I am the whale of poems And I am just the whale of poems / And you hate poems that little storm was you The verdict of a tequila woman. The Tigress I can be like an angel / from heaven sent from above / but don’t try to hurt me / or you’ll feel the sting of my claws. the spider’s dance i saw her last night / as the moon / cast its light by the barn / her long legs weaving / slowly carefully / designing her web / so typica… Prey There was only one vampire she wanted to kill. One day, she swore, Tersa would look into the face of the leech that killed her family and w… Perhaps perhaps perhaps Perhaps this is the price I must pay? / I fear there is no way to break free, / When I need to push you far away. / When I succumb to your … Ruthless Before Lightning Which Comes After Roar opening as I am / as I do, as I must / with every thrust / my hard hearted ways to your black autumn lust Lipstick Prey “I know all about red lipstick. What’s bizarre,” she said spreading it slowly across her plump lips, “is that you’ve taken so much time to … the snake in your throat they crawl into your jugular / and wrap around your larynx / squeezing it / a boa constrictor elusive i am elusive / like a wolf / hunting its prey / hiding behind each tree / silent / waiting for that moment / to strike / when i will bay at… Prey For Me To her I’m a man / In garmets fine / She mistakes bloodlust / For too much wine Master of Earth I have seen things you will never see. I have experienced sounds, tastes and sensations that you will never experience. I trace my ancestry… RAGE I am hungry … my prey got away / I’m starving … I’ve been out all day / Open the can..Or I will bite you / I have … Wild Falcon Stay Awhile These creatures are wild and free, with the blink of an eye they can fly off never to be seen again. functionalism 24 It is in the dawn of innocent l… (Mature) Tips for Finding a Roosting Owl in Daylight The time at which an owl hunts is correlated with the color of its eyes dark brown or black indicate nocturnal activity, orange indicates d… How Attentive Your Stillness The dullest flame in heart’s abyss is dying to burn bright. But the blind is yet to see the splendor of Unseen for can’t a burst of little … WING WASHING I am amazing child of a cat and a hawk / Look at me and the way I walk / I have wings and I can fly / Even having almost reached the sky / … Territorial Osprey Male – Featured June 23/… Thank you very much to the hosts of this group for featuring this image. The Prey She swayed her hips round and round like a hula-hoop in full force. In a rhythmic beat she bumped his sides from time to time as she sensed… The Hunter The first sign of dinner is tasted with its forked tongue / Then it spies its prey, / The hunt begins. / Slowly at first, slithering up th… The Prey This is our commune, / our kibbutz, / our ‘other’ address. / This is where we come, / to become. Exposed. Those Who Live By Night The Gathering of Those Who Live By Night Has Begun / As The Darkness shadows the fast fading sun She the prey and I’m the predator Like a lion in the Sahara I enter the room already heated from the steam engulfing it from the hot shower she’s taking it’s tim… diamante man / limited, strained / working, striving, hoping / hunter, marksman, hunted, prey / fleeing, gliding, soaring / peaceful, free / dove NOW I LIE ME DOWN TO SLEEP I am not cruel to them, in their minds and souls / so why do they prey on me / I do not understand / all I know for sure, is that it is not… In The Dark We Prey: The Journey of Lady Saaltera Time is all we have, my kind. Ever present in the shadows do my kind wait. An eternity of waiting can alter one’s perception of lif… Featured in we are passionate about birds of prey Another feature for my Red tailed Hawk I am delighted with the news Thy Royal Reception He roams this earth seeking whom he may devour… / as a wild beast he preys on God’s own seed. / And the precious things we know… The End But the most disturbing fact of all was that this creature had chosen humans as its prey of choice. It’s A Disease, An Illness, A Sickness It’s a disease, an illness, a sickness / Inflicting itself upon you – its prey / You are being attacked / Physically, mentally / It’s… Featured with Common Kestrel in the group Birds O… I’m very glad and surprised to see my photo Common Kestrel Featured today. / I like to thank the hosts for this great honor wich I w… Bird Of Prey Viking of the sky, / Grazing might against the rushing airwaves, / Shadowing the dry earth with its span, / Creating fright through critter… Predator and Prey More people, by an overwhelming percentage, vote for who they (A.) THINK will win, rather than who they (B.) WANT to win. That is a statist… Just Foe Perspective All we need, view our own essence / To know that does not give license. / For whose blood guilt does not out weigh / Our own guilt to stan… What is a Bird of Prey? Birds of prey are birds that hunt for food primarily on the wing, using their keen senses, especially vision. Barren Perch All is barren, dry, unspoken here on mountain. / Spider sleeps, counting on the quiet poison. / Even seeds of weeds blow restless over rock… A Bullie’s Prey You’re so unwanted / Pushed around / Left to bleed / A speck in / A perfect world / A broken home / No place to hide / No where for … Prey to Your Ways your friggin eyes, they catch me / i’m standing here and can’t see / the shit this world throws in my arms / and i’ll be … Psychological Prey I don’t need bullets / To blow your mind / I speak so well / I am one of a kind / Let me clear my throat / My cough alone / Will giv… No Fear What do you see when you look at him? / What does he portray? / Is it the manner which he does business / Is it the way he devours his prey… Connecting with Totem Animals Recently I’ve had a lot of specific birds popping up into my awareness. It’s been happening so much that it can’t be igno… Untitled I look there, / through the trees, / I eye him, / he is hunting me, / I hide myself, / watching him, / I spy the shape of his jaw, / My si… Stalking your prey the trick is to wedge between the cracks / (don’t forget to bring a snack) / to wait and be patient, / hide in the shadows like a sp… I Am The Prey Have I lost it again? / Just like I did back then? / Back then, when I was embarking / on this same dark road which bends. / It took me, a… Along the highway. “Blending in dark corners.” The Prey Of Time a black cat / crosses the path / and I think / what cruel rap / this critter has gotten Tiger’s Eye Quartz You had all the qualities of the Tiger’s eye quartz—patience, determination, focus. You honed in on me, the sweet honey prize…. Amira She looked at me with disgust. Webs and horns exposed, skirt and shift instead of robes. And most shockingly of all my eyes were the natura… PREY wispering through calderas / with no laurels / and i want to take you home / down the circles / to the nines prey / to the nines / pulse ge…

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