not always pretty

i did not receive the golden tablet / engraved with life is always beautiful / i chipped out a stone block / with my fingernails / worki…

You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside

During my adolescent years, one of my favorite bands was “Jefferson Airplane”. Grace Slick, their female vocalist, sang a beautiful song c…

Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice

All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re…

What a true friend consists of….

However… how many friends can you say you have at this very moment? / Maybe you have friends that are there for you during the reall…

Funny Looking Orange and Black Bird

Thank you David for your photo "Funny Looking Orange & Black Bird / Please check our my friend David Burk’s other awesome ph…

Split Tongue

Hooking my heart on words that did not know me / I rolled them around my tongue / And the forced pretense of / Slithered under my belly / …

pretty little asian girl


Prettier Than Me

I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me

Pretty as You Feel

She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself.

Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep

My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us.

Eyes of distortion

Your skin is pale and your eyes are weak so you hold your hair back and make yourself beautiful again.

Dirty Pretty Things

So now I will pull the trigger / Feeling the pleasure that it brings. / Knowing that I tricked you / With my dirty, pretty things…

I am not pretty

Ridiculous labels do not define me

Zulu Fly…and the Pretty Girl Bench

Zulu Flys are different, we’re story tellers, the fly on the wall that you always want to hear from

Pretty Doll

Her ivory body shows grime

He likes the way…..

He likes the fact she is unencumbered by rules / He’s humbled by the special delivery——her heart

She’s funny, when she’s drunk. HeR…

…. relating and thinking back to being in my mid-, to late twenties when I was going for first promotions and … relationships w…

A pretty shade of blue

A true story of my first breaths as a newborn with two collapsed lungs

Behind My Calm

Sometimes I don’t have much to say. / Sometimes I’m silent / to push you away. / Behind my calm is my hurricane. / I talk with …

II: Pretty Things & Stupid Words

Cupid fired an arrow / Without taking aim / I feel no fear / And I feel no pain

Reflection of Beauty

mortality… / she hides in the mirror / pretty face reflection / strangely tinted of rose / within such vanities / . / each visit tain…

Missing you…

Hyde Park Art Center Benefit – “Not Just Another Pretty Face” Exhibit

You are to me…

A pretty thing you are to me, / more beautiful than blossom tree. / Happy and jovial you make me grin, / with you in my life I always win. …

Loving Sam… (A Novel Extract)

Once his mouth had parted itself from my burning skin, I managed / to breathe once more. My eyes remained closed, his breath shuddered acro…

Love of My Life

I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart.

Justine and Kate

Their hands collided as Justine was intending to take the badges out for further inspection. He liked the feel of her hand on his …

A pretty little girl

With lavender and oaken leaf / She makes their saddened way / Seem light and joyous for a time / Until the next sad day

“pretty sure it was’nt his fatherR…

………….the tap, tap, tap of a half chewed fingernail on a window pane, brought Roscoe to a abrupt halt. / Many things…

Pretty Things

I’ve seen so many ladies, / I’ve seen so many women, / I’ve seen so many pretty things / straight from heaven.

I’m Not Pretty

I’m not pretty enough for this world / But I live in it / And will deal with it.

how do you know

its the smile playing on his lip / when he looks into your eyes / and the sweet loves caress / that takes you to the skies

A Drunk teenager is…As a Drunk teenager doe…

observation of a drunk and drugged up teen I seen in a Dublin niteclub.,pretty normal behaviour these days.

wittle archie ( its pretty kool to wear glasses )

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone misssssssed you / hi wittle archie here guess where ive been hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm / cant you guess ( nooooooooooooo…

Time Tricks

It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’…

Agapita Plays Hide N Seek in Her Pretty Dress

Agapita plays hide n seek / in her pretty dress / her hair an ungodly mess / nose springing a leak / finger put in place to hold back the d…

Pretty Frog

I’ve known Her for years / Her skirt / Her hair / Her face / Her stare / Where is my Dalai Lama? / It looks away / It scatters / …

~ I can be pretty too! ~

There is beauty to be seen and smelt / At every level you may spy

Check it OUT!!

Yes, check it out! /

God’s Magnificent Creation

Sunlight peeks through the clouds / to reveal a world of magnificent beauty;

Anita Norris Models

On November 14 2009 I was asked to take part in the shooting of a fashion show at Masonville Mall in London, Ontario. Anita Norris runs a m…

Bows and Arrows

so silently / she could not hear / the arrow that struck his heart / burning with desire and wanting / of the undoing of her pretty pink bo…

Pretty lies

I am an idealist / and I’ve indulged in pretty lies

= I Can Be Pretty Two! =

two poems in one – mine and an echoing one from a fellow bubbler Dalton Sayre

Why Do Pretty Girls Always Lie?

She smelled of text messages. / A digital massage of ringtones / and new England voices. / A 10. / Perfect fit / Non plastic tits / Whisper…

Pretty, Mixed-Up Girl

Inside a head / covered in thick, intangible, brown hair / is a mind / lined and intertwined / with worries and thoughts / ideas / stories …


Tiny diamantes formed in the corners of her stormy eyes and trickled down her cheeks like delicate raindrops. They glittered in the floresc…

concrete moon

Mice scuttling, water drips / Silent screams come from my lips / Free me from my prison cell / What you’ve done in here I’ll never tell

She Sat There Looking Pretty

She sat there looking so pretty at her wheelchair, / Smiling and showing off her make-up on her face. / A beautiful white wedding dress and…

Pretty feet

Kiss so sweet / WHAT A TREAT!

