Purple Passion Her body tilts back into him / opening her breast to the universe / She reveals an open heart / in order to be close / She risks raw / to … Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Purple World Showing all the pictures of my Purple art work! Purple Peel the skin from the orange light / She whispers husky wine stains / In the shape of psychologists cards, whisper the lips / To the ear, … House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l… my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted Sweet Bramble Pie After dinner, sticky and with purple stained lips, they had devoured each other on the kitchen floor amongst the packing cases. Purple Invitation I remember clearly the way you held your head high - / walking down the street with a newspaper under your arm / your polished shoes gliste… Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. HUES Hues.. / left for my imagination / unzipped invites Waiting for release I am nothing / to look at / or even consider / for I am just / the simplest / of humble vessels / unadorned by / fancy fake trimmings / per… A town called Drab …then slowly, another giggle then another and another until the square was filled with the sound of laughter… Two purple pens and a leather bound notebook seal… how can one write? / when the night, / invades your mind, / and the consistency, / of the moon, / abducts your soul, / how can one write, /… Sticker There’s a sticker on the sole of my shoe / It’s been there since they were brand new I Won!!!! Winning Photo on Favorite Plant Cont… Winning Photo on Bits and Pieces Contest. 27 Purple Bubbles Make your wish for me, / And I’ll pray that it comes true. Do You Know? Always asking, never ceasing to compare, / We compare ourselves to those around us, / Revealing only what we want them to see. Surprised by purple not expecting to be lost Too much is never enough It strikes like a virus / No warning or cure / A life spent without it / Is no life at all Graphic Design Discounts Graphic design and invitation specials as part of my new freelance design business The Dutch Iris bloomed and life was coloured purp… This morning was like any other morning / I woke tired and thoughts of the new day dawned / Work , life , people and blah blah blah…… ART thoughts The Color of the Sun If the sun was pink, would you choose to live a life that matters? Eden’s Gem & Color me Purple Featured A great big thank you to Angel for featuring Eden’s Gem in the All about Water Group. / …AND to the moderators of the Selective… When I grow old, I shall eat purple… Wrapped in foil of purple, a ‘knowing’ hue / “Hershey’s Kiss” it reads, on a ribbon askew, / Within thereR… The Color Purple The color purple….lobelia, irises, robes, mourning, majesty and remarkable People Watching “Are you tired today?” he asked me. / His stare grew solemn when I nodded, / And he took me into his chest. / I held his heart,… Glimpses …for a moment you smell something that reminds you of your childhood but you’re not sure why. You hear a word carried by the wind in … Purple Fuzzy Handcuffs make me bleed / make me moan / use me / abuse me / FUCK ME PLEASE! Empty Purple painted eyes / Shadows beneath tears / You give words of love / But my existence is emptiness Amethyst Luminous brilliance embedded asymmetrically in an earthen cemetery of jewels / A wonder to the ancients, as legend of comets and dragon fla… Purple Stare Hide your head / Where it hurts / Place it under / Place it under / The railway line “Dear Diary”-June 30,2013…Monst… Introduction to Deary Diary and Cover / Page 1 / “Dear Diary”…. June 30, 2013….Monster Purple People Eater…… Purple Cadence I suddenly had the most absurd and captivating thought. My attentions had turned inward as I detected the aroma of wood smoked bacon. The r… mocked and ridiculed mocked and ridiculed / taunted and teased / draped in purple / a crown of thorns / pierced his skin Crystal tears Collaborative work with Rosa Cobos. This Purple Cure This purple cure runs through my veins, / And tortures me and causes pain. Feature Thanks! Feature, “Two Girls”, “All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical” PURPLE HAZE Purple flowers in her red hair / Purple shadow on her eyes / Purple lip gloss shining / Purple skies when she does rise / Purple graces her… The fluffy purple toy This is just a little purple troll doll I thought Kelly might like, it’s really soft. Card Play With a winning smile, he opened her door, with losers like hounds on his trail. THE PLANET ZOG On the Planet Zog / All inhabitants jump like frogs / They have strong legs and feet / Eat only cherry peppers and meat / Make love all the… 14 days (cert 15) “The end of what?” I shout as I pick up the paper for a closer look. / “The city, the whole god damn city, everyone!” Shall We Meet? petals purple / petals sweet / petals soft / shall we meet? / ’neath the boughs / at end of day / as twilight beckons / and sunlight … MEMORIES ARE A PURPLE HAZE MEMORIES ARE A PURPLE HAZE / JIMI HENDRIX COINED THAT PHRASE / SHE STILL LOVES ROCK & ROLL / HENDRIX WARMS HER SOUL / SHE CRIES AT WUT… I Sold A Framed Print! I want to thank Eedra Elizabeth for buying a framed print of my “Purple Umbrella”. I was so suprised when I got on here this m… Purple moon. © Purple moon. © / By: Hector A. Encinas My fifth work featured this week April/182009 / A fantastic surprise happen this week…! / it is my fifth work featured this week. Forgetting World I could write about forgiveness, / and mans chosen wars, / I could write about sickness, / suspend man in my pause, The Purple Fedora The details are sketchy, the way they often are in dreams. She wore a purple fedora, of that much I am