Did I also mention Rwanda is beautiful? by Melinda Kerr 'Possibility' Northern Rwanda by Melinda Kerr Captive Angel by Mui-Ling Teh 'Compassion in hell,' Northern Rwanda  by Melinda Kerr 'The transaction' Northern Rwanda by Melinda Kerr 'Possibility in Rwanda.' by Melinda Kerr 'Moment' Rwanda, Africa. by Melinda Kerr I Don't Know What To Feel Anymore by Isabela M. Lamuño Crystal Vision- By Keith Williams & Ushna Sa… across the universe / against the wind & dust / away from reality / under the burning mortal sun Dreaming Of Reality by Alex Preiss The Sunrise to Freedom by BSRs Clock and escaped fish by Lawrence Alfred Powell Market Official, Northern Rwanda by Melinda Kerr SURREAL REALITY DESK But no one really cares, to them she is always naked, clothed or not clothed… A Glorious Past by Brett Perryman myopicetude by acid Lend me that mirror! by Yasjater "REALITY OF FREEDOM " part 2 by bodymechanic barbed freedom by tilo Stoplights that stationary red dot served as / punctuation to my daily frustrations; / always preventing me from moving on / past the pedestrians and… transparent Nothingness DANCING ~~~ by TeaseTees WHAT I REALLY THINK You start thinking, if I let them in, how will they use this? Or what if they don’t believe it?… Stark Reality & Freedom by Jeremy4444 "THE REALITY OF FREEDOM" part 1 by bodymechanic Usual fears unusual reality by Lisa  Kerr Main character of this story We are all the main characters in this story called life. / ….Or should I say our story of life. / And that is just what life is. A … Freedom from perception of reality.  by Andre Bulyk Art is Truth. (Mature) Poised Pen by ArtistByDesign FREEDOM I by dominiquelandau Hot Air Balloon *I wish a hot air balloon / Could take me away / To a place full of golden sunshine / To a place without pain / A place full of love and a … Of Dreams & Freedom by Geoff Treagus PINK LEAVES ON A LIMB by JaneAParis Still Motion by Heather King SLAVERY KNOWS, BROKEN AND STOLEN NOSE by JaneAParis The reality of freedom And yet with / This new age / Fear gathers force / And new laws / Are written / To curtail our / Thoughts… Freedom’s just another word That’s a pretty scary thought, What if this is it and I’ve spent my whole adult life striving for this? NON SEQUiTUR by TeaseTees Pencil Touches Paper Pencil touches paper and the soul begins to unravel and let loose all that is holds near. And if you took the time, you would find within y… Tree Dream Reality Engine Butterfly Freedom by masabo SPIRIT OF ALUEIM The white blaze diffuses / like gossamer mist in a wind / and sails out into oceans of stars, The Fool It has been said that the fool himself is not a fool at all The Mirror … Enter that mirror-world and see here-after / This world is much the same forever after… Truth Bomber - Definition (light shirt) by truthbomber What if we cared? All these capabilities are dormant within us / Within you! Truth Bomber - Definition - dark shirt by truthbomber “SOAR” “Can Charlie truly fly without his angles?” Escape by kimduran Freedom  by Claire1412 Escape by Claire1412 A commentary upon Man entiled " Of Man " And it came to pass that man shall lay his mark upon man. / That the tool of dispossession shall be his art. / And all that can be seen or…

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