sand and smoke tattered sails / and ferris wheels / they shot horses on the beach / unafraid of their freightened screams / lovers kissed among the flame… «Grand-Anse New-Brunswick» I’m always there / In the swirl of life / St-GraäL,why not / Uncontrolable but delighted / Pictures,hapiness,souvenirs / Inexaustibl… Promise Promise me we’ll never marry Featured Work Thank you to these groups… I found a pebble on the beach today… dark and silky smooth to the touch… / I pondered on the question… The Walk of The Listening Heart ∞ / When I listen to you I begin to feel. I picture us both walking on a sandy beach fresh from a coffee high. It’s a warm day now leadi… A Bloom In The Sand [Video] / Something drew me to the point this morning / Near the Lighthouse where tides were quietly giving / I sat watching as the Sun bat… Brutal Regime I fought a long battle against prejudice and ignorance! the footprint and the impressionable sand We could, you know! / Once more / trip as we did. / To that place / our place. / Where smiles fall from the curls of our corners / as slow … Sand & Salve Love soothes The Blue Hour The dancing wave is pulled by a new moon, sending glistening ripples of a darkened silk echoing toward me- not even stars could consume suc… Rani Ricked Meets Saudi Prince He could see the tall minarets against the dawn light and a tremor of excitement pulsed through his aged bones. Origin lonesome / back to the origin Bed Of Jewels The sand cooled down / The sun’s rays reached from the endless sky / Colours blended with each other and covered the earth, / Orange,… POETRY IN THE SAND The ocean reaches into my soul / With waves of inspiration “The Bay Of Morgan” “Water glistened in sunlight, on the Bay Of Morgan, revealing secrets of it’s bowels from the shore.” Three thousand miles you’ve come I took your cracked bones / with tainted marrow / and laid them to rest / in a tumbleweed tombstone / I buried your skeleton / beneath th… Fanta Orange Sunsets Steps away from the gentle lapping waves, a 400 year old Buttonwood with its gnarled branches, stood the test of time. From your mother with love A happy moment in my life! Wasted Lives Like many before him, / and many more will follow, WRITTEN IN THE SAND Turning my life into words / Turning my words into poetry Kind and Generous Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving Games in the sand Just play Sand Castles The Sands Of Time And Fate blew us together, / And the Anemoi blew our souls together, / Binding us together, / With divinity, / And toge… An Ocean Tail Kicking off her shoes she closes her eyes for a moment, letting the cooling night air wash over her, nudging away the last vestiges of alco… LOVE & SIMPLICITY Love is tears washing down the sand / Meeting with the infinity of all other tears shed through history / The insignificant significance o… Fantasy Land Poem Fantasy Land Poem! FEEL THE SAND FEEL THE SAND / Between your toes / gritty / sandy / hot / damp / sensuous / soothing / alluring / gratifying / earthy / sexy / tickling … seed and sand i held them both in my upturned hand / the seed / and the sand. / one would grow / the other would fly / and would appear gone. / like moun… Long live love A toss of the head / A flick of her hair / The wave of her hand / As her beauty did flare / Her bountiful step / The spring in her stride /… A summer sigh The lush of the land lies as velvet moss green carpet / The river rushing its morning wash / rumbling as it spins twisting and turning its … Peacock Values He struts peacock values, / Eyes all over his body intrusive / Special occasion happens every day / Here witness his practiced illusion / H… WE LAY ON THE SAND With every touch of your lips / You gave me inspiration sea, sand, sighs, solitude…. Smooth sand sifted by the tide / Expanse of sea no place to hide / Houses nestle and I sigh / Cliffs silhouette against the sky / Blue of s… Slip Through My Hands You slip through my hands like grains of sand, / make your way back to your home. / Forever lost and now you’re a ghost, / in my mem… Whatever I am, I just accept The grains of sands I dare compare / To the stars above to which I stare / The mind assumes it comprehends / Although it only makes amend They Move There is only this pattern of moving / They move. / This movement is creation Wow Love Note In The Sand On HomePage Tonight! I was sure shocked when I found out my Love Note In The Sand Was on the Homepage tonight. First time! Thank you so much Redbubble for Featu… Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion MOON WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT to tell a hidden tale of a mysterious artisan The Beach My feet walk on millions of years, hard as it maybe, soft on impact / Fine White boulders lay on land and in sea, minute to me, another gai… Wet Sand and Thoughts like dying Stars I find myself trailing my feet in the wet sand / not knowing who i am or who i want to be. Discarded Love in Sand What you want / is what you had. / Why did you / throw it away? / A map given to you. Featured in ’’WAVES’’ Thanks ever so much to the moderaters of the group WAVES for featuring ‘’ Escape ’’ / This is great news and not ge… Going Deeper with My Lord The world rejects Jesus Christ. Yet, we must still love them, yet I will not lie to people about Him just to be accepted. The improper use of pigtails (Mature) Footprints In The Sand Tiny little footprints, / Walking hand in hand, / Steps into the distance, / Imprinted in the sand, / The wind from the ocean, / Whistling… Dorothy has come home There’s sand in my pocket and a seagull passing by in the orange sky as we watch the dandelions of tomorrow waltz in the wind. Low Tide The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera… ~ Seduction of Sand Dancing ~ It is like crossing the belly of the earth / It seduces you to stroke it’s silken curves / Lay the palm of your hand on the gentile flat ~ … when once you were mine ~ Can you see through the age of time / the