Beware All! Copyrights infringements – Ale…

I have today had notice that my ‘Ode to a rose on a sunset’ which was a collaborative feature with Mariska last month in Digital Art Compil…

Sunday was a lovely day

I wasn’t ready when I lost my Sundays. / I didn’t even know that Sundays could be stolen from you. / It took a while but I’ve adjus…

Photo thieves!!!

Many, many times images will not be removed from a thief site, unless a legal form is sent to the site it is on…in light of the below…..I a…

the thief of love

remembering you / and the kiss / that burnt me through / on a lonely cold street / our eyes hypnotically meet / two distant beings drawn to…

Thief Of Light

I hold my eyes in my hands / as witness to what I can only see once

The Time Thief

He knows a truth / An idea in fact / That time withheld / Is time held back.

Stop Thief !

one gentle kiss

Lock Your Windows,Doors,And Hide Under Your Bed

The man who is file the paper work run up to his coworker with a distressed look on his face,and asks, " Can I barrow your cell phone,…

She is Nameless

The windshield exploded, bits of glass floated at her


like a thief in the night


Stealthy Rogue, / slipping surreptitiously into souls, / secreted behind eyes, / suffocating the spirit, / stealing away with the Sprightly…

The Midnight Thief

…my breath hung in clouds in the crispy night air…

Hail to the thief (currency) ©

Hail to the thief (currency) © / Lyrics by:Hector A. Encinas

Gentleman Thief

Unrequited, but always welcome he knows that one doesn’t need to pick a lock with an open door.

Procrastination is the thief of time

Tomorrow never comes / ………………………………..So die undone

Seduction, Seducer….(Thief in the Night)

“Beware Children”

I Ate KFC With a Nazi: Greed

there are a few peppered instances in my life that can only be a hint that I will, later in life, be a very bad influence, or at least a ve…

Stolen and called ones own.

Pathetic losers……

No Judge not …you may wrong !

pious and saintly and them so called earthly mahatmas ( great souls ) , we judged them so .

like a thief

like a thief it creeps in the night / or brashly in broad daylight / but always in the dark / it lurks / remains

The Thief of Hearts

The thief of hearts you ever more shall be, / Your scoundrel smile assailing all my soul. / Who laughing, careless, steals the best of me.

The Thief of Dreams

When waking from a tumble of dreams / before the seconds of awareness / there is the sense of robbery. / There was something, other, / s…

Another Kind of Thief

A theif doesn’t have to take someone else’s things to steal.

The Story Teller

And yet we know for certain, / That time is just a thought, / A momentary reality / Of something that was sought.

The Map Thief

A shadow passed close by my grave, / Stopped and covered my stone, / Blocking the long forgotten warmth, / Of the sun upon these bones. / I…


sweet annihilation.

the Tissue Thief

no one lives with me / no one even visits / where have all my tissues gone / I think I must be haunted / the rolls get thinner / the tissue…

Like a thief in the night – (Thinking of Se…

It doesn’t matter today / if we build a building of immense height / like North and South towers of World Trade Centre / even if to u…

Thief of Her Innocence

She was such a beautiful soul / I see now the shadows of a little girl lost reflected in her eyes / The pain you have caused her, the guilt…

To He Who Pissed Me Off

Rest the quill and stay your hand, / For your work is soft like shit.


Thief of sympathy. / Corkscrew to my very soul. / Dry tears mask intent. / Heavier the weight of silent silence.

Dinner Bell

Winds blow tunes as they pass through the buildings / While the sun, finally settles down on this eve / My collar, now raised, as I step to…


You lowered your hand once, / To the floor where I lay, / With conviction in darkness, / You stole my palm away… / Juvenile I, with my h…

the thief and the soldier

“You are a thief,” he gently said, / “and I am a soldier.”

Thief In The Night

Your body was my eternal resting place… for I died in your arms…

a father’s love

No? Not your dinner: just your spinach? Well, / imagine that! I didn’t know demons fancied spinach. / Oh? They took it for their pet rabbit…


The Thief: A Word Construct By Kirrill D’Kainn

The Amber Thief

I fear this is not going to be quite as smooth as first thought.


…Breath taken from the surrounds. / stolen from worldly space….

The Dream Thief

Lurking in conspicuous corners / I am the dream thief

Window Soul

And I might have to break in / feeling like a thief that has no right / I might try to draw your curtains / as you have to start to fight

The Thief

Justice is a road / not a sword…


dont like it. / In fact, / I am disgusted with myself. / That man ever called this a “natural” emotion / is far beyond me. / B…

The Thief

Your kiss lingers in my thoughts / Like a thief in a dark house / Stealing my precious attention / My mind wanders / My eyes fog / And it’s…

“A ladder for a thief”`

… please read from the bottom and imagine you climbing up a ladder in front of a sailboat… / We Can Find You-! / You’ll B…

Like a thief in the night

Oh how enticing you were and delicious to the taste, / As we clung together in love’s heated embrace. / My senses were reborn and I fell vi…

Gentle Thief

Inspired by Shakespear


I’m too trusting / Or I’m too proud / It’s too much or too little / Each time you come ‘round / Either I spill my g…

“Sensory Thief” 1985-11-18

Hold me back / Stop me now / I’m on this new track / And I don’t know how. / Life’s become a tree / and each branch and l…

Thief in the night

Little hampster, running, running / round and round, faster and faster. / When will he stop? / He doesn’t know. / The thief in the ni…

Thief of Moments

You say i am, / a thief of moments, / Yet it is you / who stole my heart. / ….. i have become / a burglar, / unmasked and silver tong…

The Leaves Rustled

It is a book of humor, combining the effects of thief and loving couple. It is an enjoyable fun reading book.

Fight for Something Else

So yesterday I’m sitting / On the knife edge of my life / With a man who wanted money / And a wallet I don’t have

Religious Haiku

Yaweh steals from you / what you won’t give him freely / Jehovah. God. Thief / ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++…

but it’s christmas somewhere (the thief)

there’s a girl who i loved / cuddling in her prettiest of underwear / telling the thief / that this is a beautiful christmas / that …

The squirrel in a small house

The squirrel in a small house

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