u n h i n g e m e

as if being loosened / quarter turn at a time

reality 2.1

we are building brick / by invisible brick / our own isolation booths

I Do

I signed the deal that day in blood, / then sealed it with the kiss of birth. / Loyal. Faithful. Servant. Friend. / Wonder what that’s real…


Will time travel ever become a reality? / Outwardly we seemed confident but in reality we felt extremely nervous / In reality, human being…



i dreamed of spring

the room was bare in its severity, / i had packed or tossed or given away much of what had been there, / yet i dreamed of spring.

I struggle with being a wholly ‘inadequate …

In fantasy, I LIVE… / ;-) / But, in reality, I DIE! / :<


I found myself wondering around the garden of a dilapidated mansion with an empty swimming pool overgrown with plants and weeds…

Face to Face

You keep the key, you own the code; / if only you have the courage.

exist within the walls of reality

We were on the point of giving up / what’s the point of all this violence and racism? / what’s the point of all this boundaries…

Reality: What is Real?

What we perceive to be real is different for all of us. What we believe deternmines that perception of reality. We see the proof of this in…



Within the reality of dreamland

As i were dreaming within the reality of dreamland / you came to me , a word was not spoken / for our facial expressions were worth a milll…

Excuse me….

as my head turns on my pillow / I gaze in a dreamy state / and see your face… / can it be true? / have you returned / or / have my …

city of strays

sacrifices of the cult of death…a little knife a little slice slicing

when there are no more words to speak

insipid looks of stupid…dismissive people smug at a glance…shrug unaware of their irrelevance

Absolute Reality

This will only sting / For a second

What is?

Reality is a confrontation of what is and what is not / colliding / a collision of deception with truth / painful as a train wreck -devas…

Crow Funeral

and then her gaze was drawn to centre stage where, a single crow lay, dead…….to be loved, to be mourned, to belong………

Some Day We’ll Know

Some day / we’ll find / All of this / is in our mind / Until then / We’ll try / finding truth / until we die / Some day / we&…

Daddies Not Coming Home

A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone.

<< US Poverty – The tragic reality

As this holiday season is upon us, the US has a poverty crisis

Stealing Family Heirlooms

The coast was clear so I went for the gold…or, in this case, the plate…

Seeing the ‘self’ illusion.

On seeing the ‘construct’ we pierce the illusion… / no more a slave to its dictates, you are truly liberated.

I am but a shadow… A shadow of myself

I am a shadow, / A ghost. / I walk / through / this world / neither fully awake / nor asleep / what reality is this? / is it not one that…


The night runs like ink into ending mornings / Like a lifted veil morning returns to wipe back the fluid night / You / Drift / Like the cea…

How to Turn a Fantasy into Reality

It all began with a journey, from somewhere to there, to a place called here. The journey was on a path of light.


“Reality is a game of illusion, deception”… “The trickster (an archetype, a boundary dweller) exists to question, to cause us …

The Shy One (part 8)

I have always been curious about why certain kinds of knowledge and experience are presumed sacred or only available to a few.


The littlelist of things spark it, / while insecurity fuels it. / Becareful with me, / for if given the chance I’ll use it. / At firs…

Being Me

People say I have been blessed, / they say I have been gifted with the means / of touching others’ souls.

The reality of bent nostalgia and good drunks

Those were the days of where?

migrating to the (un)known

“before dealing with the (un)beknown …”

The Simulation

It was on one of those days when someone realized the truth of reality. There was no present!

The Reality Is…

… no strings UNattached. / :)

Good Morning

He reached for his mug of tea and realized he’d forgotten it. The thought of pulling his body and the bundle of bedcovers from his chair se…

The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 2)

En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til…


I am the begger you never have change for, / I am the bitch you cannot stand, / I am the nigga you avoid in the street. / I am strangled by…

( I want my ) …CCTV

CCTV, / The rise and rise of close circuit reality / The demise of sobriety / My voyeuristic society.

Awakening Reality

It’s the truth. / It’s the lies. / It’s a thousand thoughts / circumcised…

Staged Reality

Beautiful one moment / Dramatically tragic the next / A life that pirouettes out of control / Poised on one pointed toe / She gracefully sl…

A sense of home

somewhere within the deepest desire for life / as satellites glide like beads of oil / across the painted universe / we only see the surfac…

My Reality

So many people hate me / This I cannot deny

Mohsen’s “Reality”

When I saw artist Mohsen Bayramnejad’s image / Reality / I was inspired to write: / Where does the earth cry? Where are her wounds? When b…


I won’t be sad / For the dreary day’s I’ve had / I won’t despair / For that which I could not dare



The Hard, Cold Reality of Gratitude

Sun drenched, cracked and hardened soil supported her extremely frail,bloated body as she sat hunched over in pain. Tears gently streamed d…


Always knew I’d make it to the big time – one way or another. No easy task in the one hundred years since reality entertainment had reshape…

maximum security prison – the visit

“brailling fingertips through glass”

The Celestial Engine (F. S. M. 3)

En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til… En-ten-tei, teketen-tin-til, teketen-tin-til…

child’s play

…the reminders of the monsters so brutal…and then I killed them one by one…

Fantasy and Reality

Daydreams come and go.


