the poems you’ll never read… I had a thought from a dream / But it was stolen from me / Before I could put it into words / It was already drifting out to sea / Gone fr… A great note for all to read I’m not the author but I’m putting this in the writing section because I think it can get more attention here. A great note for all to read… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… In delving into the past of the fair land of Ordine, we must necessarily fall deep into the wellspring of both mystery and legend. It woul… A problem with getting old. (Not for men, DO NOT … Some of you ladies are already aware of the problems that ageing brings to us females. / The most annoying one I feel, is a problem of hair… IMPORTANT! READ AND ACT NOW!!! Important! Read and Act now! PLEASE READ, VERY INPORTANT My Dear Friends, / I,m writing this to you to try to save you the awful experience I went through this week. / Since I discove… Juice I’m strutting my verve on these pages / Flaunting my literary juices / Succulent dissertations to assimilate / I want your doing wor… black noise (please read description) it concerns the on-switch / the expectation / then the realization of power outage / silent / dark / off / it is palpable / the viscous ooz… A book report by a student who didn’t actua… “Hey, erm so I decided to do my book report on The Catcher in the rye by J.D Salinger. For anyone who hasn’t read this book alr… Written On My Skin Each caress / Each torture / Every single loving word / Every single bitter accusation Read this once a month GEORGE CARLIN (His wife recently died…and George followed her, dying July 2008) / Isn’t it amazing that George Carlin – … <<IMPORTANT: Do not read>> I am closed eyes and raised arms, / Icarus, / White skin drinking in the sun / My roots are set deep in the soil, / Blue grass, / Blue coll… I BELIEVE IN BLUE UNICORNS… Please Read D… [Video] / My Blue Unicorn / Accompany the bare trees on twilight I did / On a snowbound land of a winter’s day. / Calm and soft the snow’s … Erich, Your Obituary I Never Read It. I have never read your obituary / is it something that I missed? / I knew your soul was in critical health / I watched you in your hospital… SHOCK TREATMENT dare you to read it hardest thing ever posted. dare you to, dare you to read it. as i dare to post this. Paper Cut Boy I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit. One Must come to Read #1 —a thread poem One must come to read again Read All About It! (A short story) The widow Anna gets a nice surprise, lighting up her eternal gloom for a brief but pleasant moment… Virgin Vanquished? [not for the easily offended- … A ridge of buttons / Each one slid / From out its lascivious loop / Breasts / Uncovered / Nipples / Pert / Vagina / Throbbing / Tight… Six Word Story 2/6 : “Nobody has time to re… . DO NOT READ THIS WOW you are One for crossing the lines. What if this B mail was a Bomb? " – )) / Your an on the edge kinda person obviously. / … Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl Come dance in the waters / that summer has warmed / amidst the froth of the seas / Hear the sighs that echo from tides / as the crescents r… My Crazy Bucket List………Please R… Today I could have been in Paris, Italy or Spain, yes in Europe, / But I aint, cause my mind started thinking ……….̶… Yellow Love Story She was boring. / Why not stay in bed this morning? Her blond hair on the yellow pillow. The ceiling had a pale white color. Maybe she migh… Let us Not Rest My Dear…. please read descr… Inspired by JRs poem Rest Now My Love / And Linaji’s Wait / You are the one that I dream of / The wonders that you do. / You have cap… Hiding the alien (a 10 minute read) I felt like an alien and I looked it. People stare too, because aliens are strange creatures from other planets. Michael….. The Boy, The Man, The Soldier…..… This pain: neverending, everlasting, never apart, / How I want to rip it from within my lonely heart. / Will someone ever know what it feel… Photo Book Entries – PLEASE READ Help me win a Canon Digital Rebel in a local photography contest by voting online for my entries to be included in a photo book being publi… read me i’d like to get lost in a book. / in fact i’d like to slip ‘tween / its covers and be the book – He could read,if only i cared! A friend of a friend, / of a, / third cousins, / brothers nephews niece, / read a story of mine, / he liked it, / how happy was I, / ove… Motocross, MX, Motorcycles, Speed Let you kids be who they are / God speed for motorcycle riders Read me in Bed Read me in bed / on pillow clouds / In soft silence / mouth my words. / Tease meanings / from their hiding / pleasure from / their pictures… A Rage-filled Rant ……. don’t re… How is that “changey hopey thing” working out for me? Not too fucking well right now ………….. I beg you – Please read this URGENT! Please read A Good Read The mirror reveals / A very unique notebook / A cherished volume / That I have chosen to journal in / Today / Skin is the delicate parchmen… ONLY IF YOU CARE TO READ ON… I care about loving Fearing What you Dont Understand read it .. :) Upon Their Wings Are Poems Read Rolled back the earth to find anew / Anything that brought me near to you / Layers of ground between us met / Strong the roots but shallow … a message for anyone that cares to read these wor… only God can heal our heart ache / only God can heal our wounds / only He can bring us back to joy / and bannish all our glooms / for He is… Read THIS! Now read this. Now read this first. Alone they’re just poems … The poetry is you A must read – For All Photographers ̵… The Joy of light.. / The photographer, that “has learned how to see”, / approaches each new day, with what, “could beR… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Foreword: / This is the first book of a series that seeks to answer some most important questions of life, such as: What is truth? Are ther… Readers Profile in Photoshop Creative Great Surprise !! :) I cannot write poetry that loves you when I’… Where do words come from? / Do they die if you read them? Read All Bout It, Hot Off The Press, What Does T… My hope is that through this series you will better understand my art work and poetry, and the ideaology that influences my work. Giants In the future I see giants standing here, / Protectors for all that venture near. / Shade from the sun / And shelter from the rain. / Respi… Yer Wouldnt Read About It YER WOULDN’T READ ABOUT IT…………By Bob Murray / It was somewhere near lunchtime as I stepped down from the trai… Not To Be Read Out Loud Deep down inside something is stirring, / Occurring to me that my vision is blurring. “Love Those Rainy Days” It’s the smell of warm ginger, / from your kitchen ovens gate. / And tea with fresh cookies, / on your grannies old plate. Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… Examples of other mysteries abound, of the sort that are of much more import to the masses of common folk which litter the various worlds i… read my lips I must try to read lips / as my hearing is reallybad / tones to high / tones to low / never make it in my ears / and this is really sad / s… Travel to Asia – see and read about our trip My mother doesn’t have a computer, in fact she is bedridden, so I wanted to share our trip with her the best I could. I printed out … DON"T READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you plan to take the moment of silence in exactly 1 minute from now to honor those lost on that tragic day 8 years ago! To the vic… Grandmothers were Teens Too Read and Enjoy Gramma’s night of teenage revelry shared with me and part of a book which was written about this wonderful lady 50 Things about me (i know it’s been done b… 1. Do you like blue cheese? / Nah, not a fan. / 2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? / Nope, and proud of it / 3. Do you own a gun? / yes a… Read It, Believe It, The News The World caves in and wants to blame me / Satans’ Claws here it comes again Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… From all over this fair planet of ours come reports made by persons of very different walks of life, of strange objects seen flitting throu… If You Can Read This… … Thank yourself. / You WILL!!! / ;D IMPORTANT PLEASE READ I am currently writing, or am supposed to be writing, a book. I have been so wrapped up in redbubble that I haven’t been writing. I a… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Another legend says that, if you were to, instead, turn right at the / gates of Piccolo Rancido and were then to travel for twenty miles o… If you think that wiki leaks is subject to a witc… yer wouldnt read about it… chapter 2 ""Naw mate, not worth a plugged nickel, the sand buggered them up." He said." If they never ‘ad that bloody sand … Eric David Lough read at Kent State University Fo… [Video] Some more of Yer Wouldnt Read About It beer,river,fish,nude,time,grog,nuts,bloody,opal,clothes When you’ve read too much Bukowski…it… I probably shouldn’t have gone out being that I was already on painkillers and missing three teeth. It was our day of rest. I just needed a… One Child…please read… One child cries out in the night. / One child lives alone on the street. / One child dies from hunger and disease. / One child, one child, … proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… Sorry You Didn’t Get To Read My Note Thought so much about you today, that I stopped by to say hello, / I rang the doorbell and nobody came to greet me so I wrote you a note. /… to anyone who reads my stuff or anyone who wants … i was just thinking i am feeling so lucky right now that i stumbled across red bubble a few months ago i dont think there is anywhere else … In just a week or so……….READ ON i will be deleting my Redbubble page in just about a week or so. I absloutley have no time what so ever to even update let alone go out and… If I Had the Pen Read between the / Eyeliners / And I’ll dare you / To judge me by my cover. Written out of anger some time ago…(i actua… (Mature) “My mind wants for you to read” love,hurt, setbacks, Please Read I wrote some lines about you / Please Read out……. / I miss you all the time / all my feeling / You can read / Your reflection … If you love snowy owls, owls, birds, please read … This is beyond heart breaking. Please read this / Proposed Wind Turbine Development Threatens Biodiversity / Algonquin Power plans to build… If I could read your mind If I could read your mind, / I would look for a few words. / Just those that tell me, / What you think of me. / If I could read your mind,… poetry to himself (if one can’t [ADDED 2 L… do not think to prop a reality with a crutch / the text is! ‘selfsufficiency’ within its confines / getting another prop might… I certainly Wouldn’t read this Every moment all / Night long, / Every whisper / Had a song; / Every song / Took us along / The way……. / SaShaying / A… Who We Really Are. My heart is lonely and my soul is bound to a place that only after can be found… I bet you won’t read this …or even leave a comment. / ;op I am sharing this, it is worth the read Take from it what you can accept, and leave the rest alone. hugsxxx / The Dark & Not So Dark Side / Part 2 / That which is evil could … Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… The girl woke to the sound of nagging voices: / “Oh, Angela! Where are my socks? I put them up to dry last night,and, / they aren’t there!… if we really could read each others minds i would be constantly concerned that i must / not think of secrets entrusted to me when in / the company of others…arrrgghhh…. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ I am currently writing, or am supposed to be writing, a book. I have been so wrapped up in redbubble that I haven’t been writing. I a… “The Read of Write" To rest the readers’ inhale of it all. Dreams to make you sick, don’t read this if… (Mature) Read He sat there / Starring / Reading me / I could not hide / As he read / Every letter / I ever wished / Could be read / Stopping at every … Body language read between the lines Thanks for the feature “Living Christianity… GLORIFY / I am so very proud of this self-portrait capture. It is my first attempt of taking any pics like this, and it was very spontaneo… don’t read porn! create it… The Good Read Open eyes see only history / In a broken soul dream. All the Spiritually inclined should read this -sh… The Dark & Not So Dark Side / Part 1 / Dr. David R. Hawkins, arguably the foremost authority on the path to Enlightenment, spends consi… The Proprietress [do NOT read if easily offended] With belly thrust and back arched / Legs wide splayed for him / She pushes hard against his body / He sensuously touches her / In places h… ‘what marriage?!’ read, define! surr… the truth is either / marriage be allowed / or it ain’t the case / and none are married / no matter how/what / words… You must Read this. Q: Will I be able to see elephants in the street? ( USA ) / A: Depends how much you’ve been drinking. MY FELLOW REDBUBBLER’S!!!!! EVERYONE READ / CHECK OUT – mmlkbsr / He is semi New to Red bubble and hes just discovering photography! I …
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