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Hanging colour, creating a life wall at the end of my day / when all my colourful plates / have been smashed / and their constituent pieces / mortared into a fresco / I won… The Great Wall of Mexico The wall between Mexico and the United States will be a total failure; the people have not been presented with the real consequences. Showcase : Your Work Featured by me:: Wonderful A… community inspiring artistic displays links people redbubble fan featuring showing marketing promoting others work My Photo Bio How I got started in photography and how it has affected the way I see the world. Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned o… Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned or taught The Words are your slaves The Words are your slaves YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER PRICK IN THE WALL Thirteen Fourteen we just couldn’t wait, / Fifteen Sixteen, you went inside me. The Wall I receive more than you’d think / dallying daily behind a wall / built from a collection of robust fears / every so often / a pil… Cats on an Old Brick Wall There were four cats who sat on a wall, / bending and stretching and sitting up tall. Symbols on the wall I started noticing things on the walls – unconsciously at first, but gradually I became more aware of what I was seeing. Follow me on… [cool wall of death] With my ear pressed against / the cool wall of death, / a hugging calm / settles over my body. / You all stand around / looking / full of f… The Secret in the Wall (Part II) It’s quiet outside. The screaming and clamouring has died down. The knights and would-be-heroes have gone to sleep, only a few flicke… Wall-ing Through the walls from time to time murmurs would stoke the ears and fluff the fine hairs on the back of the neck. An early warming which w… The Secret in the Wall (Part III) Finally. The giants gently parts the flowering branches and there it is: his heart. The Secret in the Wall (Part V) The giant wakes up with a start and finds the boy snuggled up close to him. words of fear written on the wall of destruction words of fear / written on the wall of destruction / charcoal words / baked in the heat of the sun / only seen by the prophets / and the i… The Rape of Freedom Masters in the home of the brave / These clever Hyenas The Hollow in my Wall Into the hollow in my wall you come / And I succomb Once upon a time…a girl climbed her wall. Once upon a time, / There lived a girl, / Who waited for a kiss. / She waited for the world, / She hid behaind masks, / She hid behind wall… The Secret in the Wall (Part IV) Night falls and finds the giant still kneeling in front of his heart. His eyes are thoughtful and looking inwards. The Secret in the Wall Deep in the woods, in an out of the way place is a wall that hides a precious secret: the giant’s heart. HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS A…B…C…. OF LIFE 50 things in today’s Stock Market report Viagra stayed up for most of the day, but investors were advised to call their broker if the stock stayed up for more than four hours. the writings on the wall? 51 yrs old, / no closer to freedom, / than I was, / 52 yrs ago, / still hanging on to the end / of the cord / no longer do I write / upon … The wall… graffiti / dead / blood ‘Wall Flower’ I wonder if God is waiting till visiting hours to come get me Mirror on the wall Mirror on the wall, / here we are again. / I see the pain in your eyes. / I see the scar’s that still remain. / Mirror on the wall, /… the wall of life i scrawl words / on the wall of life / blood dripping / from my fingertips / my tears flow / as the words are written / my heart aches / fo… The Wall they each jumped away just in time for me to twist into the wall of the stone tower and break my fall with my shoulder, the crunch was sick… Brigadiers at the Wall “No, I’m sorry officer, but I won’t do it. Good bye.” The woman slams the door on Officer Godfrey’s face. It is the fourth time he has been… Surrender Your wounds. / You nurture them. / They define you, / and your potential. / What else is there? / All we see is you tending them. / It’s h… a slow screw up against the wall (Mature) Another Brick In the Wall © Vicky Vladic, 2013 As Bruno sat in his car, trying to digest his McDonalds drive thru