Pretty Smiles

Did I have something in between my teeth? What about my hair? He looked at me like he hadn’t seen me before. Maybe he hadn’t, but I defiant…

Peek-a-boo (?so confused, probably won’t st…

Dark minds, need the light



Pretty Poems.

I’m tired of pretty poems, / of love lost and won. / I’m tired of pretty poems, / of frolic and fun. / Give me poems of strengt…

Pretty orchids

Delicate butterfly orchids / stand paper thin and tall / Perfect pout pink lip-gloss kisses / with proud protruding power jewel centre / Ep…


Two pretty ladies outside talking / They are so free…

“prodding him when he was bending over̶…

Just before his hands slid apart the curtain his mind went blank as he remembered what the “Sweet Triplets from Twonk” had told…

Pretty in Pink

Prowling and provoking desire …

R.I.P. – Rest In Pretty

The Pretty Pretty girls/ With flawless skin and golden hair/ They live a charmed life /or/ Maybe not

Starting a new life

A Monarch butterfly opened its eyes to a world it didnt know. / It looked around wondering where it was and what had happened to it. / With…

pretty sneaky sis

we chose to rest inside our ambitious thoughts while sleeping away complacent evenings lost in humorless gluttony.

Pretty Pretty Clothes

Pretty pretty clothes / Pretty clothes in all sizes and colors / I have mountains of them / Thrown here, thrown there, thrown everywhere…


Shes not just a pretty face, / educated, / elegent, / filled with grace. / Shes not just a pretty girl, / walks tall, / head high, / glides…

Pretty Perch Aloft

Life needs balance / You should always stay in the middle / There you would be able to look above and below / but you would never be afraid…

Pretty brown eyes and frozen flesh

Pretty brown eyes and frozen flesh / the northern ice flows, / unforgiving, / last farewells, / written in blood, / upon the snowy white, /…

Once I was pretty

I don’t feel attractive, / My twinkle has gone, / And so I will spend, / My life all alone.


. Now she would have to choose the garage in which to hatch her eggs..

Pretty Bubbles in the Mud

For evil, no matter how deep, dark and hovering / Has much difficulty covering and smothering… / The loveliness and good which exist…

A pretty shade of blue(NEW VERSION)

I take the parts of life i hate / I spin i stretch and skew / Lyrics turn my darkest thoughts / A pretty shade of blue

I’m Not Pretty

Why doesn’t anyone love me? / Is it because I’m not blonde? / And I’m not double d? / Is it because I’m boring? / And not on the cover of m…

Just a pretty Face?

See me . / Tell me you can see who I am.. / look past this body, look into this soul / Learn…experiance what it means to know me / ex…

Pretty Sure.

If I went out with ten million men… / I wouldn’t be happy with any of them. / If I kissed fifty thousands guys… / still, I would not be sa…

Pretty Little Bird

God must have called you

Pretty Rainbow

Come along with me and let us walk the colors / up and down till we gaze at each other with love / we can then fly to where ever and make i…


“You’re very pretty”, he whispers to me, his mouth inches from mine. / What does that mean? I wonder. / He spoke that same sentence to my …

Her smile

Caleb sat and watched, as always. Among the crowd made of both sewage and serenity there was nothing not worth observing.


in the years when he first took root, / he was ashamed that he was the only farmer in town / who grew and bore strange fruit / that no one …

~ Step the Cautious Track ~

and gently ever gently step the cautious track / leave nothing in your wake but memories to give back

Beauty Is She

She is beautiful beyond beautiful / She is beauty in all forms / To look at her is to see the meaning of the word / To look at her is a gif…

Pretty Darn Hot

Mass was hot, not that she minded the heat all that much. She enjoyed her afternoon walks in the cemetery no matter how hot it was. I doubt…

Pretty Wild Thing

Because you’re such a pretty wild thing, / they can’t resist your eyes.

do i not exist

In a sudden movement I spin and plow my fist as hard as I can into the fence beside me. it hurt. And I’m bleeding.

A pretty girl marching with the band.

Her music held so much beauty. / She marched like a soldier on duty.

Pretty Sweet Devil

The promise of tomorrow is bright in his eyes. / The guarentee of another day. / But, dear, have you read the fineprint? / Did you know th…

pretty in pink

do you know her / laid upon the sofa / she was the one / who experienced / them one by one / all the boys humping her / turning into their …

I Am Pretty Transparent

I have been thinking… / you gather people around you to confirm your version of reality.

Dear Pretty

in fact if you wanted to narrow it down, / the only thing i got goin for me, / i’m still here

‘Seamless (Part I)’

The hues below a wildfire, splashed across the land. I dabbed my sight in deepest blue, to elucidate the vision.

pretty and ugly

its been weeks in the making… / the stars seem brighter on this night / eerie calm, not a breath of breeze / i push from my brittle k…

Pretty As a Picture

But they say she starved to death / and thought she was too fat

Becoming An Alcoholic Is Neither A Slow or Pretty…

Whiskey whipped and wandering. / Weeping four fingers worth, / Taking it all back. / Swallowing the world in two gulps- / One for life, / O…



Sunsets are Pretty Common

Sunsets are pretty common, / Until you feel one in your heart, / Then, because of that single one, / You’re impatient for the next one to s…

pretty woman

Who Pout a lot " – )) / [Video]

Flowers aren’t so perfect.

I’m just like a flower. / I am pretty and thin. / I’m blowing in the wind. / Swaying in this feild alone. / I’m just like…


I looked at her perfect super-model body, the envy boiling inside me

Pretty lies

There’s another being, he holds your soul dear / Don’t think I’ll have all of you / He makes it sound so pretty on the inside / It makes so…
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