DAVE’S COLOUR CLOCK Bear in mind when you’re painting a landscape that whichever blue you have selected as the base colour for your sky should be used fo… Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go… If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? Watch the sky What makes Sky father so angry? / It has always been a riddle to me. Featured Work Thank you to these groups… I will colour me a bright new day and it will tas… The trueness of love is not a secret hidden amongst spirit. / Nor a lustre that derides pleasure squinting for fuss or favour. / More, a br… Cold Summer The cold kisses on my bare hands, I first thought was light rain was actually snow. a brilliant rainbow for you Today is a pumpkin bread kind of day. / Steamy pull apart, in raise of my knead / Cool now / My bake lashed with the spread of thick cream … The Rainbow My life became a frozen landscape where ice sheltered yesterday’s beauty and tomorrow’s hope. / Through his death, my beloved gave me life’… I dream of Living A beginning of living without Martin. THE GIFT OF GIVING A gift, / wrapped / in feathers and tulle, / bound / with rainbow ribbons Somewhere Over The Rainbow.. Somewhere over the rainbow… / I’ll slide happily down the bow / Painting colors your world never knew / Inspiring you to gently… A Poem – The Perfect Day This morning I heard the voice of an angel. / A voice so sweet as to make rainbows dull. / Today I heard the laughter of a flower. / A l… painting in the sky she just stood there / paintbrush in hand / painting a rainbow / all over the land / an angel of splendor / enormous wings / with every str… OVER THE RAINBOW Where lovers dance on the ocean Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow (We Will Meet Again) for i know that somewhere / just beyond the rainbow / you’re waiting there for me the rainbow i rode the train of life / the bus of dreams / the boat of happiness / along the way I met pain / together with sadness and regret / i came… DEWDROPS short poem Such love, I drink from your cup My yearning heart rises / to your welcome voice / and leaps at the whisper / of your name, / Lord. / The evening ascends in / on a gre… Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior “Be of good cheer! For I am the Herald of messages Divine; emblem of the Optimist, the Fortunate, and the Kind.” Colours of the Rainbow RED is for Love, ORANGE is for Laughter, YELLOW is for Sweet His promised portrait A thousand jewels tumble from sunlit Heavens, / betwixt them a Creator’s canvassed covenant. / Gentle revelation, another miracle of … Henry Dalton esq. Quite unexpectedly, when newfound friends arrived to greet me, I was obliged to extend my left hand and cup the right breast of Ms Crystal … The Circle Rainbow An arch is the shape which we commonly attribute to rainbows, but did you know that the true shape of a rainbow is that of a circle and not… Rainbow Warriors Creating Karma and doing laundry as we attempt to understand Life around us… Rain on My Skin I remember / that one moment / when everything changed. THE RAINBOW SISTERS they floated in red rainbows / and beautiful hearts / love was their answer / from the very start / dancing on the edge / of their very sou… Rainbow It was a rainy day / Perfect for writing letters / Thoughts made a rainbow Rainbow Warriors “Purps, I know that you are absolutely sure you remember tha path?” Rabbit Murphs is asking and answering at the same time. / P… ‘Golden Wings/dragonfly beetle ladybug and … ‘Golden Wings/dragonfly beetle ladybug and flutterby’ has been featured again this time in the “Colour me a Rainbow group… God Speaks God speaks to us all he say’s / See the children playing and laughing in the field see the smiles on there faces.feel how it makes yo… The Promise Of A Rainbow The Devil is not in today! / I consulted with God and Jesus! / He that believes is in sighted with strength and healing! / The devil fell o… A Gift Pick up some fallen stars, place a rainbow in the boot of your car… the rainbow a sudden summer rain / warm droplets fall / on the hot earth / all is well in the world / as the earth is cleansed / the sun peers out fro… Lusting in a rainbow dream lustful thoughts telepathically / into my mind / The heat was rising / our bodies were becoming / silky hot with palpating feelings / of de… “After Each Storm Lies a Rainbow” Its late and I just hung up with you / I have yet again let my anger get the best of me / And my words have again tainted you / And paint… The Rainbow of Feeling The rainbow of feeling. / RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET Rainbow The rainbow sweeps across the sky / Illusory magic to the eye…… In Praise of Iris Beautiful messenger, / born of raindrops sparkling through sun, / they say the gods and goddesses are dead. MONSOON LOVE you glimpsed something on the edge of your vision / a vision of loveliness / the rainbow moved outside my field of vision / the flowers wer… A rainbow sonata…………̷… A flowing coupling , within a state / of togetherness / letting go of all impurities, / Feeling your tenderness, / Flowing behind eyelids /… Rainbow Kisses colors of rainbows enveloping our / very essance as we dance together / in a magical harmony of romance / as the moonbeams dance amongst DANCE UNDER THE RAINBOW Dance Under The Rainbow / May the colors fill your soul / Brighten up your day / And let you never grow old / Take off your shoes / Feel th… The Rainbow Down deep in that hole. / The walls changed their hue / From dark grey to green / And then to red, white and blue. Beige Rainbow Beige walls, carpets, linen. Everything was blending together and giving me a headache. How could anyone stand such blandness? / I caught … Sidewalk Devolution Steam rising; spirit shapes / Evoked by barista magic / Wormhole to simpler times Forever Somewhere Excuse me Mrs Dorothy, / But do you have the time? / I’m afraid I’m sad and all alone, / And Guilty of a crime. / I swear on al… thy kingdom come I want to be bigger then what I am / I want to spread my wings and fly the skies / I want to soar the world / dip in and out of the rainbow… rainbow warrior the clouds broke free from me / when all at once birdsong / and all the world of creatures dwelt / in this heart of mine. / together and si… I Saw A Rainbow I saw a rainbow, / uneven was its arc; / unlike that half moon / more bow / suggests the twists / storms come and go / and never when / and… Elements At Play As Rain tap dance on the cement, / Her tempo is kept by Thunder. / When Wind jumps over Tree that’s bent, / The atmosphere is all but… Rainbow For the storm has stirred the fish and we need a good catch. I have seen that more than fish are stirring though. Rainbow when laughter explodes / and seriousness erodes / everything turns to soft / from up high / to down low / the world is / a painted rainbow New Feature! All the Colors of the Rainbow Feature! R A I N B O W Across all oceans and seas / I whisper your name / Do you feel me as I you? / Are you and I same?