Jimmy  by FunandCheap Those Who Love Me Hate Death by brett66 I love Halloween  by WFLAtheism

In my dreams

Close my eyes, your essence feels me, / Safe and warm, we rule the world, / Outside the world is dry and cracked, / But in here all is blue…


hardly ever friends… never really lovers

Reality Check

It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’…

phantom pain

you are nothing / but a mirage
Common Bond by Dave Moilanen I Love Realism by Jack Craze

Looking the other way………..

you were searching…… / for the thing / before your eyes / whilst you were / looking the other other way………&#…
The Reality Of Love And Introspection by Bradley Nichol

Minutes To Midnight Review

Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv…


You’re in my mind and baby you ain’t coming out; / Yeah you look so fine you’re the one that I dream about.

Microscopic Morgan travels on an insect.

Nobody believes me, but I saw her.
She Dreamed About Love by Saundra Myles

‘Lights On (Between Three and Five)’

Jet lagged, / stalling out. / Bare feet, / on warm pavement. / Flowers fall around us. / Your hand in mine, / under the arches. / Eyes clos…


She walks past him every other day / For two and a half years she greets … sometimes pauses for a brief exchange … and carries …
decipher reflections from reality by Gabrielle Agius

‘The Shard’

Firstly, there was the boy. At some predetermined juncture, there came the dreams. From that point it was irrevocably set in motion –…

Pale Dream

I want to breathe in the roots of ocean / Then play it’s fragile white strings of pure light
My mind is recording all the time by Dataman

Dear Mr. Bush

Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday.

back to reality / a short and sad story

Sarah felt a piece of her heart leave with him, never to be seen again….
Time Doesn’t Wait by observer11

Bloom of Reality

she dangles the bloom of reality / clearly the depth of her love

Escape from myself

Reality to me is not real ! / because of the feelings i feel, / are based on lies, / so i have the feeling that i want to die.


- hum a drum – to have your boyfriend tell you not to play with him, when that is all he wants to do with you…

What is Reality…

Let’s create.
Aimer, Travailler et Souffrir by Brian Gaynor Hello World! by observer11

The boundaries of known reality

Because of my existence, my reality came into being. / Calmness the number one sign that everything is OK!

I Dreamt Of You

You are the most handsome man / I have ever seen. / You’ve stolen my breath… again…

Lie, Truth, & Reality

This heart is porous Swiss, like wine-tasting afterthoughts / …that truth is a hulking shadow looming disproportionate / engulfi…
Growth in Trials by Darlene Virgin


He was a charmer to the teee. He said all the right things. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and he played them like nobody&#…
Things I'm Still Waiting For... by Daniel Bevis

Dream Shot #01

Reality and words

close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the …

If I scratched out all the secrets of the world with this pen and told you a thousand reasons why I think you make it worthwhile, maybe you…


Every time she gives me that stare, / her gaze cuts through me like winter air, / She looks at me intently with those powerful eyes, / I ca…

In Reality ©

I met you in a dream where our love began to unfold. / Silence from our lips, our eyes spoke the words. / I held your hand as we drifted on…

Revolving Door

Sometimes life can seem so meaningless, we fight for freedom which no longer exists, we work towards a life which will never be fulfilled,


Enraptured was I, / by their heavenly call,

[‘My Duality.’]

The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol…

It’s Over

A Distant dream, I once had. It felt so good, but it all went so bad! I thought it would last. Instead,
Ripped Monsters by Kevin Scauri


I was, I used to be, thinking back my spine held me upright before but now my veins are disappearing with their lack of blood flow and my e…

Story Of Love

Seems as Though the Gap in time brought us closer together. We lead different lives, different friends, different relationships,
Without dreams  by DreamCatcher/ Kyrah


They may find pure meaning in Life

The Power Of The People

The Power Of The People is back, / Hovering over the track,


Take me away / Into the night / Were your face is etched in a light I can’t see, / And your hands pass through my skin / Like sweat / Take …


he sang in my ear… / and told me ‘moi aussi’ and ‘tu me manque’ / he took me to couscous… / and he gave…

True Love

the mind begins to merge with the heart / they become the heartmind / Heart is loving to the mind / mind dissolves in Heart’s embrace


His name was Soul. / He had worn his laces from white to old and had ran enough in those shoes that air could escape through the size of th…

Meet You in Dreamland

Dear _____, / Meet you in dreamland; / I’ll save you a spot. / where dreams are reality / and you and i have a shot / my eyes are wandering…

Original Sin.

