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Played She saw him come for her. She lay in bed with widening eyes and saw his shape fill the doorway, knife extended. Tattooed And further / That love / Has me marked / Has me tattooed / And naked / For life A Pint Sized Insurgency Sex, Drugs & Alien Abduction, a ludicrous serial novel. Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned o… Renunciation is not a thing that can be learned or taught The Words are your slaves The Words are your slaves Tattoo (Mature) Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. that cider scowl That’s me with my arms crossed. I leave a Tattoo. I leave a tattoo / with my quill / that in your skin / my thoughts / will seep / and through / the voile / of dreamlike / wonder / my ch… The Frog Tattoo The tattoo expanded and contracted like a big ol’ bull-frog. I am not an Animal I just love the way she stares me down / Like she wants / My blood / Thick / On toast tattoo beat There is no way to tell you / how much I adore / your eyes / your smile / your laughter / My arms around you / all is full in my world /… Ink I put pictures on my skin, / The hours I sit with pain / Numbs my mind / And heals my hurt, / Cause no matter what / You can’t take … Early morning wings (I) “Excuse me miss.” A low, seductive voice called. “I couldn’t help but see you watching me, you seemed to be my only audience.” He grinned … My inked skin See the beauty look at my skin / run your fingers over every inch Red Harvest, Black Heart I am the truth that grows in every empty flower / I am the thing you are meant to break / I am your Whiskey sour The Decorator Dragons will die today / On chests and backs. / Love/Hate clenched fists / Will swell the ranks of / Skinhead fighters invisible ink he closed his eyes and / asked her to read to / him the story that beats / from her heart to his The Illustrated Man You could see the scars / where coloured ink sank deep, / making patterns in his flesh; / deeper than a love / which prompted the first cut, HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS A…B…C…. OF LIFE Happy Birthday To Me! So i’m 21 now… and .. well… i’m stoked! Mystic Tattoos (II) He sat back, surprised, “how did you know I had ink?” he looked down at his work clothes, which covered each of his mystic tattoos. She b… Tattoo My first tattoo Suspension I fell forward into / Peaceful Heartfelt / Serenity / No pain, no Smile / Floating, Flying / Warmth, Peace / A lifting aspect / I thought … Virtue’s Casualty Stepping over the line means no return; / Relationships bring with them inevitable maturity / As well as sensations that can’t be unlea… Body of Art poetry’s ink on naked bodies What I wish to accomplish in my writings. I wish to bring a mental ecstasy that no materil thing can bring, I want endorphins to bounce within your skull intill you become addicted&… Royal Blue Blood Tree Tattoo MY ROYAL FAMILY TREE OF GREEN / DRIPS BLUE BLOOD THROUGHOUT MY HEART / KEEPING US PURE OF TAINTED LIFE UNDER OUR FEET. Identifying Features The evening had gone well. Wesley usually didn’t approve of his brothers taste in women, but Ivy seemed different. / Ivy was confident, fun… “I have 2 shows in NYC soon” my 1th solo show! Why so Many Religions? Why so Many Religions? St Kilda Shop Window ‘Tattoos and Piecing’ – while ‘u’ wait. The Tattoo The minute the first needle pierced my skin / I began to hate it. Papillion She closed her eyes, and when she opened them, they were swimming with tears. / He watched her mouth the word “goodbye” and num… Ink And this is the first moment / of my transformation / the needle drips with red / like blood / but not… / The phoenix takes shape / F… Wolf Tattoos Design There are probably many reasons as to why one is looking wolf tattoo designs on the net. There is a huge choice of wolfs to browse through,… More Ink. all the chaos was aligning, still there, still feeding him, but more manageable. Sandra’s Tattoo It’s mostly blokes or desperate fat birds who actually have tattoos done. / All those air-brushed cover girls of FHM and Maxim couldn’t hol… Tattooed I dreamed last night that I was tattooed But No Tattoo 66, having sailed / The ocean blue / From New York / To Timbuktu, / But no tattoo— / 66, rode a bike / With brothers Spike / And Dislike, /… Tight White Bonds Teeshirt You like tequila better then scotch and vodka… the tattoo on the underside of your right forearm says I love you in french NEW TATTOO!! So I haven’t told anyone on redbubble yet, but I have just recently gotten a new tattoo! This tattoo means alot to me because it repr… I Want a Tattoo! I want a tattoo! / a big one, on my back, / maybe of something unclean, obscene TATTOO…..inspiration Eugeniya Sharp “… Today I walked home rained out ,tired, / and feeling sad. / I wondered…. / what could I do? / from feeling bad. / My creativity du… Rule of trading in Islam Rules of Trading in Islam From within. I thought the flames / would destroy everything / but they only cemented you in. Allah Says in “Quran” about Jesus (Ei… Jesus (Eisa) as spirit of Allah My Little Town i went out for a