With a whisper he’d ask for change. / And we’d give him none / With a whisper he’d cry till one day he died / And not a whisper we heard fr…

Silent Pictures

Words … / … are more than / syllables lined up, / … are more than / letters arranged in patterns.

I am. Conciousness.

I am belief, so are you / and the earth and the stars. / In the shadows, the half light, / the dust and the mist, / Reality f…


that stationary red dot served as / punctuation to my daily frustrations; / always preventing me from moving on / past the pedestrians and…


In an effort to colonize future thought, we present ideas and metaphors that have persisted in some past. Sometimes we wrap them in new rob…

In my dreams

Close my eyes, your essence feels me, / Safe and warm, we rule the world, / Outside the world is dry and cracked, / But in here all is blue…

My Reality


Unconscious Conscious

I have tried to escape from the noise…

The reality of perception

Ultimately my / Reality is mine to / Make. And this / Perception is an / Idea born out of / Misunderstanding / Twisted by / Fear.

Edge of Reality

Words hammering at the door / Can’t return it’s fraught with pain / Drift deep within the mind, so calm / Is this reality?


hardly ever friends… never really lovers

A Widdle Dweam

It’s wakin’ up what takes the guts

Reality Check

It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’…

phantom pain

you are nothing / but a mirage


memento mori façades of dried bone

kinbaku tight binding of sublime anxiety

a masterpiece of sublime anxiety…submission a knot of psyches bound

What reality?

Unaware that her / World tilts and / Splits. It will be the / Fog-horn that / Declares her / Slumber’s end. / Two worlds about to / Collid…

My Reality

Splendid pleasure thoughts of being … / with u. / Although in body never met. / Mind soars leaping through imagination… / into …

Life Unplanned

Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. / I think it’s important to find balance in the way / That I go through time,…


04/19/10 111 views / Reality of politics ? / I put three cups of water in / and got two cups of coffee out


To be Free …

Little Bubbles Of Reality

every now and then, bubbles collide and they burst into each other to make bigger bubbles

Within reality of oneself

Displacement of shattered chard’s / of dreams, floating within the wind / before they are realized / to be courageous enough to sleep…

reality t.v.

4-2-10 @5:34pm / shows on t.v. / about sluts / and abusers / guidos / and cheaters / gangbangers / and users / queers with their eye / on…

To be or not – 6 words

To be or not – 6 words

enigma of origin

…the consciousness of being at one with energy as it transforms the transformation of dynamic energy into stardust…

Looking the other way………..

you were searching…… / for the thing / before your eyes / whilst you were / looking the other other way………&#…

The reality of freedom

And yet with / This new age / Fear gathers force / And new laws / Are written / To curtail our / Thoughts…


she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare

Once Upon A Reality (Rough Draft)

She had slumbered, for a certainty, as she remembered lying down and here she was in her gown and with her trick-some mind nattering away a…

Wormhole journey (2009)

I fear I’ll never find my place; / I am battling time and space, / A paradimensional race / Between such lonely wormholes. / Not even…

Now Is My Reality

My here and now is my reality / My yesterdays are the memories of past / My tomorrows are the visions of how life could be. / © C J Lewis, …

Dreams and reality

I look at her / Her blue eyes / Her soft skin / Her smile / Her words that speak so softly / I look at her / And see / Her beauty / Her Inn…


Reality is what it is! / You may accept it and enjoy your day / Or you can combat it / Ending up consumed by the battle / never seeing toda…

“Aborted” Walk….?

It was late… / Late..? / Time for lunch….bright sunny time for lunch. / And the… I thought… / “My body can …

Magickal Reality

The divine nature of reality is apparent as soon as it is known, / That the rock we’re all spinning on has, for ages and ages, been flown. …


Inspire the universe

The Other Side of Dawn

As soon as I leave it becomes real. / Holding off a brand new day / Consolidating nothing. / Fear will keep me in this place / The side whe…


shooting both away from and toward faces at once / all things fall away…

Minutes To Midnight Review

Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv…




You start thinking, if I let them in, how will they use this? Or what if they don’t believe it?…

hopelessness is a circle

on paper strips your epitaph disintegrates…right before your eyes a covered spit wad…the sentence of uncertainties accelerated

Shadow of Proof.

….who, what and why are we?
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