growth of moss and mold and slime Tidal sands. (Haiku) Water rushes, sweeps. / Tide enfolds as ground moves round. / Feet engulfed. Swallowed. THE SOFTNESS OF HIS TOUCH His voice is definitely gruff / There are times / People think he’s tough / I don’t think people know / Why I love him so much … Do you see what I see? Look, look… face of god! in the sky! / That’s where god lives! / No, that’s cloud, God lives in the leafs, / in your hear… Run With Me I saw the white horses, / Play in the sand / They danced with the wind, / ’Til they saw me, and ran, / Fear of a stranger, / Terror o… “No Means No” By Ellen Hecht … The girl laughed out loud because she knew this experience was such a cliché who would believe it? Lines in the Sand Like lines drawn in the sand, / These things we think we know. / Are they not blown by the wind, / Washed by the tide? / Concrete seems a m… message in the sand his fingers have a memory of their own / tenderly caressing the damp sand / into the image of her / each gentle stroke a detail makes / of … Painting Deep Blue Grinning kids kicked circles in the sand with tender toes Featured Here ……. virtual sorrento / Have a peek , i’m thrilled to see this !! Romantic rendezvous As the romantic glow of shimmering / moonbeams reflect upon the mesmerizing / surf, gently kissing the sugary sands / of Biscayne bay, / Pa… Sand Castles Side by side they watched. / The wave washed over their castle then gently receded; / Taking with it all that was and could have been; /… Soliloquy And the seawater, salty and splashing, / stretching sand and muddy mangrove soil to the sea / sounds like a sensual surrender of souls Sea, She Loves Me With forceful currents there, possessed / She pushed me fast to shore / As winds had stirred up, at my back / The sea provided cure A Grain of Sand Ebbing and flowing tides / And winds constantly churning / Sugary sands into ripples / High tides and low tides / Repeatedly etching / Abs… My First Sale!! I was so happy and excited when I checked my email this morning and saw I had sold a card from my sketch “Lighthouse w/ abandoned Boa… somewhere somewhere / a drowned / man / walks along / the / shore, bemoaning the dry / land on which he / walks. Portsea HDR Featured in ‘’Going Coast… Another feature this time in the group GOING COASTAL, Thanks so much to the group for this feature its a great thrill to have this featured… Sand Castles Upon the dune’s crest / Lies the castles of the sand / Safe from water’s edge Sands of Time Not a soul around… / Quietness lays heavily in the salty air as birds float lazily in the sky… / Breathe in the beauty of the… Bittersweet I stand ankle deep in crunchy colors of orange, red, brown and yellow. I wait for sun to kiss my face, but instead a cool wind slaps me fr… The missing grain of sand One day a travelling soul came across a bay. The sun filled the bay with a light that danced with energy and warmth. The sea was a sheet of… Makes sense……… Wisdom, 24 hours, wine, not enough , makes sens, professor, philosophy , golf balls, pebbles, sand, importance, pay attention, happiness… Celebration Of Sun We Feel So… / Uplifted As Though… / Life Has Begun THE LAST FEW GRAINS OF SAND Let memory / rinse away / the rancor / kiss away / all the chaos / and the madness / and the roar… / just dance / as our dark souls … Orange Sky, Rotting Wraith My arms became lithe again / I felt no urge to write / strange symbols in the sand / cryptic poetry that only the wind would read / it felt… REMEMBER PARADISE Sun illuminating / Emerald green sea / Swimming in inviting water / Her sparkling eyes / His broad shoulders / Hand in hand / He kissed he… Martin’s Mud Map Sandals sank severely in swirling sand surrounded by a supernatural scene. Cheeky Grins I remember / Heated skin / And cheeky grins. / And thinking about loving you. / At midnight in wet sand. shamal it tears through us. / Clawing our burning skin and bloodshot eyes ~ along Binnalong ~ And when you finally return home / And those there ask where you had roam’d / Let ’em know you’ve been along Binnalong Bay the sand pit is full of words the raven, / sings of hope, / as sundogs hang, / precariously, / on silver threads, / careful, / not to shatter, / the frozen sky, / the ma… yer wouldnt read about it… chapter 2 ""Naw mate, not worth a plugged nickel, the sand buggered them up." He said." If they never ‘ad that bloody sand … Features This Last Week Love Note In The Sand ~ Homepage Feature (2-13-2010) / Right Down To The Core ~ Berries, Fruits, & Seeds / Be Mine ~ All The Colors Of… Oceans deep The moment passed. Both stood still, aware that this was shared by another… DRIVING IN NEVADA Grandpa reaches under the seat and pulls out a quart canning jar half full of something he presses on me, ‘Have some of this-here Pan… For those who never cried © The sand was cool beneath her feet / No more could memory repeat / The love notes taken by the tide / She held her head high yet still – sh… SEX Purple Passion running in my veins / Stormy weather and falling rain / Hot afternoons spent with you / Doing the things you like to do / Fa… Dreaming I press my ear to a shell / and hear the voice of Dolphin. Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore. My Hometown Where the full moon is slung so low / it casts a shimmering glow / upon the silent dark waters below Hourglass Sand The one you tore, / you bore, / you ripped and raped, Sand Dollars and Bit’s of Jade One of my most prized treasures that he ever brought to me was nothing more than a tiny Sand dollar wrapped inside of white tissue paper fr… Footprints and disturbed the serenity - Regardless Regardless / Of the way we felt / While still waking up / From the lullabies / Our satin webbed sorrows / Sang to us / We are still / Ju… I want to take you with me. I want to take you with me / on a journey to something new. / A special place of beauty; / a secret I’ll share with you. / I want to skip a…
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