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Raw Detachment and disconnect at the snap of a finger. Now fake it. Fake it till you create no cracks. Keep them out. Its you against the world… Toothpaste Yesterday, I took the empty tube of toothpaste off my shelf, / squeezed the very last blue juices from its flattened head, / and tossed it … The Cleansing Sea (raw language warning) The wind carried a voice from the scrub around the car park. The beast was enraged by the loss of its prey and by its boiling testosterone. the raw sting of a drifters blink he said to me “you have gypsy eyes” / i’m really not surprised / restlessness consumes my skin like / hungry phantoms / again / unseen / a… The Gipsy Camp It isn’t any of our business if a family of gipsies gets in the way of a speeding car. An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! Nightmare’s Prophet Nightmare’s Prophet came to me in liquid, lies ,and entropy / His backwards whispers of blue skinned whores / belching blood on a che… STORY OF MY LIFE when / I was in / the woods / last night / dancing away / my rage / I got a text / saying / you can’t / dance / white boy but… Mask of Living Flesh Mask of living flesh / oiled cloth keeping eclectic breath warm You Within you world becomes beyond / Without you space spins around Raw reverie (erotic) I stand in the soul center / of your desire / cupping its fire / like flames in my palms / licking its core and tasting its heat / driving… With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… Time is the Enemy Time continues to ravage / All of what is left of me. / A bitter and heartless savage. / We live just to die, just to die. / Time is the en… Bitter Godess It’s ‘juicy’ I suppose A mage’s lament I am the mage of / eyes, a crying clown / in the house of sorrows / do you remember me / when I was there / at the pylon of a million bleed… WAITING AT HEAVEN’S DOOR Life has not been easy for me / I’ve had it real hard / My heart sometimes hurt / As if sliced by a glass shard / I’ve been thr… Symbol Serpentine Receded and Receiving / The Serpentine and Bleeding / Patterns of tunneled decay / sustaining shattered lanterns / in the unfrozen flowing … A Night of Blues…A Song Sung the man wipes his mouth with a sweat / filled rag – his head moves with the pulse / of the bass – he grips the spit filled micr… Notes from Chelton Hills Crematory Dust floats / in it’s Vacuum Universe / then is breathed in, / latching to lungs the combined remains, / leftovers of th… Throne What color is your throne? / As bleeding rats move reliquaries, / to entice the wind with chimes and bones, / and move us past the cemeter… LONG NIGHT, RAW SWEAT © LONG NIGHT, RAW SWEAT © / By:Hector A. Encinas / 13 candles on my bed room floor Inability you are a black cancerous death that erodes my bones / you are both the devil and an angel in one / like one tosses in their sleep, you tos… Raw Angel Nestling herself on her bed and crossing her legs she let her wings quietly envelope her./Reaching deep inside herself she touched upon her… Innominata #1 Piebald Palindrome / Serpents Cross the Anome / A splintered Shell / The shattered bell / Sounds of nothing in backwards hell / Drones alon… face to face with the raw passion. in the wilderness of existence, / I am searching for you. / following your traces / engraved into my breathing. / how many times are you go… In the glass garden In the glass garden / of perforated night / embulated the seeping reeds my roaming vines / eyes crystallized / only now is the mating / of … Raw manifesto – no Zen I need anger, life, change, and the chase raw heart. I have nothing else to trade for one single moment of your closeness, nothing else apart from the beating of this raw heart. face me why dont you look at me now? / with those sad sullen eyes that taunt / and love at the same time? I Pine.. (Mature) Green Mother Out in a familiar place, the garage, with dust and concrete and a bare grey horizon./Dragonets like swallows nest in the alcove, a family. Raw Stretching in my pajamas, the sun rise over the trees, I stare out my window. / The red dawn clouds capture me, my breathing intense as I n… raw and vulnerable raw and vulnerable / i wake up / my skin is tight / on the inside of my stomach / last night’s nightmare / sits with me still / cradl… RAW!!! You touched my heart. / Then, torn it apart. / You ripped it out, / like ive lost a limb. / And now im struggling, / in this deep water i&#… raw beingness [Video] / click for sound as you read, if you like. / raw beingness / here I am as are you. / I can feel my beingness always new. / percept… The Ride Her blonde hair flashes over my face, / As she bites her bottom lip and cries out, / A rebel yell into the wild night, / With her white h… Sights to see on a Road of Trees A stark angel is split right down the middle with the strike of the cymbal. / …hidden choir sing Dido’s Lament Thankyou – Chidren-The Power of Raw Emotion… “Smiling Eyes” was featured in – Children- The Power of Raw Emotion – . This means so much to me. It is wonderful t… Dark Intoxicated / your sorrow a drug / manifests in the physical / heart palpitates / shallow breath / head light / dizzy rush of emotion / un… adoreth he may be wounded. / but i stand here only to learn to love him,to heal these wounds and make them mine (with my sincerity) / i will let h… RAW Poetry here’s what I propose. / You versus me. / And why wait until Sunday / in the sparse shade of that tall oak tree. / I’m going t… I want to Thank …………̷… Thank you for selecting “You hurt my feelings”. I’m so honored! / Also