the little witches If there were ever a word I’d know, it would be that. Let me die before I wake… Please God, let me die before I wake / Let me stay in blissful dreams, never again see sunlight / At night my soul is whole again, it is wi… Black Snake Blossom You’ll never be the same again. Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… The Blue Hour The dancing wave is pulled by a new moon, sending glistening ripples of a darkened silk echoing toward me- not even stars could consume suc… wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. snapshot if it’s light that illuminates longing / that reveals the soft-edged shadows / the winding heart trail / of yearning / your gentlene… Imagine Imagine… / I give you a title, / You give me a journey. Serenity Her soft fingers / brush across my forehead / smoothing down the worry / the lines that seem permanent / slowly fade away / as she gives me… stillness (reflections on a photo by RR) “Frozen in calm, click of a shutter, a breath / Look…stillness speaks, answers the questions / I can feel it, now, … Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… Serenity A perfect, living, little tree, remembering the light… Me and You Blue Skies / Blue Earth / Blue is Water, too / It’s a story of mine & a story of yours, too Hear Me Hear me for my song I will sing / Let your heart slow within thee / Listen and peace I will bring / My song is calming you’ll see / I… the spell of time – by Ushna Sardar & K… that we can waste our lives / searching for serenity / serenity could be inside you / you just need to discover yourself first Moonlit Fantasies The hour is late / The house is quiet / occasional soft snoring / moonlight shining on my bed / Darkness disappears / The moon regressed / … Eternity this moment is eternity Voices in My Head Those little voices in my head…. / the ones that make my heart skip a beat. / I am on a rollercoaster. / It’s called life. / Th… Crystal Clear crystal clear aqua blue / in all its shades and hues / spray of the crashing wave, / the ocean, the beach, / the distant sea… / such a de… SIMPLE WOMAN (song by Ray Right ) [Video] This Is Serenity All my dreams are dead / Scared them from my bed… / …All my thoughts are dead / Shot them in the head… / …All my Go… ~ sit ~ I sit / the breeze / whispers false promise of love / in my aching ears Sweet Serenity Peace Tranquility Music Of God And In God Serenity God Calling Me “Home” Calling Me From The Heavens / God’s Calling Me Home… into the candle flame I look / into the candle / flame and see / such peace / such joy / serenity / and clarity Rapture Of Serenity Yes I Bask In My Serenity And Feel My / Calm Heart… With Mind And Soul Steven Joyce’s Couta Boat a la Confluency Spontaneity – I heard if from the lovers / Congruity – I heard it from the net menders / Continuity – I heard that near… Ode to Poppa Joe Peace, the quiet serenity of floating endlessly over ocean … ~ Drifting into Peace ~ All temperates are tolerated when on the river / The pace of life slows to a dream Lakeside Meditation I flood my world of stress with focused waves of clarity Blissful Days Time leads to all things, eventually, / As long days turn into blissful nights, and / We take part in the dreams we have wished for Serenity: Went astray - / Found my way - / Peace. Urban Oasis amidst the urban / insanity / rushing, working / deadlines and such Wake up / Serenity lost In this place that was so serene full of beauty and natures green / Sometimes I would close my eyes try to remember what I felt inside / Bu… WISDOM love, and inspiration Serenity snow falls / lazy flakes / softly covering / scorched earth / razored fence / bloodied hands / gaping wounds / twisted limbs / haunted eye… A successful week!!! We enjoyed the wonderful spring weather here in Switzerland… / warm and marvelously in bloom :)) / I had the opportunity to shoot som… sunset may 22 This sweet evening, wrapped in serenity, bound by the ties of love. / This great gift, capturing the heart, in a moment forever too brief… Search for serenity Making peace with ones self. / Just my opinion. / First what it’s not. It isn’t about money, collecting things, or getting and … As We Lay enjoying this moment in time If I were to Die Unfinished, / Unresolved, / Uncertain, / Unanswered, / Unsettled, / Undetermined / Unsolved, / If I were to die in this very moment / I… Serenity I have more passion than anyone has ever seen / I go to bed early just to see you in my dreams / I call out your name in the middle of the … SWEET SERENITY A place to sit / All alone / No interruptions / No telephone / To think / And reminisce / Of a lover / Or first kiss / To dream / A possib… INDEPENDENCE DAY, HELL’S KITCHEN A new bird sails in deep, blue evening skies / Triumphant over thick, potable air; / Persistant thunderous cracking… THE SERENITY PRAYER Grant me courage to change what I can, / and not take on what I don’t understand. My Lifesong’s Melody As I walk the shores of creation / lost in silent meditation / I set sail on a sea of emotion / awash with elation ~ rainbowshine ~ For once the rain has washed away / the dirt and grime of the day / the rainbow brings back beauty to the beholder ‘Windswept’ every blank page that lay before me, was cast aside into irrelevance. I saw my pen enveloped, buried, beneath the press of the metaphor unf… THE LITTLE BRIDGE THE LITTLE BRIDGE / Hidden away / With a gravel quarry / Where ducks and birds go everyday / You can sit and watch / Their beauty swimming… SERENITY I’M REALLY NOT SURE HOW SHE WAS ABLE TO FIND ME, / LET ALONE HOW QUICKLY SHE GOT INSIDE ME, / I REALLY WASN’T IN THE BEST STATE… Serenity Lost i stand in front of a mirror / a reflection of what i represent / except, i do not like what i see. / i am a teenage girl / a sister, a dau… ~ Waiting Out Time ~ They come to