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He Gave Me Flowers Today He gave me flowers today Chitta …that is a weapon. The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Scary … (Mature) The Family Portrait Through the years that photo has become the benchmark for all family portraits taken of my family The Naked Wilde While the air moves through marrow / To excite what is life AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… Farewell to fragments beneath my skin time, a wealth / never justified scattering / for the results in your mirror / end up shattering / i waited for your kiss / only until the… My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here) So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to… Portrait Paintings – Reflecting true-life emotions Portrait Paintings – Reflecting true-life emotions / While creating portrait paintings, every artist uses all those brush strokes and vibra… Pretty as You Feel She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself. TAKING PHOTOS OF YOURSELF…LOL I NEED TO TAKE PHOTOS…now is a good a time as any… / in fact it is. / THE BEST TIME!!!! RELATE!!!!!! Meeting my face. This is a challenge and was going to push my boundries I stood and raised my camera to my eye and through the view finder I saw my own ref… My First Portrait What was it she had said? / You really got my dimples? / My mother wants to frame it? Self Portrait All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… Features.. woott!!!, I am so grateful !!! xoxoxo I have had to be away for quite a few days from the lovely Bubble.. / I just want to say thank you some way for those groups that kept on … Portrait of Afterlife I feel like I am being painted Portrait of Jo This oil painting, Portrait of Jo, just received a Highly Commended at the Brighton Art Society Annual Exhibition! Rapt! VIDEO PORTFOLIO’S [continually updated] 30 second video portfolio’s i make online to show off sections of my art. Anatomy of an oil portrait. Work in progress. I always start an oil portrait with an accurate pencil drawing applied directly to the canvas or panel. In this case I am using an HB penci… Sir Cricket’s Portrait On a very rainy day, in a very rainy city… Sir Cricket von Marionette decided to have his portrait taken…. Eyes Have It Essay The concept of capturing a personality To Edit or Not to Edit in Portrait Photography (Mature) His promised portrait A thousand jewels tumble from sunlit Heavens, / betwixt them a Creator’s canvassed covenant. / Gentle revelation, another miracle of … My 5th Sale On Redbubble! It’s crazy! I’ve only been a member since…i think June ‘08, and i’ve already sold 5 photos! I Used To Be A Star She leaned forward with a slow rustling movement that made me think she may have fallen asleep. The memorial fountain gushed with bubbling … DAY & NIGHT It’s night, when one needs love like blood, / And a city is an iceberg of lights, / The air throbs, roars like a distant bear. / The finger… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… Portrait In this moment before a Kiss, forever sealed. Painting Miles Davis: Interview with Yuriy Shevch… Yuriy Shevchuk’s artwork is wonderful; modern art so full of charm, sophistication and style blended with a delightful harmony of color. / … CHANGE IS COMING! They say change is coming! / It comes. / Like a thief in the darkest of nights / Or, a hurricane, whenever it pleases. / knocking you down,… BANNERS Raise your banners / Hold them high above your heads / Tell them I am coming! / To conquer, not be conquored / To give life, not to bring d… A Big ThankYou! I am lucky enough to have ‘The Gypsy Skirt’ voted most popular portrait in the Portrait Challenge of the Oil painting Group. Th… She Is Naked You are free to be inside yourself / Completely naked; being PORTRAIT OF A CAGED WOMAN She cannot breathe / She cannot talk / She cannot think / She cannot walk / ~ / When he walks in the room / Her face turns to … I Can’t Resist this Portrait of Frida Kahlo Suffering through works of art Portrait of this Green and Pleasant Land Awakening the trees and streams / So every colour breathes and gleams……….. Lookit!! Feeling grateful for being featured in People and Portraiture! A lesson in how not to do a photo shoot. How not to execute a photo shoot! londoners into portrait and wedding Hi. I want to build a portfolio on portrait and wedding. I plan to leave this land of cold weather and grey sky and live somehwhere terribl… TheatreWitch…Larraitz (The Poem) You look at me… / trespassing my feels. / And I stand clutching the weapon / that does not wound..but heals. Portray a Wave symphonic explosions! In slowing, rolling motions Self Portrait When I was ten / my nephew died / hit by a car on a residential street / and on my way home from school / in the hazy light of early sprin… Portrait of an Artist’s Daughter I stalked your deft shadow, never guessing / that your colorful abundance was not meant for me . . . myself i will not recognize who i am. Let me take your portrait Let me paint your picture, / With the lens of my camera. / Let me stop time, / Even if only for a moment, / Capturing your beauty with my s… Featured in Portrait and Portraiture Group Just realised that I am featured in the People and Portraiture Group / Many thanks Group members and moderators. / Very Surprised I am… I am a walking paradox. / …uniformly unique. / …my own Rubik’s Cube living in the Sphere of Life. I Can’t Resist this Portrait of Frida Kahlo Suffering through works of art Portrait of an Artist @ 17. On a page of white snow / I drew dark lines with eyes / that looked deep inside / the parts of me you are / trampling on / men have taken m… Portrait Tips The subject’s appearance can be made more flattering through posing, lighting, and camera angle. A Portrait of Domestic