Hail to the Prose by Matt Tsourdalakis Manic Street Preachers - Generation Terrorists by Snufkin Write On Typewriter by Karl Whitney prose before hos by stevegrig The Prophet:  Time by Colleen Milburn Tale of a Typewriter by Simon Greening Poetry in motion by Mundy Hackett TheStorage by Susan  Kimball The Missing Muse by Michael Douglas Jones Ring Around The Prose-y by Donna19 Purple Prose  by SandraRos For Her (Mature) Because.... by Scott Ruhs Caloosahatchee by Isa Rodriguez I Survived Ragnarök (wolves) by jezkemp parted lips (rated – X/R, ex… White knuckle sensation / Intimate penetration. / Sweet thrill of thrust / Pitching swirling lust. Draw from the ink in your veins.. by Leith Light of the Moon  by © Linda Callaghan My Shenandoah Dream In the air are traces of sweet / things; honeysuckle and apple blossoms, / bluegrass and jasmine Tear It Out – #1 There, on the floor in the looming shadow of books, sits the boy. Large brown eyes that hide a secret. If you look very closely you could s… "The Girl who loved Prose" by Leith What?........ do I have a screw loose?.......... and yeah. what do YOU have ? by Isa Rodriguez Prose Before Bros by wordsbydan "There is a crack, a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in" ~ Leonard Cohen  by Isa Rodriguez I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CANNOT LIE.. by Sir Reads-a-Lot by Rob Price when facts are stranger than fiction Some elective surgery will do the trick. / A needle and thread, / Sewing it all together like a patchwork quilt. / Fool them all. / They… Letter from The Isle of Circ by Michael Douglas Jones Fear of Landing Ready / Set / Jump Do You Want To? Well… do you want to? / Come here… / No, not yet… sit down. / Tell me where you want to… / Yeah, tell me… / O… empty chest : anatomical heart (small) by asyrum Bird of Prose by Leith And The curtain rises .. Monarch dance  by Isa Rodriguez climbed a hundred times. they know that special place… 9/11 “America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just… A tribal butterfly by Dalton Sayre Autumn prose by Peter Zentjens Waiting Patiently I learned some time ago to wait my turn. That there are other things in people’s lives more important than me. It’s easy to fee… Ode to RedBubble I’ve been uploading to RedBubble for only one week, / Already I’m classified as an “upload geek”. Paint on.. Paint on through spontaneity & laboured thought. / Paint on through ignorance & envy. The first sex scene from my novel The sensation of her touch prickling the skin all over his body. / She bit his palms softly; licked his wrist. empty chest : anatomical heart  by asyrum Jazzy ! dedicated to John Kimball and his new group ..  by Isa Rodriguez Gay Marriage – The Simpson’s Way (Same-Sex Marria… …what The Simpsons did was to lampoon both hardcore religion and same-sex marriage to show how extremists on both ends can get carrie… The Spirals of Life (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland She's in parties by David Kessler Peony Prose by Rebecca Cozart Love T..Retro ..  by Isa Rodriguez When I stopped believing I will not wait at the window for my father / I will not wait in the kitchen for my lover Starkle, Starkle, Little Twink… My lovely grandfather taught me this around 40 years ago… / Starkle, Starkle, Little Twink! / What the how you am I think? / I’… Cat of Nine Tales by taiche Desiderata by Roz Barron Abellera Alaska hubcaps. .....The Alcan Highway by Isa Rodriguez The Watcher I love the way you follow me home. / I love that you think I don’t know. Welcome – The Dark Challenge Cafe Winning E… Where the pavement is littered with corpses at dusk, / and the jaded night sighs and gives in to my lust, / as the moon plays on silent in … A Step Back in Time by Susan Werby And Now I'll Look Away - Greeting Card by taiche How Still the Tree by taiche Bipolar © I know at times I said things, / that made you feel so sad. / The last thing I ever wanted to do, / was make you feel so bad. / I know my … Fake Memoirs III Let me introduce myself. / I’m that girl the boys would take home to their Mum and then ravish at the drive in. That kid who worked h… Sleepy Maggie Loverless, at last, she could breathe again – no one to tie her thoughts into knots, no big-booted man-child stomping about the plac… Yes  !  You are a Goddess. by Sunil lies, all lies Another stupendous stuff up under my belt. Some more self flagellation for the heck of it. Sometimes I embarrass myself from being so weak. Soulfully dirty girl Will you get soulfully dirty in my words? / Plump up yourself with conceptions of me / I am hunting for an incense of cinders and petals / … In the Twinkling of an eye  by Isa Rodriguez We Two Are One Greeting Card with Prose by taiche the time thief by David Kessler Drown Me part 2 She stared into my eyes for a full minute before standing up and walking out. / In the distance I could hear the delicious confirmation of … " In The Moment " A waif of smoke from burning ambers Drown Me – parts 1, 2 & 3 If I asked you really nicely…. would you hold my head under water for me? / Or would that be stretching the friendship? You always sa… time never began. beyond any vision we can imagine… Floridan Loner by Isa Rodriguez Valentine Hearts by taiche Drown Me part 3 I felt safe with my life in the hands of the girl I love. I could feel the tiny bubbles of air drifting from my nostrils to the surface and… live love dream  by Isa Rodriguez listen. i have yet to have someone listen to me… Lyra She stopped in her tracks and lifted her head to look at me. „I’m looking out for the ants“, she stated, as if it was the most obvious thin… All The Young Poets No accent, no derelict, no language / Translating the voice of the birds. A Beating Heart Lay Resting - Greeting Card by taiche THE GARDEN OF POETS or THE POET’S COVEN (Pt… I have come back / to the sanctuary of heart’s travels, / to repose in the company of gentle poets / and hear the revelations of silent ref… Purple Flower by KazM Manic Day God, I feel so MANIC today! / the hyper feeling just won’t go away, / It starts with energy and free flow of thoughts, / but by the e… The Sound Of Heaven I’ve carried you this far, my Love, watched your colours fade… I lay you down upon the grass as seas below us rage. Your hand f… Alaska dreams  : the Alcan Highway  by Isa Rodriguez Pluck Not The Rose  by taiche Why can’t all the writing on this site be s… “He didn’t have clean underwear on” I am an explorer I want to penetrate your mind. In The Eyes Of Danger Death Speaks Prose... by Fuschia Monday's Action - Greeting Card by taiche just having fun | karin taylor I dreamt so of lollipops imploding with colour / that rainbows were hatching from eggs in the cupboards / I noticed the sugar was white and… My Message to Dub-Ya I believe in karma. Dreamcatcher: Prose by Nikki Trexel i wish. i close my eyes… A Rose by Ann Garrett Comfort in Demons. I remember living that life with you. Not so long ago, the no-sleep, no-mercy, go-get-me-a-beer life. The getting ready, the party-life; t… MOTHER…© I knew you as my sister, sometimes even a friend / When I found out you’re my mother, it all came to an end. / You no longer wanted to talk… Whale song Drop one more salty tear / into this already bountiful sea / sail me further or simply / consume me / so that only heartsong I hear / as th…
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