smoke THE PAIN of STAIN TATTOO ART EXPOSED MANY IMAGES OF THE ART & PAIN of TATTS / MORE / A VERY RUDE PLACE TO TAT Could You? Would You? She does " – II / THEY ARE NO… Tattoo You Winter waits no more Razor Wire Tattoo From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / gypsies and swirling… “Oh tell me why!” Punctured soul tormented one / Save me from your tortured sight / I see your wounds as scars. There is a man I dream of He has smooth white skin and smooth brown eyes / Tattoos on his knees and a little hair on his thighs / I want to touch him there, down the… The original Bonds Man The grace of the thug washes over situations such as this. The naked truth Sometime we are so blind inside our ‘exclusivity’ attitude (my way is the only way) that we forget some very basic truth of our… Velvet Promise Your eyes. / Blue pools of silence. / And now your soul is naked… / I see the pain within your eyes. The Sun Tattoo Sun shines brightly / Through your smile / After all the things that have / Come to pass / I miss / Every moment we have spent together / J… Razor Wire Tattoo Razor Wire Tattoo / From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / g… I want a neck tattoo (Mature) sipiritual tradition sipiritual tradition The Eulogy of Drugs & Fame (poem) I’ll be the outcast vile, the media circus freak,/my eyes starry & teary as my face goes weak, / my mind moves to twist me ,into this … Real women get tattoos. Real women get tattoos of hearts and dragons / of things taboo. / Real women get tattoos of mermaids,angels wings,butterflies too. Could You Get a TATTOO? & Tunes that STICK TOO TATTOOS. YOU GOTTA LOVE THE ART IF YOU WANNA WEAR IT FOREVER / HOROSCOPE BODY PAINTING QUITE SOMETHING TO SEE / BOB TYRRELL Tatts that Cat… Jenna’s Tattoo Derrick’s pythons developed early in his life, in the elevator shaft of his parents’ hotel. / The elevator shafts—there were tw… Haiku 121 reading Braille / in the tattoo on her hip… / summer dawns Unfolded Blood Unfolded Blood / “Linda”. / “I’m terribly sorry, Linda. Are you alright?” / He helped me get on my feet. The ache suddenly wrapped me. / “W… Razor Wire Tattoo From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / gypsies and swirling… How long can you hold your breath? In a neon sear, tattooed ink… Tattoo (Mature) I Got a Tattoo and It Made Me Feel Things i do grow old / and am growing older / in the twisted shadow of the world / o, the glory / of all the unknown / the beauty of what / i̵… The Unfortunate Death of Franklin Dell, or The Di… Franklin Dell boasted that he lived on the edge of everything:  life, safety, sanity.  It’s ironic—or perhaps fitting—then, that his … TATTOO. Feel the need / for a colored scorpion sting / wild electric colors / such amazing things Soul mates solace When my final shadows cling on desperately / Where I fight formidable battles / to merely hold the light / I send you loving vibrations / a… Burned a Tattoo of Regret Angry or annoyed we say things we don’t mean / Our tone with each other becomes the red rose on our mental tomb / Regret has never be… WOMAN WITH A TATTOO. A woman with a tattoo / over the top of her breasts / above her red dress got / on the uptown bus and / sat down. Henry tried not / to l… Tattoo “Tattoo” / Flowing free in exuberance / Youthful happiness in dance / Delicate wings lift uncensored / Depths within skies ventured! / Chil… Tattoo He wanted to taste her, feel her, and, as he rolled yet another cigarette, he imagined smoking her, smoking out her soul until it became as… Your Decisions are Forever. You were naive. You were amazed by how they longed to have your stupid ability. They envied you. But what was the significance of being abl… “TATTOO” By Nelle Thceh ©… “I want a tattoo” the big man said, handing over $600 in $100 dollar bills." . . . / “Not just a tattoo. A very spe… Tats and Scars A mark in flesh, with a story told. / There’s battle scars, both young and old. / Some of choice and some of chance. / Some are seen … Platinum Tattoo Platinum Tattoo / It’s a sad, cold, lonely day / And I’ll sit here and try to work / Starting and stopping until the end / Hoping that you … The Eternity Complex (First Tattoo) Tension and fear excite / Strength and determination guide one to accepted punishments / Punctuated in mechanical sounds Title Sharing yes, but has it really been us.. laughing under musical tones, blanketed in preservation. would you like to see ’em? Face Tattoo. That tattoo is a promise, / that as long as that line runs down my face / I couldn’t work in any office. Good morning lover Good morning lover. / You have woken to discover / Carnal knowledge has you tattooed Tribal Tattoo Styles: Which Means And Symbolism Numerous individuals these days desire to have weird drawings painted on their bodies. Some also desire to tattoo the identify of their lov… Messy But at night / when there are no voices around to drown out the sound / of my heart / crumbling to pieces. A Man Never Decieves a Man A Man Never Decieves a Man Day of Judgment The signs of the Day of Judgment

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