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Surreal image / a very strange dream of love / more like a dream than reality / surreal love / images mixed together in a strange way

Question Sleep

All of your life / a figment of night / Is this a dream or a memory / How can you tell / When your under the spell / …

jaw bones

Snap. / A word falls from a large bleak jaw bone and it rolls and rolls around.

Riddles in the Dream Catcher

Darn her for being a riddle even in her dreams

Are we so different…?

Beyond naked eye / beyond unsteady hand / beyond cool facade / beyond social acceptance / is there not more than the eye can see

I am a simple being

I heard a sound so sweet that it melted the dew and made me weep. As I turned to see its source, I felt inside my inner self swoon and fain…

Dream Death

Ever died in a dream and then woken up? / That just means an alternate you in a different timeline has died. Dreams about yourself are a gl…

read me

i’d like to get lost in a book. / in fact i’d like to slip ‘tween / its covers and be the book –

My Dawn

And we love,make love,give love,take love…steal it as thieves that we are.


But no one really cares, to them she is always naked, clothed or not clothed…

Beyond My Reality

What if up was down / What if down was inside out / What if tomorrow arrived with bells on / What if stability was not sound

A Magnificient Hauntology: The Enchantment of a D…

The back of my eyelids suffused with the brightest of reds, I was awakened to the formation of a beautiful, bright shining light. Of course…

Go To The City

Go to the city. Follow your dreams." That’s what all his friends and loved ones told him. They said things like that all the tim…


…I have always remembered it because not only was it a premonition about what would happen in my future life, it was also one of the …

u n h i n g e m e

as if being loosened / quarter turn at a time

i dreamed of spring

the room was bare in its severity, / i had packed or tossed or given away much of what had been there, / yet i dreamed of spring.

Within the reality of dreamland

As i were dreaming within the reality of dreamland / you came to me , a word was not spoken / for our facial expressions were worth a milll…

Excuse me….

as my head turns on my pillow / I gaze in a dreamy state / and see your face… / can it be true? / have you returned / or / have my …

In my dreams

Close my eyes, your essence feels me, / Safe and warm, we rule the world, / Outside the world is dry and cracked, / But in here all is blue…


To be Free …

enigma of origin

…the consciousness of being at one with energy as it transforms the transformation of dynamic energy into stardust…

Dreams and reality

I look at her / Her blue eyes / Her soft skin / Her smile / Her words that speak so softly / I look at her / And see / Her beauty / Her Inn…

Untouched Reality

It is the very soul of our existence / that entwines the power of love to ones heart. / that brings song to your soul, / and warmth to tear…


You’re in my mind and baby you ain’t coming out; / Yeah you look so fine you’re the one that I dream about.

So We…

In truth I’m a warrior, a star seed livin out my dharma, I’ll be bustin rhymes with the dali llama till I feel calmer ,

Reality Sinks In Revisited

‘I never said I was in love with you’. I am stricken. / You’ll not hear those words from my lips, nor will / You hear tha…

‘The Shard’

Firstly, there was the boy. At some predetermined juncture, there came the dreams. From that point it was irrevocably set in motion –…

The Dream Escape

Silently there lies a man / The cold surface of concrete / A thin blanket as his pillow / And the sunshine to keep him warm / What dreams h…


- hum a drum – to have your boyfriend tell you not to play with him, when that is all he wants to do with you…

In dreams

In dreams, I create infinity.


Or dream. Just within your reach.

Escape from Consciousness

My consciousness is haunting me / it grabs my arm it makes me bleed / thoughts in my mind that lead to screams / won’t disappear and …

dreams & reality

I’m lost in my garden / Of dreams and reality / Flowers and dewdrops / Are all I can see / Then strikes the thunder / And dreams fade…




Enraptured was I, / by their heavenly call,

between dreams and reality


On the Edge, and back again

it’s like staring into the sky, and falling / that feeling you get when you know what’s coming


The escape of reality, / Your dreams; / I find intriguing… / Why we laugh / Why we cry / I find enlightening…

Original Sin.

I am induced into the drunkenness / of a world of lies.

The Infatuation Of Death.

I dig amongst furtive / longings for the true / meaning of your / beautiful lies.

The Dance Of Hope.

If all the worlds a stage then the stage can go to hell!

Darkest Nightmare

I have this theory / and no one here believes me,


The moon mirrors your face / The sun paints your beautiful mirage / On the shining ground. / Even the summer visitors, / The birds of the s…

Making Dreams Come True

Where breathes the life we so ingest / Of dreams that never manifest?



Night And Day

Castles in the air / have no place in the / sharp light of day.

Dreams to reality…

Dreams to reality, soon to appear, / The universe moves you / Your angels hold you very dear,

Hot Air Balloon

*I wish a hot air balloon / Could take me away / To a place full of golden sunshine / To a place without pain / A place full of love and a …

Haunting Dreams

And so you came in a dream- / A haunting / n i g h t m a r e / that scratches at it’s head.

Just one day

If for a day we two could be / To share a breath, to maybe see

Moments of a Wake for Reality

The best of every dead end soul / And danceless afternoon, / The beauty of a loveless night / Spent swooning at the moon.

American Dream

A finished symphony takes comfort / Knowing the heart asks pleasure first.



Questioning The Dreams

Please don’t let the details slip, / I wish to dig into the earth of my mind,

Make your Dream Real

But the dream was still there, subconsciously

Jaded Fantasy

This is my jaded fantasy / All alone, you and me / In a world of mystery / My dreams become reality

‘Twenty-two (Missing In Action)’

I was always miles away. / generally speaking; / waking life left a lot to the imagination. / I grew a little older, and the dreamfall beca…


Do I fly too far on wings of fear / lose self control when the night comes near / if love is real is it worth the tears. / Is that the sch…

Haiku 37

Fleeing from his dreams / Reality does more harm. / Leafless trees stand still.

Toward completion

how the depths of black both move me and haunt me / and how much I wish you could see this too and be.

Picture Your Dream

Through the lens softly, images clinging to film. / Revealing one’s vision of life so real. / Click. / Snap. / Another moment in ti…


Additional chapters available upon request. What follows is a confusing scenario full of twists and turns. The story takes a surprising cha…

Dreams, Nightmares, Realtiy

Dreams are a sanctuary / a haven from the srtuggles of the reality / a place to hide from the threats / a kingdom to rule limited only by y…

Dreams to Reality

I am finally awoken. / The world has lost its glazed coating, / It no longer shines / It no longer brings the joy of life / Why are we put …

Cold Reality

Perfect is the ultimate danger sign, it often goes unnoticed or passed off in denial. I know this, yet I can’t pull myself away…

Dreams (An Escape from Reality)

Dreams are my salvation, / to a nightmarish existence, / where imagination is the gate keeper, / the commander of circumstance, / I am unre…

The Fool

It has been said that the fool himself is not a fool at all

Hopeless in lies

You make me love you / You make me jealous / You make me upset / Mad / Insane / I cant live without you / I cant breathe without you / I ca…

To Live and Die Without Consequence

I knew about my entrapment / yet I was powerless to wake / but into a more terrifying reality

Ivory Keys [Original Prose]

Leave the monotony behind, enter a domain / of expressive tones, harmonious intervals / They entice this soul to abandon all / to escape th…

A traveler between worlds…

I paint my feelings onto the abstract canvas of a waking dream. I suspend my concepts in the ether’s of otherworldly realms. This is …

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