I am induced into the drunkenness / of a world of lies.

4 Little Words To Change The World

Peace, love, joy and hope / Four words that can help us cope / If we use them everyday / Bad things will soon go away / Peace needs to be w…


Love Is by Shadow unreal reality by ZahirKhan

The Infatuation Of Death.

I dig amongst furtive / longings for the true / meaning of your / beautiful lies.
te espero sentada by Lorena María



Summer School

I set about repainting life / with quill and brush ready to hand.

‘Beginnings’ End’

I sat upon a simple stone bench in the garden of change, watching as Death stepped in to close the distance; wrapping his arms about Life&#…

Strung up and hung down……

I hate you, / not in the literal way / just in my way, / I love you, / in the literal way / that’s just my way. / you hate me, / n…

Chicken Soup … She said

NOW YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR, you want me to get down on my hands and knees

Darkest Nightmare

I have this theory / and no one here believes me,
Words And Reality  by LlandellaCauser


im running slower trying to catch my breath / slowly taking steps away from my final death / the silence is all i want to bare, / the taste…

The Walking Dead

The bell of doom / resounds in my ears / Beelzebub’s alarm clock / beating rhythmic time / in my head / Fear of walking the earth ali…

Reality TV?

“Those for whom the earth moved!” / Silence / “don’t call us, we’ll call you!”

a selfish reality

“speak now or forever hold your peace” has never rung so true as written in the eyes of a man who lost his beloved to what some…
Dear God, I Really Need A Baby Monkey by Whimzwhirled

The makings of Dr.G and his Blue Shoes Band

Duane Allman was next door to me trying to find another guitar player before Dickey Betts showed up. Paul Butterfield was just forming a ba…
Happy the Bride by Norma-jean Morrison Bird man by Phi Nilez animal of light by Phi Nilez

The Long Goodbye

And I felt like putting my foot down, flooring it and not stopping until I hit something solid, then the hurt could be physical.
Under My Wings by meliha bisic Calendar ✿♥‿♥✿YOU GAVE ME LIFE IPHONE CASE✿♥‿♥✿ by ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ

reality——-2 (to____.)

(must work backwards / ……………………………….[too, out of a cage?] / and rea…

Twenty-Five Year Wife

You were always happy with what you owned and never / ask for more than I could supply, / Your main happiness was your Faith in God and how…


Lopsided, / An epidemic from one point of view, / Speaking of which reminds me of the city in the afternoon and this relentless struggle to…
THE KNIGHT by JaneAParis

A Force called Love

Were drawn here by a force called… love / Your the other part of me / Your heart fits my heart

Perception is Reality

“So you haven’t talked to him?” / “No. Just looked. You know. Meaningful looks. Like we both know, you know.” / Cheyenne offered her Fr…


What if this life is nothing more than a test to determine how much torture you’ll be able to endure, should you ever be captured by …

The Real


The Reality of Fear

The Reality of Fear (poem)

Rock Guru

For there it shall remain until I return again on my black and silver lined stallion….Farewell, here is where it came from..I will ca…
Still Motion by Heather King

Precious Life

It was several years ago when I fell down the rabbit hole. I rolled a cigar and sat on the front porch, watching as the sky was consumed by…


I wrote her name on your arm, with her birthday! So you wont forget! / *Along with a piece of paper in your front pocket, with things like …
'Cause i'm the damn princess lol by Tadamn

‘Breaking The Loop’

I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was …
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