am here, / in reality, i am lost, / in the grand scheme of things, / i never really was. Reality/philosophy/poetry makers The wisdom might be bleak / One must write the music of his eyes / With the gentle touch he spasm into minds / As if, an esplanade of his m… MUSTANG SALLY Mustang Sally, that’s her name / She is different, never the same / Rides her Mustang down the street / While she is in the driver… Escape The escape of reality, / Your dreams; / I find intriguing… / Why we laugh / Why we cry / I find enlightening… …cairns …a nebula of cosmic dust one grain shall remain…inscribed as a memento one pair less chromosomes… Thoughts While Waiting I should be – oh, far away! / Not here at this tarted-up café / waiting for a miracle / to fall upon my forehead. Whimsical Anthology or my Wandering Prose Our reality is fantasy. ie We use up and down, east and west as if there real when in “reality” there just fantasy. Don̵… Falling Take me away / Into the night / Were your face is etched in a light I can’t see, / And your hands pass through my skin / Like sweat / Take … A look in the mirror, a reality check We go to work every day just to put food on our tables, but food prices are on the rise. The musings of “reality”. Therefor I am great! or whatever else I “want” to be! SOMETIMES I THINK A BATTLE WITH THE MIND POLICE CARS he sang in my ear… / and told me ‘moi aussi’ and ‘tu me manque’ / he took me to couscous… / and he gave… Junk Squat (Mature) Adversity Adversity has taught me / that under the weight of the world / and the greater weight of what exists in your head, / there is only you. Virtually Reality There were so many people dancing in couples; / There were so few who were alone. Fantasy Reality Faded memories flash vividly. True Love the mind begins to merge with the heart / they become the heartmind / Heart is loving to the mind / mind dissolves in Heart’s embrace Resonating Tiger I choose my words with care because I know they have the power to create Soul His name was Soul. / He had worn his laces from white to old and had ran enough in those shoes that air could escape through the size of th… MEMORIES Memories fill her mind / Of days left behind / Flowers held in her hand / Walking with her man / Down the path of life / She became his wif… Meet You in Dreamland Dear _____, / Meet you in dreamland; / I’ll save you a spot. / where dreams are reality / and you and i have a shot / my eyes are wandering… My reality I see things / not real Believe Might we glimpse the moon / As it crawls across the sky / I feel it like a friend watching us die reality once upon a time, / a time i choose to name illusion / an event happened / that changed the world / or only her world / a world in itself … Volcano Crashing to the ground you lose your high In the Moment Amid the night of hopes and dreams, / Lie stars of thought, forgotten things. / Below the past, like ocean’s deep, / Countless memories for… Reality Is No Delusion Love has met more than once again / And again a thousand times more ECHOES IN MY MIND THE TRUTH IS REALITY Teenage Angst on a Rainy Afternoon Reconciliation is the only hope for survival. No actions have been taken to reconcile. Earth is doomed. Flee while you still can. ~ ~ LIFE WITHOUT A HOME ~ ~ Reality, Mankind PAINFUL CAGES – WHY DOES HE NOT UNDERSTAND,… ‘sixwordstory’ 4 Little Words To Change The World Peace, love, joy and hope / Four words that can help us cope / If we use them everyday / Bad things will soon go away / Peace needs to be w… allegory of the rave …Rogers’ and Astaire’s / shadows cast against the wall / separating sense from nonsense… My reality and the feathers it’s grown I may be a little lost right now, but this reality is strong, and the feathers it’s grown will soften the pain whenever I am reminded… Who Says? Fact or fiction, real or unreal, rational or irrational, fantasy or reality? / Who decides? You or me? The Truth, The Reality, The Fact Been thinking of you this last couple days / and I think of the truth and the ways / it gets in the way of something that used to be / true… SOMETIMES I THINK WHAT IS THINKING? BEING SUCKED IN She told him to get his hand off her knee and to sit further away. She tried to explain to him about personal space… A Want don’t feel very real right now. The thud of my heart beat is all that keeps me from floating up and up WEEE!!! I am on a ride in my mind… REALITY ‘sixwordstory’ truth and reality… Truth or dare / say how you feel / raw emotion / so deep but so real / can you bare the reality? / of speaking your truth / so loud and … Reinventing… We are reinventing the real… Absolutely Positively! Reality Is Not Ideal But reality is not / ideal / as young love has to be HATRED…HAT RED…HATRED… I’m a political flop… / Wringing my mop… Adding Formulas to Reality Click, on the icons provided for you, the syntax, for the command line is pre established. Follow the path and all is well. PEES POOR RIDGE HOT some like it frozen / some like it fried / some like it after torture / brain dead, still warm, it died Strung up and hung down…… I hate you, / not in the literal way / just in my way, / I love you, / in the literal way / that’s just my way. / you hate me, / n… ‘Beginnings’ End’ I sat upon a simple stone bench in the garden of change, watching as Death stepped in to close the distance; wrapping his arms about Life&#… As the Crow Flies But what interest lies, / In an answer with no question? Reality Check just checked into Hope Hotel / 5 star service 5 star bill / the concierge was a gleeful fellow / always got the best tickets to the theater… The Dance Of Hope. If all the worlds a stage then the stage can go to hell! Dream Death Ever died in a dream and then woken up? / That just means an alternate you in a different timeline has died. Dreams about yourself are a gl… Darkest Nightmare I have this theory / and no one here believes me, Trains I / The train is where I just exist / No school / No friends / To please / To comfort, / To lie to. / A place where I can write / And list… Believe, Rinse, Repeat What exists now / except vain frailty / amidst stark truth? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Part 2) This is a powerful, insightful, vivid, compassionate and striking commentary on the culture and world that is so often caricatured in mains… Chicken Soup … She said NOW YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR, you want me to get down on my hands and knees Stars ‘I say, “I am waiting for the stars to come into the sky; / I am waiting for my life to rise. / I am waiting for my reality to … DREAM REALITY The moon mirrors your face / The sun paints your beautiful mirage / On the shining ground. / Even the summer visitors, / The birds of the s… SASSY She was quite sassy, everyone would say / Dressed in a most elegant way / Walked down the street and traffic stopped / Her mind always spin… Timeless im done with myself happens from time to time..i slip into a state of mind where life becomes a vage reality.and reality slowly turns … Glad that you visited me that day The other side of breaking up. Getting over it. Moving on. Seeing the reality and no longer investing in the dream. DELUSIONAL My skin is smooth as silk reality im running slower trying to catch my breath / slowly taking steps away from my final death / the silence is all i want to bare, / the taste… The Walking Dead The bell of doom / resounds in my ears / Beelzebub’s alarm clock / beating rhythmic time / in my head / Fear of walking the earth ali… Out Look on Lifes Reality Do You Worry What Happens When You Die I know it sounds thin and rickety but I’m not done… Making Dreams Come True Where breathes the life we so ingest / Of dreams that never manifest? A Moment of Life In the end there lay an old man in an empty house, grasping the hand of a man who had disappeared when his weary eyes had closed into the a… Reality check Does my existance / Bring you joy / Throw away all pretenses / It’s not about being coy / Do you find life here / Time is not a thing…
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