Thank you to all my RB friends that left a sweet … HELP with RAW required please This one is for the technophobes out there! Can anyone help me with a problem relating to RAW. My new Sony Alpha 350 will shoot RAW but o… POEMS FROM FORT LA LATTE, BRITTANY, FRANCE So I pressed my flesh into the moist grasses / and rubbed my bones against hard, ancient stones / until my body melted into the opening ear… Raw with Potential My heart, a willing sacrifice, each bloody piece given in memory of the raw unguessed potential hidden in each of us. Because you taught me… RAW vs FUN “You really don’t shoot in RAW?” Her unsent letters-From the book Raw a love story It is humid today and my skin is damp in this morning wake, I should dress, I should brush my hair, I should eat…..Fuck the Doctors a… A (RAW) Question for You…. Would you…… Would you kill your son or daughter if by accident……..? Raw Materials we took a bath / together / you on that side / me on the faucet side / not very comfortable / really / but / we get / to share / the bubbl… raw suite, or letter to my ex- I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry / I’m sorry for being mean to you / I’m sorry that you affected me in such a way so long ago that I’ve … raw familial, what is this? / a sorrows scene / that satiates a void / a pewter casket / and locks / my mothers hair / a witch that sends / th… RAW WAR RAW I peeled the skin from the bottom of my feet until they bled. / My sister told to stop or I would get blood poisoning. / My mother told me… I Got a Raw Deal(Another Senior Moment) I remembered once, I Think, / When a ring went down the sink, / And in a matter of a huff and a wink, / The drain pipe came off and I was a… Raw -A love story-His Journal It is summer here. / She was good in the summer never hiding from the light…. / She let me hold her hand and she wore stripes of all … hand up, raw admission, who’s that? (090808) I’m twenty-six and I’ve got cellulite / fit, strong, healthy / injury-ridden / recovered anorexic / with balls of fat nestling her hamstrin… Raw (Mature) Lust and Strawberry Soda May my beast awaken in her such lust as to match mine / Tear the clothing form her body pinning her down / For hours upon hours, we would e… re Raw Grit by Anthea Slade i always think of hamlet / always wanting him femme, ’stead / glad that he had a girlfriend / used to say i was shakespeare / but also ro… When I’m raw, I’m ripe Ive learnt that when / Im ripe im raw / When im raw im ripe / Ive learnt to give in / And self-combust / Instead of fight raw spirit once there was freedom / a spirit fierce and raw / its fire blazed with passion / it knew no fear, no bounds / a wild thing, unrestrained … re Loui Jover’s ‘me raw’ a thought. / it was. / a knock! / comes he too? / my chest / almost conversed; / into deep thought / sank / …..apropos / wittgenst… Thanks so very much for feature Children-The Powe… Thanks so very much for featuring Paris. I am so happy and I feel very honored…Pam Raw -A love story Sleep. / Dream / Awake? / And the story begins / Of the first and last time she ever loved… Raw I’ve been down the rabbit hole, / Been to Neverland, / Seen the ghosts of children past, / And bit the supplying hand. / I’ve … raw passion. I miss the raw passion; / a fire burns inside of me. / The hunger that I have; / I cannot learn to feed. / When in your presence, / I can&#… Thanks so much Children-The Power of Raw Emotion … Thanks so much for featuring Taking A Rest. This has always been a special image to me and I feel so honored to have this featured. Thanks … Thanks so much Children-The Power of Raw Emotion … Thank you so much for featuring Santa’s Helper, Christmas Baby and Waiting For Santa. I feel so hored and I am so happy. Thanks so mu… Foxhole Dusk, / A slither of psychedelic light / Penetrating the horizon with one last push… / Nightfall, the onset of darkness, / Like a can… my raw feelings i miss you in my soul / sometimes i wake in the night / hoping to see you by my side Raw It’s dangerous / These games you play / These emotions you stir in me / And I’ll never know what I did / To deserve these games… Real Raw Love Waits You open my heart to distribute generosity on dreams and reality / You open my eyes to see a wonder so foreign as to never know existed / I… I got lost one day I got lost one day / I was pleading for you help / Hanging on every word / as you spoke on, oblivious / I was running / I was pleading fo… Raw -A love story-first page She wipes the corners of her eyes and kohl stains her fingers / She looks up and speaks / “Have you ever been in love?” / The man looks at… For Brian. We both realized the only ones in our life that could have- / Helped guide us to greater destiny / Died before we could know that or long b… Bad Acid Running, claustrophobic confusion, found naked, deafening silence, by the light of a cigarette, dark eyes, how much? Tame The Raw We move in silent, we think in jargon and wake what we lay. / We tame the innocent and embrace toxic decay. Queen of the Castle a kingdom ruled by a tyrant Culture15..Working on less glamour and… Working on less glamour and beauty..more raw and truth..less artifice and contrived but a place for Natural Beauty in all guises? / Inspire… Poetry on a raw and emotional level. Apart of my Life has come to an end,drained I am, no more fight left in me. / I am giving up, giving up on Hope, Love, Trust and Companions…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of raw writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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