~ the puzzle ~

and we watch and wonder / we guesstimate and plunder / assume replenishment for all asunder / from beliefs of rituals performed under


Riches and poverty / spotlessly filled with filth

With whom did I dance unawares….

As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i…

A beautiful dream, once more

Drinking in the morning sun… / …What made me behave that way… / …using words I never say

word puzzle

stringing words together / like daisy chains / to make sense of / what happened / and what didn’t

An Honor…My first group Avatar!

My shot, Puzzle, is featured as this week’s avatar for Nature’s Macro Canvas! I am honored to have this one chosen, and the fee…

Watch my everything

Last night I watched you watch t.v / I couldn’t help but smile / Seeing the screen reflect on your glasses and into your eyes. / Eye…

At the bank

Pu £10,000 cash ino his bag

Puzzle Peace

Sometimes I feel like I’m in the way. / The piece to the puzzle / with the jagged edge. / Not the one / that brings the scene ito fo…

Puzzle Unsolved

flirting, teasing…..questioning… piece by piece it’s happening… slowly, surly…

The Sudoku Puzzle

Your pencil poised like a snake / About to deliver a fatal one fanged bite / To the very heart of the recalcitrant puzzle. / Must be an ‘ad…

a puzzle inside a maze

cigarettes and beer / fill the day / shadows from the past / crumble down on the floor / but i see to it / that / i gather them carefully …

the stranger in you

You are the enigma / You are the puzzle, / That I feel no desire to unravel.

Enter The Peephole- the spiders trail

Find The Peephole. Take a gaze.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle…


Plagued by fear of unworthiness / i am a shadow of my former self / a mere outline of what used to be

Unknown Fear (Chapter 4- Puzzled).

Ava collapsed once again on the bed inside the motel room, with fear across her face. She was switched on and rattled with every little sou…


Sorry I’m late

Where am I?

Here, trying to decipher the hieroglyphics of life.

Pieces of my puzzle

pieces of my puzzle

Addiction to plenty, so puzzle pieces fall

So you kind of complete my life / You’re that missing puzzle piece / In a strange ambition / Love’s my ammunition / In a weapon for a war …


breathe in, breathe out / close my eyes and re-open / them / look up at a cieling / bathed in pitch black darkness as i / lay with a brain…


…as my thoughts

The Missing Piece

It’s a piece that can fill both the heart and soul. / It can fill the mind with many memories / Which create a cause for one to daydream / …



The Past

how can you live this love / when you’ve got the past on your mind



little girls are supposed to be glad

the little girl said, / i am old enough to know when the pieces / are hidden from me on purpose….


Don’t let the mind / dwell in the gloomy field of analysation, / for qualm, fear and irrationalism, / will swallow reality! / Instead li…






‘Torn between two lovers’

this ruined puzzle, the patterns repeat

Whatever it was I saw in you / is missing now / there are things you need to know about me / I’m weak right now / I feel like I shoul…





A time for tea

When do I first / Remember? / Maybe when I / Was twelve? / Ah and there it is / The puzzle solved! / She was my age / That I am / Now!

Because on the other hand

This could be as it appears, / however it may not be what it seems.

Word Salad Surgery

Verbal Diarrhoea

Wychwood. (My dream come true?)

Oh my god I must be dreaming


All the little puzzles click together. / together they make the whole that is we. / we are the pieces of the shattered mirror. / mirror ref…



A Toast



Careless abandon

The Writer

You may misconstrue


Random thoughts / running loose / running wild / chaotic menace / distracting, unorganised / Is this how life is meant to be / It’s n…

The Puzzle.

piece this peace.


We made like a puzzle all night / that’s the cute name you liked / Do you remember? / The tingling ants crawled inside my arm / but I…



The Ultimate Puzzle

So many initial expectations / So many hopes dashed / So many false starts / So many key combinations / So many self doubts / So many dead …


People with clever heads / don’t always understand / what’s going on

sum total of your fears

I’’m sitting here gone / Im given my due / been lost in my journey / I’m seeing it through / Plato taught Socrates / or t…

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle

You’ve listened to my story, / You’ve heard my words so true, / So don’t complain, hope still remains, / Just do the best…

They tell you home is where the heart is, but hearts are never content. It’s still a lesson we haven’t learned.


We are beings of light / who have travelled many lifetimes / yet decided to come again… / But one thing still bothers me;- / Who the …

The Puzzle Continues

Every part’s a tangent / Every path a clue / But with so many options, / What’s a soul to do?


You whisper / “It’s time to be whole again, / but I can’t seem to find my myself.”

Mirrors srorriM

srorrim fo dnal eht morf nettirw sdroW / sraeppasid fles laer eht / sworros ylenol gnirepsihw morf gnidiH / worrom eht nopu nruter llah…

SEEING really quite BLIND

If there is danger going on all around me…; / And, I am feeling, well and truly, SCARED!!!

Jigsaw Puzzle

We are a piece of the big puzzle, of the bigger picture of life. / We are all linked together to this Earth. / Human Beings all have differ…

Piece of the Puzzle

Realisation is a cruel mistress, the moment of sudden pain that washes over your body and mind. When the light, the hope, is fading away. O…

A Puzzle

It seems to me that there’s more here than there should be. / I hook the metal coat hangers across my finger and go inside, / Where I…

The puzzle starts

The puzzle starts & then displays / In so many magic ways / Our love of life, of pulse, of breath / The journey from the womb til death

love sweet poem heart

like a puzzle, love, sweet, heart, don’t shatter it, contains love, keep safe, hold tight, float away

“Puzzle Piece”

“Puzzle Piece” / Life is a puzzle, an unknown game. / Just when you think you have it figured out, / You find another piece and…


Oh, so willing to jump off the highest cliff, and into your arms…

My Inner child’s missing puzzle

I am just a woman with a past, and after all these years i left it at last. I made a life like a picture so contrast.Left all the bad obsta…

The Journey Is

Gifted. / Granted. / Eyes do take, / If more is sought in search of fate.

The Puzzle

You told me your life is like a puzzle, / scattered pieces all over the place, / I thought I was the missing piece, / hidden under the couc…

Pieces of a Puzzle

I keep a shoebox of puzzle pieces tucked under my arm / Holding each piece in my fingertips / The whirlwind of life snatches them away. / T…

Why Not?

Why? Indeed Not!

Puzzle of The Waves

Though you cannot explain / How the stories of centuries / Are coloured through your veins / It’s still as if you speak, with a tongue / T…

Another piece to the puzzle

It’s not right now not today / The answers will be released someday / I’m not wasting my time / Not wasting your time / There i…

missing puzzle piece

your my missing puzzle piece, but your trying to fit into a whole different puzzle .


breathe in, breathe out / close my eyes and re-open / them / look up at a cieling / bathed in pitch black darkness as i / lay with a brain …

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