Thug Life by bloodnlipstick Life is a Game by Mui-Ling Teh Message to the World by Elisabeta Hermann Dreams Are Only Dreams Until You Wake Up And Make Them Reality by LifeDesigned A World Of Magic by HopeWontFade completely evolve by Dataman What is reality? Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a… insomnia by Riko2us Dreams Are Only Dreams Until... White/Blue by LifeDesigned Should I put my best UFO video on youtube? by Dataman The Last Dream Reality is a curious thing. I wonder if molecules cry. access dream now by Dataman Dreamer The night runs like ink into ending mornings / Like a lifted veil morning returns to wipe back the fluid night / You / Drift / Like the cea… maximum security prison – the visit “brailling fingertips through glass” Mirage by Mystic Raven 9 barbed freedom by tilo Life Unplanned Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today. / I think it’s important to find balance in the way / That I go through time,… ‘Lights On (Between Three and Five)’ Jet lagged, / stalling out. / Bare feet, / on warm pavement. / Flowers fall around us. / Your hand in mine, / under the arches. / Eyes clos… My mind is recording all the time by Dataman [‘My Duality.’] The anthem was blaring. / My footfalls resound / in the desert not walked, / beneath armour unseen; / grinning through vodka. / Breath stol… VISION THE FOOLIN’ Life is a vision, / A vision that fools all of us, / A beautiful dream, / And a nightmare sometimes, / So in anyway; / Life is a vision.. /… ‘Beginnings’ End’ I sat upon a simple stone bench in the garden of change, watching as Death stepped in to close the distance; wrapping his arms about Life&#… ‘Far Away’ From beneath ornate arches in the flowering gardens, on the southern banks of the river of light; to the gentle slopes of the regal memoria… ‘Reticent’ It’s been Ten years. / You would come to me, / while I was between worlds. / I’m still escaped by the notion / of exactly what … American Dream A finished symphony takes comfort / Knowing the heart asks pleasure first. Maya Devi Maya means “illusion”, / for in this dreaminess, / that is what she is and we, ‘Triptych’ What if this life is nothing more than a test to determine how much torture you’ll be able to endure, should you ever be captured by … ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … Alternate Reality 20 by Lenore Senior ‘The November Transmission’ I am a vaunted antiquity. Committing this message to a language, as alien to me as the people that give it voice. Its shortcomings are so n… Spring to Life Be gone, cold winter / Lay dormant in the afterthought / Of childhood dreams Life Is But A Dream There is no true reality. The dream we call Life just wanted to throw you for a spin. Getting dizzy? ‘Full Circle’ Cut off. The enemy is everywhere. / There is no fight now that could ever get me home. / Right knee planted in the sand, / rifle in left ha… ‘DRM_Log Entry M212.26-709/9’ We were an advance recon team on the eastern shores of either an island, or a continent on the surface of an unspecified planet. / We were … ‘Space’ So I went out charging, much as I had done this past decade. / The taste and scent, the textured sound, the weight and depth I felt. The my… ‘Motto’ It had been a massacre, I routed them with ease. / Storm clouds breached the endless horizon. Combat armour grew heavy as I glared into the… Bottled Dream by Kevork Afarian Photography Island Sequence by kayesem ‘Life and Resurrection’ The absence in my heart, returns me hither. I walked once more the road of echoes, far from lucid dreams. I contemplate the end, in passing… ‘[Post-Sentence]’ The crackle of broken glass seemed to almost stem the weight that lay in the sound of armoured footfalls, so carefully placed; atop ragged … ‘Pressing’ She is always on my mind. I am forever beset by the struggle to balance her against all other matters; that which unfolds before me. At pre… Limelight Fearing impending failure / Shadow becomes my friend / An ally of protection / From meeting with an end Looking for Tomorrow (Lyrics and Song) And in this time, when money’s scarce / I can’t decide which is worst / Whether I miss bills / Or miss my kids Reality and dream by Monirul Islam

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