Doctor Selfie by Medusa Dollmaker CUMBERBOMB  by ZannahP OSCAR by imconnorbrown I <3 Elliott Smith by Snufkin Alright Alright Alright - Matthew McConaughey : White by zacharyskaplan Union Jack Heart by saniday The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway by SamuriFerret Alright Alright Alright - Matthew McConaughey : Black by zacharyskaplan and the best actor award goes to..... (work in progress)  [politically corrected series] by mimi yoon Cumberbombed by SamanthaMirosch Meryl Streep's Oscar Nominations by jenniferlothian The Sheep of Wall Street  by Bocaci Adele Dazeem by designsbybri i'm not hugh jackman by peteroxcliffe celeb selfie by kmmills Rayon by konart Adele Dazeem T-Shirt by Kellan Reck Leo deserves an Oscar by DonPollinie i love divas- Rita Hayworth by Juana Luján Most Famous Selfie by MATDiamonds Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar by Audrey Metcalf Cool As Adele Dazeem by OhDeanna Diary Entry August 16, 1968 Wounded On My Bir… Today is August 16, and my birthday was on the second of August, but since they just brought us the mail in a helicopter I am just opening … Theatre! by Brian Belanger hugh jackman by peteroxcliffe The Place Beyond the Pines by ashjlawson True Detective by Motion Cate Blanchett in 2007 by JMcCombie Are you thinking what I'm thinking ? by Tim Topping A Folk Tale About The Crying Lady I still remember when I used to walk five miles to school and then go to work. The gasoline was twenty-five cents a gallon, but my parents … Rorer 714 - Quaaludes - Ludes by hypetees The Final Breaking Bad Posters by Viapuebal I want oscar's law by Kim West I'm Adele Dazeem by millerstrations Katharine Hepburn & Her Oscars by Cora Wandel Winniford The Grouch...Oscars Trashy by Elizabeth Burton Meryl and Oscar by emilyd44 Give LEO A Damn Oscar by FreshThreadShop Alright by omgkatkat I Lost My Wife This Past Week Friday I laid to rest the love of my life, / Yes, a wonderful mother and a loving wife. / We were married for over 34 years, / And I miss h… Oscars smile by whippeteer You Are So Beautiful I wanted so much to see you tonight / even though I’ve never seen you before. / Somehow I know that you exist / because even with m… I AM PRISONER 24601 by pocus Her by ZaneBerry Be Yourself, unless you can be ELLEN! by TheMoultonator Ellen degeneres x 100 Selfie by Foxswag See Me Now Once I was, now I am Community Theater Drama Queen by Brian Belanger #OscarSelfie by jenniferlothian American hustle - hair by tnoteman557 Awards Show Poster for Hubba Hubba Revue by caseycastille Infinity Poster by Olipop Funny Face My Funny Face / By / Oscar Elizondo / My funny face / can make you laugh / if you care, / All you have to do / Is wait / And take a stare. … The Presenter by facemanpeck An Oceans Away Life has given me a second chance to make things right, / And though you are an ocean’s away I shall make you mine. / My heart shall … Oscar's Custom Bikes by ezcat Oscars  by Eric Kempson The Wolf of Wall Street by daveburnett Adele Dazeem by mimiboo Girl Interrupted  by leviw94 hollyweird by VictoriaDarby Beyonce by abfabphoto Oh How I Wish I Had An Imaginary Friend Oh, how I wish I had an imaginary friend / to play with me once more. / We could pretend that I was a customer / that came to her store. … Oh, How I Wish It Would Rain Oh, How I Wish It Would Rain / Looking out from my old car’s window I see the rain coming down, / And I let the glass roll down so th… Gravity/Vertigo Poster Mash-up by Josh Kaput DON'T SHOP....ADOPT! by Tarnya  Burke A Stray Dog A Stray Dog / Jeremy was sitting atop a picnic table at a park near his high school. He was supposed to be in class, but he was more of an… Cumberbomb! by Mister Dalek and Co . I AM PRISONER 24601 (VARIANT) by pocus Good-bye Wherever You May Be A lovely friend she was, / no, she did not past away. / Somehow I wore out her strength, / and I am so shameful for this day. / A beautiful… A Christmas Letter From A Soldier Novembe12, 1968 / Dear Family, / Christmas is just around the corner and I hope I get to see the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. I… Accepting It So hard to admit that you are gone for good, / Questions unanswered that change my mood. / Friendship lost and now it is time to admit, / T… Sometimes I Think That You Forgot About Me Sometimes I don’t think / that I can live like this another day. / My recurring nightmares / cloud my days in a haze of gray. / Some… The Day I Won The Lottery (Okay I didn’t, b… It all started one day when I was walking home from the store. I saw something blowing in the wind right there on the street of my neighbo… An Old Fashion Romance With a daunting smile I waved at you that night, / Somehow the way you looked at me didn’t feel so right. / Puzzled and embarrassed I… Do You Think She's Here For Lunch? by Carolyn  Fletcher My Foolish Mind Oh, my foolish mind why must you pass this time in sorrow? / Don’t you understand that problems can wait late until tomorrow? / If yo… Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather / Waves of birds majestically circling above, / Pigeons, sparrows, bluebirds and white-winged doves. / Something about c… My Parents Told Me So My Parent’s Told Me So, My Parent’s Told Me So / I remember growing up in a poor neighborhood when the toilets were outhouses and wh… Bonodict OscarBomb by discodalek No More Rabies Shots No More Rabies Shots / By / Oscar Elizondo / I remember when I was about eight years old and going to visit my grandfather in La Joya, Texa… A Little Bird Grows Up A Little Bird Grows Up / By / Oscar Elizondo / (A tiny bird falls from it’s nest and is forced to make it on it’s own. The baby swallow te… Winking Eyes Winking Eyes / A winking from your beautiful eye / caught my attention by surprise, / As it made me stand up straight / and made me go ov… Writing Without My Glasses I had a relapse of some memories of someone so dear to my heart and I decided to take a walk late at night. The tears from my eyes were po… Only In Dreams Only In Dreams / Only in dreams can I see you again / because they are mine as you once were. / I can talk to you and see your beautiful sm… American Beauty  by leviw94 Give Me Just Three Minutes Give Me Just Three Minutes / Standing on tiles of a bathroom floor / My feet felt the pain of standing tall. / In front of me a staring mir… Black Swan Print by Colin Bradley Jelly Bean Jelly Bean / Jelly Bean was a sweet little puppy with many spots on his hair. Stranger was the fact that each of his ten spots were of a d… Lenny With The Wooden Leg Lenny With The Wooden Leg / A little boy with only one shoe and crouched down with his back leaning on the trunk of a little pine tree was … My Secret Ocean My Secret Ocean / My ocean has suddenly dried up, / There are no more ships passing by. / I remember how beautiful they were before, / But … Sometimes It’s So Hard To Try Being Yourself Sometimes it’s so hard to try just being yourself, / Because expections from those around you become increasingly demanding. / And if… I Rubbed My Rabbit’s Foot Today I Rubbed My Rabbit’s Foot Today / I rubbed my rabbit’s foot today / but he had it on when I did. / Well, after wishing for som… Getting Caught Telling Little Secret Lies GETTING CAUGHT TELLING LITTLE SECRET LIES / By / Oscar Elizondo / After meeting my dream girl friend in a dance and asking her to go steady… A White Dove In The Rain A White Dove In The Rain / A rain storm came to visit me while I tried to sleep, / My ears heard it and so my eyes took a long peep. / Drop… I Need You Now I sat in my chair a few minutes ago / and I heard your whispering voice, / Only I heard you in this dark room / because there is no other…
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