wait ’til their time is done / ironic though as time waits for no one light a candle When times were troubled and my heart torn / I oft used to go there, to lay them before / the One, the Creator Big Sur Serenity The earth and roots next to the river were cool and smooth and the sand mixed with dirt felt delicious on my bare feet. Serenity Hold my hand and stroll with me / Through my halcyon haze. / Melt me like soft-serve ice cream / With your warm summer gaze. / Embrace me … light a candle When times were troubled and my heart torn / I oft used to go there, to lay them before / the One, the Creator Succumb To Serenity The golden shimmer burns along the horizon / Singed hilltops slope in a magnificent mandarin flame / Caressed by the first light of day / D… A SOAP OPERA SERENITY A BLAST FROM THE PAST Ode to nature!! Ode to nature’s unappreciated beauty, / It’s sweet, soft, serene scene. / So nurturing to our demanding needs Serenity Farm The rooster’s on my steering wheel / So I never need to toot. ‘Teresas’ Message’ ‘The war is over.’ / The message resounds in my head, / and I cannot keep from smiling. / I saw a photograph from the beginning… edging towards serenity sudden happiness / edging towards serenity / soon there will be nothing / to say / * / the scars of words / travel well / without maps / * … 27. serenity As the final page draws nearer, / I begin to lose my fear of ending, / I cease to worry about what will happen next, / And a veil of love a… My Serenity Let my mind drift me / let it sway me / to / my / safe / place / beneath everyone / where I can l a y / secretly / serenely / … Serenity… The serenity in your eyes, / spreads, like spilled wine into my soul, Faint and in Awe You brushed away my hair / and whispered / freedom / Your words unbound my / straightjacket, / and all of a sudden / my depression is dragg… ‘Far Away’ From beneath ornate arches in the flowering gardens, on the southern banks of the river of light; to the gentle slopes of the regal memoria… Today’s Serenity Preparing Your Mind for what today may hold. See and Sea They sway with the rhythm of the water that teases them in, and then snaps them back, as if dancing a tango. ‘Fleeting’ I draped myself ‘bout a downpour come to check summers’ heat. / Reign-ed once again o’er a secret little courtyard, hidde… Germany I wrote this poem when I was 12, living in Germany. We lived in front of a forest where I would spend most of my days daydreaming and wande… I Give you Eden It is with anticipation that I wander this path today, hand in hand / As I wish to share the beauty of this haven with the one I adore sweet serenity water calming , as you walk upon the sandy beach / with your wet naked feet / a beautiful calming serenity. / water crashing upon the sa… My Love My life was dying / and falling apart. / Then you came / to fill my heart. / You have no clue / what you’ve done for me. / I now can … Serenity Serenity / A misty rain is falling / and I am tired of waiting for god / so he taps me on my wet shoulder / saying / are you soaked yet / s… A Song for Monday Night …My stars are bouncing on the floor like dropped stones from a backgammon board… Excerpt – Serenity Serenity’s voice shook when she asked, “Was that all you wished of me, King Melchior? A legal marriage and nothing else?” / “My intentions … sasha serenity day one The look, must ensure the look, the pale green chiffon will not crease and I can stuff it in my bag with passport and sun filter. I may sh… dreaming I dream of the oceans / Her flowing eyes / That stretch on forever / In them I lose myself / Like a happy castaway Vanilla Sky Dear Sea: / I want to sleep on your shore / your calms waves lull me to sleep / beneath the melting vanilla sky / Querido Mar: / Quiero dor… ‘Letting’ Bound to the unravelling; reverberations rode out to the tranquil embrace of the void. / Cast an unimagining, forged in the fortitude of al… Today’s Serenity Preparing Your Mind for what today may hold. ‘Kingdom Of Sand’ Like the heat of this night, / in my kingdom of sand, / I am plagued by the shadow, / of my own heavy hand. / But tonight I was free, / my … Lover’s Lullaby Lay your head down in my lap, lover, / And I will draw my fingers ’cross your brow, / Dismiss the rude distractions at the door. ‘Sun-Shine-In (Oblivions’ Wake)’ Am I a prisoner of my own freedom? / Bleeding at the seams and, / losing my convictions? / Or on the verge of revolution again? / The simpl… ‘Play It Back (Ready)’ Soul o’ mine’s gone burnt a hole, in my vocabulary. Feel myself empty-in’ out, washed ashore; eerie tides. / Instincts ig… ‘Cognizant’ I remember. / We dashed headlong, / through gale-fuelled driving rains, / into the heart of the tempest. / Exhilaration lit us madly; / ele… ‘Reset’ Evening. / Airborne ordinance. / Springs’ intoxicating scent, / has blown me away. My Serenity I find my serenity / On the beach / Swinging alone Norwood Night …angels everywhere… Black and White (Serenity) Mum said most of the kids were sinners anyway so I took solace in the fact that I would go to heaven while they spent eternity in hell. It … ‘Terms’ As I paced out the nightly vigil, gaze drawn as ever to the veil; it occurred to me that we hadn’t as of yet, properly addressed the … ‘The November Transmission’ I am a vaunted antiquity. Committing this message to a language, as alien to me as the people that give it voice. Its shortcomings are so n… ‘Rainfall’ A scattered hiss. / my attention caught; / a damp breeze, / dances seductively through / the open window. / Falling from the ashen canopy, … Senseless Daggerless. / No one fear, no cold, no stagger, ‘Full Circle’ Cut off. The enemy is everywhere. / There is no fight now that could ever get me home. / Right knee planted in the sand, / rifle in left ha…
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