…… Rainbow. Once upon a time… / In fields of rainbow flowers, / With sunlight rays of gold, / Butterfly wings of whispers. / I saw a girl of ligh… Misty the Friendly Rainbow Dragon Misty the Friendly Rainbow Dragon / On a cold winter’s day in amongst some decay / a flower was blooming despiting the glooming / the… Power in a flower need for you to inhale / my sweet essance / come my honeybee / sip on my nectar / as you i am alone, my faith has been lost (Mature) Raining Tears The rain gently falls, doing its pitter patter dance upon my window / the sky is dark and dreary / The heavens have opened and released its… A Rainbow of Emotions When you cut in to dance with her, / My Purple heart was filled with dread; / As tears welled up in her Brown eyes, / The crown was laid up… rainbow inside (poem) but maybe one day / I shed this skin / and what is left will be the rainbow His Promises True I sat in my world of worries weighing heavy…the tears on my face, my only companion… / Watching through the window the world beyond me, sit… Colours The water falling is getting louder / like a million hand clapping / a gazillion fingers snapping, / bones breaking, thunder cracking / an… …….. Upon a full moon within a rainbo… A gentle summer evening breeze / caresses my imagination, / as I look upon a full moon / within a rainbow halo, / Spectrums of love pulsat… Rainbow Lovers. Caress me softly./ I delicately unfold you./ As the petals are shed. / Your underlying beauty. / Opens for me. Children’s TV of the 70’s and 80’s has a lot to a… flat mates who include a furry pink homosexual Hippopotamus, a large camp naked bear and some sort of furry orange bondage creature with a … GREETING CARD SALE – RAINBOW OF LOVE Thanks so much to CEBRFA for purchasing a card from my photo “Rainbow Of Love”. It’s so nice to know that someone likes … You are like the rain ..leaving rainbows in Your wake Rainbow Of Life And the last stage, is a clam blue. / Your back like a child with only your emories. / You watch the time, presously pass by. / Until, The Rainbow Warriors of Bubblegum Bay The Rainbow Warriors were fast becoming news in the wilds of Bubblegum Bay, seeking rainbows to bring home to the village of All Bright Co… The Fly Fisherman The hunter he stares, as the fly floats along, / as a Blackbird nearby, sings its cheerful song. / Closer and closer to the trout, gets the… rainbow i wait for it every time. Rainbows and Unicorns They say you’re full of rainbows and unicorns. / Those rainbows are the many shades of black, / And those unicorns are endowed with b… If Twenty People Pass these are not just 20 faces / each one has a story / I struggle to climb out from my own pages / and reveal the morning glory / or the lost… Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow / Peace and serenity / Let me just watch / In love and harmony / Don’t say a word / Breathe in the… Follow that rainbow… Life is possibility / there are broad horizons out there for us all if only we will look / If children don’t succeed they try again … Rainbow My tears are caught by a rainbow; / only seen in the rain, / and I try my hardest to stay / within the mind set of the sane. / Yet there … “FROM ORGASM TO LOVE” To avoid unpleasant things is not the same as to create pleasure. If you want pleasure – and we all crave for pleasure as this is the… Rainbow, Our Love I paint a rainbow with my fingertips / to shower colors of love on your lips. / The reds, the yellows and the greens / all creating the mos… THE ANGEL OF LIGHT dancing through the clouds / is the Angel of light / prancing on the stars / to change the darkness of the night / watching the sun come th… On The Wings Of A Rainbow (Mature) My Rainbow Feelings Blue is the colour that holds the world together. / It’s deep and strong and makes the mind feel. / It is an emotion of sorrow, dep… “I Want” I want to be famous, / but I want to be left alone. / I want to see the world, / but I don’t want to leave my home. From our weakness to your strength From our weakness to your strength / From our despair to your hope rainbow (Mature) ‘ Transformation’ It is a dull, drizzly grey day. A slug sits slothfully on the stony path. Slowly it slithers in its slime across dirt and rocks to the gree… Bridge in the Sky (for Raven Hair) “…the old bridge is too rickety, like songs I never sing..” / I walk to the edge, climb in a small green canoe, / Make r… lost rainbow They stood in the shallows of a dead calm sea / behind them, the city, shrouded in smog / while the sea mist hovered in silent watch / like… Eye of the Rainbow In the womb of reds and blues / where wisps of orange and yellow weave FLOATING FLOWERS floating flowers / on the sea / slowly dancing / away from me / roses of red / lilies so white / daisies yellow / each a delight / i watch … My world is your world…. I’m loving that the world is round / spinning around / that we can’t walk to the end / fall off the edge / that the sun follows… Rainbow (to the) by Jose M Heredia Sublime arc of triumph, that adorns the vast sky, / When its confused veil gathers the storm; / No to the severed oracle of the soul philos… There’s A Rainbow In My Soul There’s a rainbow in my soul, / Faded from the time I scrubbed it clean, / The colours have run, / Merged, / Creating colours you’ve never … At the end of a rainbow, I met a tiny man who sai… Get creative with your title / After that your golden Colour Scale Life isn’t black and white / the rainbow is hidden / in the between Arch me … like a rainbow
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