meal, he hatched a plan. CrAcK in the WALL Did you ever fall asleep and wonder….. where did you come up with that crazy thinking. She Was The Light In A Dark Place If we give everyone up, will we save ourselves from pain or build a world of it? Craving Your Daydream You stop time again. / You’re sweet, you’re sugar skin. / Wake me up; winter and cinnamon. / I’ve had it, Love, / just le… Loving a wall A picture on the wall / Confused thoughts of what could be blue sky and you with me, a space between of what could be / No is the word that… Brigadiers at the Wall: Prologue (Genesis) A walk past the vineyard was all I needed to confirm the revelation that would come in present hours. The prophecy that had been foretold … pressed against a cold stone wall pressed against a cold stone wall / there was no heart beat / empty sad eyes / love now languished / on the side of a dusty road / filled w… Behind The wall of lies I would not have signed up if the fine print described the grotesque sights i would be accustomed to. But that’s an understatement. H… child’s play …the reminders of the monsters so brutal…and then I killed them one by one… Brigadiers at the Wall: Part Two The road was covered in an early morning fog, sitting between the rising reservoir to its left and the trees along the right. / Officer G… Mirror Mirror On The Wall mirror mirror on the wall / tell me the truth / i love you most of all / am i still as beautiful / as i used to be / are you a magic mirro… Why so Many Religions? Why so Many Religions? The Gift of a Dream Silently there lies a man / The cold surface of concrete / A thin blanket as his pillow / And the sunshine to keep him warm / What dreams h… Brigadiers at the Wall: Part Four It was past midnight. The glow of the television filled the basement sitting room. Greg was on the floor, absentmindedly flipping through t… Brigadiers at the Wall: Part Three “It has been too long.” The old King mumbled, kneeling in the wet and grimy cavern. “My people have suffered much to defend the kingdom… a… The Secret in the Wall (Part VI) and The giant and his son sit by a fire in the dark wood. They have been waiting patiently all day, hoping for the Secret Keeper to appear. Wall my eyes burn / from the inside out, / the pain running back into my head / and diving down into my body A Coffee Dream When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve… Invisible Wall I saw him pacing nervously in front of the / window at McDonald’s, all of his belongings / in a tattered rolling suitcase and plastic bags… The Wall. a wall of shyness / lies between us Faces on a Wall Portrait of a woman, / With lines from age. mirror mirror on the wall whos the worst of them … Father I hate you; the seed you droped while u ran has become a tree without roots. / I know no family values, I trust no one, and have dis… The Wall (Part One) The walls have ears. / They listen to my conversations / with mom and dad and the girl / I pretend that I think that I love. / The way the… The wall collapsed Is there a limit to endurance, how long does a person strive against the seemingly immovable? From a far, I look at the wall of Jericho. Fr… Magic Mirror, On the Wall A mirror of light / On the water so bright / It beckons one to look / At the image in the water / Looking up from quivering / Yet serene wa… Her Shadow on the Wall Half body shadow on the wall / Voice spoken, words beautifully sung / I watched the crisp black outline / of her head and arms moving / upo… no more wall i was afraid to love, / till i found you, / and yet i found myself / loving you / my fear is like a wall / that I walked right through /… Symbols on the wall – Conclusion and backgr… Finally, this is an overview of the symbols I “collected” on my trip through Yemen, and some more background reading. (Read the… Rule of trading in Islam Rules of Trading in Islam The Wall. . . Names. / Name / After name, / After name. / Each one / A life / Unfulfilled / A story / Untold. / Ethched for… The Wall of Political Will . The Glass Wall The glass walls will crumble / The words no longer whispered or mumbled Look At Me Hanging On The Wall Look At Me Hanging On The Wall / By / Oscar Elizondo / Look at me as my head hangs on this wall, / Once I was a proud living creature over … THE WALL A true story of my life before I met my best