certain. A Shadow i see you through a golden haze / you are a little blurred to me / are you really there / or only a brief memory / i can barely see your … “Purple Haze”…(becoming clear) I have learned to appreciate the fact that beauty is so much deeper than how a flower wears a dress.. Featured Work Featured Unbearable Unbearable is / The silence of a winters day / A world sleeping / under a blanket of a noiseless white / weighed down by it’s own beauty Purple Sky And The Moon In The Morning gone to check the expiration dates on the calendars and bravo, we’re at the same school of streetlight. our birthdays all over again “Yellow dots on purple” was featured “Yellow dots on purple” / was featured in the The Not So Fine Art of Photography / Thank you so very much i am very grateful and happy / H… violet cast shapes Violet Haze, Purple Phase In the violet haze, in prune-like trances / Within my soul, my raisin soul Featured I have been featured Ballad of the Purple Angel A mystery born / of there lies none / This silent sound … / not too profound / It’s just the soul / that comes to bare / The co… Horrid Purple Walls Shadowy dusk filtered in / through the one window above our heads / Casting shadows / and your silhouette / against the horrid purple wal… FEATURED!! IN: ‘A FASCINATING PURPLE’ “AMETHYST SUNSET” / THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THE GROUP HOSTS AND TO THE GOOD FOLKS THAT HAVE ADMIRED MY WORK ENOUGH TO OFFER YOUR… 14 days (cert 15) part 2 … “Hey relax.” I try to comfort her. “You’re safe in here with me and besides, I know kung fu and I’ll karate chop any dudes that mes… Featherlight & Silver depressed and weep / oe’er every rhyming rule kept Another day …My knees / tucked / to my chest / in a ball / I do my best / to disappear… Cold Sun, Swallow Me cold sun, swallow me / girls like me / go down so easy / like a glass of water / like the devil’s daughter PURPLE-word play word play,, lets have fun,, I am bored as you can see,,, should be painting but this will be my fill in between doing paintings,, peace lin… COMPLEXITY surrounding you with starlight as i sprinkled granules of sugar upon you / as i gently massaged these subline ingredients / i could feel te… Purple Rails and Flights of Stairs A girl like that? / nah, not even… / why? / i dont want to say that / the beautiful haven’t seen the floor / because i’ve… A new feature! Wow I got a notification that my purple abstract "Vision"is featured in the The True Purple group. Such a nice surprise!!! / Wish… “One eye, one horn, Flying purple people ea… (Quick! In here…. quiet…) Shhhhh! I am just hiding from my daughter. We are playing hide and seek. I’m hiding in the clo… Eye of Spirit Purple / featured in Redfield Plugi… Wow guys thanks so much for the feature im stoked and must say after viewing the others featured im in good company as usual , woo hooooooo… beyond Those daring few / they never knew / if feet would ’ere touch sand ~ grave purple grave ~ staring at bubbles of dwindling white / he knew then life’s expectation of right / it would break the heart of his fragile wife / to … just one more time you showered me with your brilliance / with untold vibrance / you began to wane / your heartbeat fought back Featured…. thank you so much “A True Purple” for featuring “Purple Wonder”. It is an honer. / Thank you Stacy. Closed Room, Purple Floor for what i’ve met of you, we’ve been the crossroads I like my Sven in purple purple heart flowing / through / motion NEW FEATURE!!! :-) “Spring Awakening” was featured in the “Peace, Love, Tranquility” group. Thankyou so much! I am so grateful and hum… A HUGE THANK YOU!!! I would like to thank the hosts and members of the group True Purple for featuring my work “A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose” What a wonderful … Thank You, Hosts of A True Purple! I woke from an afternoon nap / to find that my work “Ericksonian / Glow Starflower”, was featured / in the Group A True Purple.… Featured member! Wow, I got this message: A FRAMED VERSION OF THIS GREAT IMAGE (The purple spiral) IS FEATURED ON THE GROUP HOMEPAGE OF A TRUE PURPLE AND YO… 14 days (cert 15) part 4 her head struck the door frame. Stars exploded behind her eyes and as she faded from consciousness her last thought was please god don’t le… 14 days (cert 15) part 3 I can see her hammering blows onto his billboard of a back and hear here screaming like a banshee as they disappear round a corner. Remember Last Summer? remember last summer? / when you lay on the sand, / ripening in the sun and / I peeled your red bikini like / the skin of a fallen mango… Purple Let me memorize your face. / run my gaze from its edges / sharp and hard-headed / to the ocean of your lips, / soft and warm. / caress the … hail to the monarch on purple thistle thrown in r… (Mature) in MinE MinD Believe in Yourself… FILL the EmptY How hard is it to fill our empty lives ? ? ? miss purple MISS PURPLE / Carrion. A word we all so infrequently use. Yet we know its scent. We have primordial understanding of the smell of death cla… A Purple Memoir Revisited The richness of red and the royalty of blue Purple moon rays a hole in my sun. Purple moon rays / a hole in my sun. / I think of life, / and what we think we have won. / Inside i want to believe things last. / But ive… Purple "41 counting to different counts of species, i’m much too much to ask and shuffle boxes is why the vehicles and women pass by, over mount… Purple Sky,,,the title and ending of my first pos… this is the ending to the first thing i posted / On the outside, Jason was covering himself up with a tough guy act. He didn’t want to look…
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