Violence She sat upon my living room floor, / She had been here time and time before, / With swollen eyes and many tears, / She began to pour out al… My Bad I’ve rehearsed the plot in my head so many times that I knew it would be a cinch to complete the job. What could have gone wrong? Faces on a Wall Portrait of a woman, / With lines from age. On a Portrait Drawing rampage… Dear Friends here on RB.. / As you have noticed, I am on my Portait Drawing Rampage… / I was going through my Folio , and relised I… My Silly Side She didn’t have to hide / Whatever was inside / They loved her for who she was / Most of all her silly side. . . Tribute to the portrait of “Princess-Queen… Even off this world, she’d vye for our heart’s scene; / And ever utter to Diana – “Long Live the Queen!” / Can’t be seditious, you see what… sleepless they leave her / to become a fragment / of what she really is… What I have learned after 2 years of working with… The purpose of this article is to share my experiences of working with models from a beginners perspective , and by doing so I hope to help… My Photographic Classes and Workshops Learn How to Take Better Photographs! Pan in middle age je ne t’aime plus, mon amour / je ne t’aime plus, tout les jour / Pan in middle age / a seducer, a child-thief / now greying, j… Self-Portrait… Eternally young / Internally ancient / ’nuff said. Another’s Elf Portrait i look good on paper / i look like a thousand words arranged in no particular order / but it looks like my ears could do with some straight… Young Lions For all veterans, especially my / Brothers: Frank WW11 3th Marine Corp Iwo and Alan wounded Da Nang, US. Army Find a portrait artist on the internet Find a portrait artist on the internet / Portrait paintings are art forms which every art lover wants to own. But every artist cannot creat… Self Portrait Self Portrait / When I was ten / my nephew died / hit by a car on a residential street / and on my way home from school / in the hazy light… Challenge Winner – Portrait Of A Wolf I am so thrilled that my photo “Portrait Of A Wolf” has won the challenge, in the Hall Of Fame For Artist Of Animal Images. Th… PORTRAIT OF A WOLF I am so happy about my photo Portrait of a Wolf, winning the challenge in the Wolves N’ Wild Dogs Group. I have always loved wolves,… COME BUY EXCLUSIVE ELISA B PICS LOOK GREAT ON YOU… BRIGHTONS HOTTEST MODEL !!!! COME BUY EXCLUSIVE PICS HERE ! THEY LOOK GREAT ON YOUR WALL !!! CLASSY NOT SMUTTY ! NICER THAN A PEANUT BUTTY … Portrait of Archbishop Emeritus Tutu Sonia Jacka paints the portrait of Archbishop Emeritus Tutu in the St Georges Cathedral. Dread i dread losing me / thanks to you / i dread you losing you / thanks to me / why can’t we just be / okay / as one another / without each oth… Poem. Life Cafe, PORTRAIT OF THE VANITIES Looking so hard / so intense into his face / attempting / to know beneath the skin / let me in / searching line and wrinkle / dimple pimple… Hoody portrait Great news my portrait of a hoody is featured in the live,love,dream group / David Card Sale The Family / A huge thank you to Janine of ‘’ Janinesworld ’’ for the purchase of ‘’ The Family ’… SELF-PORTRAIT THIS IS THE ARTIST IN A PENSIVE MOOD / IN A TIME-ALONE INTERLUDE / THINKING OF HER NEXT ENDEAVOR / PERHAPS IT WILL BE STORMY WEATHER / FROM… Painted Veil painted veil / can you tell / how i hide / behind this colored mask / i bask in anonymity / reflecting understanding / with glass prism rai… Self-Portrait of a Foreigner in Honduras Funnyface could use some / paint from bright walls Voices of Silence…of an absence in Jerusalem The voices of silence / say it was an easy slaughter: / not even the grapevines / turned their heads away / in quiet dismay…. / Skins… Blurred Self-Reflection looking back into memory’s mirror / the me of yesterday is as blurred / as the moments i drowned in drink Portrait You inked her arm with your borrowed needles / black and blue charcoal smudges / on a heart you tainted long before drawing blood / funny, … Whay’s this man; Peter the Red. Portrait by Karen… If yea want tae live langer an’ hiv’ sum class, / Hiv’ a Rid wine or twa in a great big glass. “Self Portrait” Astonishing, one might inquire….. ‘Worn’ ’Minds me of all that time I spent tending hope, in that desert garden outside of Solace; ’neath the rain of falling stars. / I… Self Portrait Yesterday I did walk past / and empty room behind some glass, / and in the blankness I did see / my own face staring back at me. Portrait of Hannah She becomes mad… / A modern-day Van Gogh… / The moment commitment’s fingers lunge… / At her throat… / Reachin… Self Portrait. draws on his face. The Portrait of Evil by Richard Davies. A Tale of… (Mature) Portrait Alexander pressed forward … I fought the urge to step back at his approach, refusing to be dominated. Loose Portrait of Lola Baudelaire mirror, mirror on the wall, / can this be my entropy? / i researched It only / to find her open / in fair Valencia / whence my mind’s too s… Ring Flash Recommendation/Advice I was looking for advice on shooting portraits, particularly around Ring Flashes. SELF PORTRAIT I see rainbows in your eyes / I see sunshine in your smile / Your fine weather was windswept / Your eyes show that it rained / But the warm… Wedding Photography – Photographer Carl G… Wedding Photographer – Carl Gaynor Thank you pluggarts! I was just getting ready to log off for the night, having teased Billy Lee as much as either of us could stand for the moment (over the fac… Top Ten and featured work…….. Photogr… Thank you for voting!!! / Hi my name is Zoraida Pesante and I’m an RB ADDICT! / LOL!!!! Steve McQueen Portrait Daily Blog Hi, / I’m writing a daily “Over my shoulder” blog on my website about my latest work, a portrait of Ste…
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