frind, my wife. a wall of clouds the silence of a ladder after snow leaning into a wall / of clouds / into the mirror / behind darkness / with you / light my calendar / ho… COME BUY EXCLUSIVE ELISA B PICS LOOK GREAT ON YOU… BRIGHTONS HOTTEST MODEL !!!! COME BUY EXCLUSIVE PICS HERE ! THEY LOOK GREAT ON YOUR WALL !!! CLASSY NOT SMUTTY ! NICER THAN A PEANUT BUTTY … Symbols on the wall – Collecting symbols Once I noticed the symbols, the icons, on the walls, I started collecting them, trying to find and photograph as many different ones as pos… Symbols on the wall – Accidental posters I started by just photographing walls, like I always do. But the posters on those walls started worming themselves into my awareness: they … Allah Says in “Quran” about Jesus (Ei… Jesus (Eisa) as spirit of Allah Secret Wall. Her laughter seemed quiet but it must’ve triggered something in the wall because one of the little pink people shot a tiny arrow into Sadie… Symbols on the wall – Things on walls Like shifting from avoiding power lines to photographing power lines and pylons because they are a part of the landscape, I shifted to phot… Mirror, Mirror on the wall….. Often, I’ve wondered, as I stand in the mirror / Is the man staring back at me standing in fear? / He looks a little wasted, he looks… Brick Wall Street. When grace does, take a holiday,in some long forgotten dream, here we get a free gun with every bottle of Jack Daniels. here we throw grand… WOW ! Leaves ~ Part Six Appears In RedBubble Feat… My image Leaves ~ Part Six has been chosen to appear in the RebBubble Featured Art & Photography page today (01/21/2010) ! / It is trul… The Wall When they tried to knock down the old house, first / They left a shell; WALL OF SOUND LOVE YOUR WALL OF SOUND. / OH WHY DID YOU SHOOT HER DOWN? / BANG, BANG! ..NO MORE PHIL. Autumn Wall Summer was a dizzying mess of emotions and sweat They Watch Behind The Wall They watch behind the wall / We pass them in the street and we can not see them / Because we chose not to / They are alone in the world wit… Wall In My Head In lotus / On mountain top / For days on end / Under starry skies / Close enough to touch / I imagine you / In dreams / In reality / Someho… Wall of Worship My will is a fortress of iron that your Spirit floats right past. / How did I live for so long with my hands stapled together, and how did … Your Favorite Moment opinion, honestly. still dreaming, perception. and i’m not exactly sure about this water. which is why sometimes it’s best if w… When the Big-Boys Forsake the Rules Castles crumble and fall / strained by iniquity’s greed / When big-boys forsake the rules Kiama Lighthouse Featured In Wall Art Wow!! I just realized that Kiama Lighthouse is Featured in / Featured Wall Art and Greeting Cards / Thank you so much… I feel so ho… The Wall (Part Three) Laughing and mocking, / the wall is me. / I’ve never done a thing / I think that I know I could be proud of. / I am broken down / and… The Writing on the Wall The guards ushered the old man through the spiced palace hallways to the banquet hall, forcing a pace that was much too quick for his gnarl… The naked truth Sometime we are so blind inside our ‘exclusivity’ attitude (my way is the only way) that we forget some very basic truth of our… The Hanging Tree. They cut down the hanging tree at the mirador in town. / Last remnant of a god forsaken civil war. / The killing wall went years ago, / Hal… Shadows on the wall Once upon a time there was a child … The Girl On The Wall …the girl on the wall keeps my secret / for she has become a trusted friend… Brick Wall. I had built my wall, so well, and precise. / Then you came, and little, by little, / brick, by brick, touch, by touch, / tore it all down.… sipiritual tradition sipiritual tradition Brick In The Wall (The ‘S’ poem) Someone eyed the mortar realising / Someday the pressure above could reveal / Several openings franchising a / Say! I thought, again, s… Up against the wall…I had to combat pride When pushed against the wall, it is wondered how I can come out swinging so violently. I AM that person when I need to protect ME. For who,… Wall of Darkness Don’t hide yourself / Behind that wall of darkness / Let go of everything you felt / Be free and confess / Let your light shine / Rig…
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