Realisation (It's over)... by Basia McAuley A Moment of Realization! by John  Murray 2: Realisation by Margo Naude the cold light of truth by Maree Cardinale The turning point by D Allen Satori by Matthew Sergison-Main REALISATION I hear a faint laughter…. An Alphabetof Emotion by DreddArt Calendar Realisation by Andrew Paranavitana Summoning Cephalopodic Conjugation by Beau Deeley The Awakening by Barbara Glatzeder The Last Lesson by Ayan Ghoshal balance / realisation by jedidiah morley realisation by Loui  Jover Realisation by ComradeMax Grace in Realisation by Dawnsky2 My Expectation, My Revalation by Zeanana reality by tim buckley | bodhiimages Gradual Realisation by JimFilmer How Many Times? Motion slowed in feeling / The impact of each blast. / Blood seeps from wounds protrude, / Realisation is delivered fast. Realisation. Part 2 by Lara  Cooper Realisation [ Realisation of a Saint ...] by Ayan Ghoshal Installed "Realisation". by Lara  Cooper Realisation. Part 3. by Lara  Cooper Realisation. Part 1 by Lara  Cooper Wrong Turn by Chris-Garrett PSYCHO MAGNET It’s her fault of course say’s he / stupid bitch should scrub the sign away, / and not give him the opportunity by Thea T Realisation by DreddArt C'est La Vie © All Is As It Is by Vicki Ferrari Realisation I watched, / Behind the palm, buddhas delight by mc27 A Nostalgic Realisation. But as I took another step / I heard the familiar laughter / Of all those friends from what seems so long ago / I quickened my pace / Turni… 'Ecstatic Realisation' by andrea rowbotham Eureka by stuwdamdorp Unconscious Conscious I have tried to escape from the noise… Freedom by Ken Eccles My Friend “Take my hand”, said my friend; “Come, let me show you / how the scars you wear came to be.” In the background who spills into the desert of routine / a sip of water That man by my side The other two left, / I was alone with a gun, / What had I done / To that man by my side? Of Pantheism and Realisation by meowiyer Calendar A realisation in 6 words So obvious now. Lotus Lady by Anthea  Slade Poison Like poison in my veins, / You added fuel to the flames.. Realisation by Rois Bheinn Art and Design Realisation by ZombinaKitty Ignorance is Bliss And now knowing that you are not mine / (Never Was, isn’t that what you had said?) / is what hurts the most. Slowly came the realisation that life had changed forever.  by geof Hanging on dawn glows / - breaks day / fresh air / - bites lungs / hope……renews Love Is The Difficult Realisation That Something Other Than Oneself Is Real by Sam Ilic buddhas delight II by mc27 A Divine Realisation A Divine Realisation / BY: Alexus-Zultan Anger, Disappointment, Realisation by Katrina Rogers Back Again “…Just five more minutes. Go away…” She hits the snooze button as the sickness from last night hits her stomach like a hammer. … A Realisation Eventually I’ve come to see; / It’s not me. / That you need, that you want; / So desperately. Urban Rabbit Life by mattupchuck Realisation… He left me… / No warning / No build-up / No time to adjust / Just… Gone / Now is the time to adjust. / Now he is gone, I can mo… Realisation I could wrap myself ‘Felix Theory’ Your eyes are the only thing that ever gave me inclination to believe that the rumour of heaven could be true; and that is cool with me. / … Once Upon a Time. And the city brings the winter time. / And the snow blankets the world and the mind. / If it wasn’t for these giant stores on eithe… unfixed I am unfixed / A mess of molecules and memories / A speck of dust / A river of blood / An exhalation / My past, present and future merge in… The Realisation That She's Gone by Graham Povey A Realisation the mist evaporated, causing millions upon millions of water molecules to effervesce into the ether, leaving those too heavy, too belligere… Realisation That peace to be found only Company Of Wolf by Graham Povey Don't Bury Your Head by Charissa May Borroff The realisation They enter my spine / My ability to look forward / Devoured / One nub at a time / My brain lay in wait; ‘The sacrificial lamb’, / Ad nause… ‘The Truth (I Need To Leave Behind)’ Look not to see but to hear with your eyes. Listen I’ll show you the one truth that’s mine; I do not know if it’s this yo… empty realisation by chookshedflambe Alone in the dark next to a lightbulb tears on the keyboard / struggling / dim sunlight through the window / why? / tears / caught / by / red / light / of dying sun Sudden Realisation  by Timmeh an overdue realisation Consider six billion people and then ask yourself if you are special. haiku realisation god is everywhere / the one thing that they all say / no place unholy / you are always there / in the presence of the lord / believe its yo… ‘Summit’ I always struggled with the notion of being here, heir to the relentless search for a thing that cannot be defined; that hides inside the l… Elephant Talk – the series Long lashes framed dark eyes. / A final protection against / an endless fall. Familiar hot breath. / You were there. You understood. The Door I was born at a time when I could have done anything… / …so why did I end up here? / Then again, weren’t we all :o) / … My decay Everything descends / Looses tone / Shudders / Deepens / Everything merges / Beats and wants the same / Corrupts / Circulates / Everythin… Plain Old Realisation.. The one and only truth. There is no point to life. or: things just is! (inspired. Simon Lawrenc… popped like pop / and the pop popped / open to efferversize ‘Alive’ I felt suddenly permeated by the thought that we’re all crowded into the same instance; together, alone. / Staring ourselves blind in… The shadow realisation The moment I saw something coming / I realized who I was / And that I wasn’t the person Suddenly/Flash, Back To Her Past, As Well. that last day at church, we / stood facing than beside, / talking than reciting / after the priest, absent, / then the realisation by JoshMcIntyre The truths of a self-consumed guy who has a sudd… There’s a girl in the corner, crying her eyes out for you. But do you care? No you don’t, you care about your image, about your… Realisation by Keith Midson Clarion Call The clarion call has sounded and the time is nigh. / Mother Earth is rising/ ascending and all of us here on earth are ascending with her i… Aha! Infinite Eureka! by neekos deathly realisation by rayzone Piece of the Puzzle Realisation is a cruel mistress, the moment of sudden pain that washes over your body and mind. When the light, the hope, is fading away. O… The Realisation I’ve seen the gold rust / Silver lose its fade / I have seen the wall fall / I have seen the concrete blaze Hurt But Alive Lost Love The early bird may get the worm but... by jackwatson2109 If the shoe fits… Random rambling are good for the mind / Because it tells you that you are alive… Just around the corner… It’s just around the corner…Almost upon us. In just a few more weeks, the warmth will creep back into the days; the hours of su… four years later realisation lost friends I never really had / associates at best / in reflection, they were just stepping stones / to my own self mutilation. / graspin… LifeTime WE will meet both FRIENDS and ENEMIES..
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