Hallways of Hell It was just the other day that everything changed. I hadn’t been in Hell very long so I wasn’t quite sure how things worked. I would soon l… He Gave Me Flowers Today He gave me flowers today JURY DUTY – HOW TO AVOID THE CALL UP My younger sister has been called up for potential jury duty. She is most unimpressed about this as she is self employed and her time is pr… an ode to this office work dude i knew who worked… mr twovey in the office block held the award for nicest chap in the accountancy department. his ability to eat soup with a spoon was unsurp… Stapler, Tape, Hole-Punch I stare blankly at the mountain of paper. ‘Blank’ is all I can give right now. I’m tired, I’m too tired for this. N… Dolly’s paper round The Problem Page, is run by Bridget, / who cannot decide on a chocolate biscuit. Another Day at the Office Violence is never the answer. It is the question, and the answer is yes. Violence solves everything. Life on The Shit List (reposted) “…theft and lies and office sex / a thousand other scams…” In the office Fingers slowing, Pile growing, Desk overflowing Nightmares – Part One Monique Medwell applied her signature shade of lipstick – Poised Plum – finally finishing off her polished look. / Yes, like Eva Longoria a… The Meeting Seven men who spent most of their work days surfing the internet. Superstar* Looking tired into a broken mirror  / You see a strange wolf in a glimmer / A vision from your dark wood  / Red riding in your neighbourhoo… After hours As the sun rises on Office Block 060… The Night Office I keep late hours because I love the dark. / It masks the cobwebs of the sullen day, / Freeing the mind a voyage to embark / Beyond what c… Dreaming There she sits. From the outside, it appears as if she works. She is typing; her keyboard clicking gently as each key is depressed. A Lady in Office Today we found ourselves embracing / Julia Gillard who went from MP to PM / This AM / Kevin Rudd surrendered his seat / with much emotion /… The great city life come five o’clock when the working day stops, starched graph paper patterns will surely be damped Heart-Shaped Office Countless days spent, / Cleaning this mess. Busy 1. Could I speak to Mr Smithers, please? / 2. I’m afraid Mr Smithers is busy in a meeting at the moment. Why? [18+] Stream of consciousness story of a man contemplating suicide. Not for the squeamish nor the young’ins. Recommended 18+ running from danger can be tiring The suspense slightly ruined by an ill chosen moustache, the whole hostage situation feeling a bit to close to pantomime to be concerning. Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 8. Changing of the scene from the gold of Kalgoorlie to the normal life out west. Mistaken If you thik this story is a cookie . . . you are mistaken. One Gray Day He cried a gray tear and mourned his gray life, / His hope could not survive. / He craved one splash of colour, / The love of another, / Wh… The Temp- An Ode to Boredom Have you ever noticed that when you are at home that time moves by quickly like in zoom mode? From 8 to 10, from 10 to 2, from 2 to 5 and t… The Hunt for Leftovers I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Pizza slices, donuts holes and cheesecake crusts started to come alive and sing a song welcoming m… Affinity His right arm was stuck diagonally to Miss Dayton’s abdomen in a most embarrassing and personal way. The Office Door The boss’s office door is closed. / My colleague had been summoned over fifteen minutes ago. I wish I could hear what was being said. Is it… Artificial Light You’re not real. With one stroke you disappear. Your presence dispersed. Where you ever here? And then… Just one of those days… Harvey The Soul Man On a Friday morning, at the end of a long string of insipid, indentical, irremediable Fridays, Harvey woke to an urgent knock, knock, knock… Office glum Long afternoons in office glum, / I eagerly await that silent bell, / That will release me / From this monotonous hell. Paranoia photocopier You sit in the corner with contemptuous air, / Silently contemplating my despair. / Plotting and scheming to me undo, / Full duplex, colour… ATLAS He feigned, I think, a certain interest in where I’d been. / And so, as if by accident, I let it slip. I humoured him: he / Flattered me … Man walks into a docters office… Everything looks strange when you see only parts of what you’re meant too. The Revolution of the Office In one space, / they are all there / crammed together. / pens, pencils, paperclips / All fighting for space. / Struggling to find / the nec… Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 11. Today was full to the brim with pleasure. We would spend time with old buildings and talk to people who were proud of their occupation. The Waterin’ Hole It’s called the Office Lounge. / People come from all around. / Strangers and friends meet. / We are all accepted… / at this li… The Great Tape Escapade Maggie loves tape, here employers do not. A take on “Going Postal”. Pale Tuesday The time had come to “knuckle down” according to my parents. “Face up to the grind” they would say. Idle office observations (the office series) Lustful and inappropriate, / Divulging hidden truths, / The panic in your eyes is apparent, / But I no longer care / Judge me with your sho… rain He yearned for some relief / To smooth his furrowed brow / No matter how brief / He required something now Out Of Concern For My Own Well-Being Sometime I’m not sure if my illness displays itself / on the inside of my head or on the outside; Hard Day at the Office The fog swirled mysteriously as the craft eased down to house level. An opening appeared and a platform jutted out from the craft. Four gra… death continues to seduce me. I have a psychiatrist. A psychologist. A pack of pills and sedatives. I no longer have a lover. Dublin Office Three women, a redhead, a brunette and a blonde work for a female boss in Grafton Street / On the Monday they notice that their boss knocks… The Post Office ( for ‘Flash Fiction’) They sat today on their backpacks in front of the post office in Phnom Penh, waiting to board a boat that would take them into Vietnam. Satisfied at the post office Wet and sticky, for 55 cents. My Office Featured !!!! Well, OK, I’ll admit that it is not your regular office, but the surprise and the pleasure are not less grand for that ! / So truly m… Napoleon She wondered what it was about the outside world that was really so appealing, after all, she hardly left the house. Yet at work the outsid… Watching through Windows. After work I will get out and enjoy the day, / I’ll sing with the birds and dance with the breeze. along for it I drank too much coffee yesterday / then sat pinned / with you on my lap, asleep / like one of those padded safety bars / on carnival rides… another day at the office …….., I love you / Can’t you see its true / I promise that I love you / Why can’t you love me too? / This life chan… My Office Featured !!! Many thanks to Isa and Kathy for featuring Just Another Day At The Office and The Sun Sets On The Bay in the excellent Florida The Sunshine… The MD Having stripped nearly all the leaves from one of the huge jungle plants in his office, spun around on his chair until he nearly fell off a… Burn Pile Toss me a lighter The Five O’Clock Whistle These should have been doodles, / sketches, or love notes. / Paper airplanes would have been more useful. / Oh, to be set free. The PA Well no one ever said it / No one gave the drill to me / Though I knew my Pitmans shorthand / And I typed at 83 / Though my spreadsheet ski… The Legal Office Team! Let us Globally Relocate YOU! / YOU WILL BE OUR BEST CLIENT, / MAY WE HELP YOU / HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE? / THOUSANDS I HOPE / IF YOU DO… Office Nipples Pray tell, dear readers, what do you make of the following scenario? / A man is going about his morning routine of delivering and collectin… I want That Duck’s Phone Number He is startled out of his day dream of what he hopes to do during his weekend off , by the peculiar sound of the quack of a duck ! Office Haiku in the world of forms / we’re just one more name – special / like everyone else Office Office. Aircon. Striplights bright. / Spend your life here, day and night. In My Grandfather’s Office The smooth rich mahogany grain / Flows across the finished top, / Down through the lucid movements / And hollow sliding song of the many / … When Charlotte and Jerome went to the Nettleville… Jerome Rocky-Chambers was standing in a long room. It was very plain room with white walls and no curtianless windows. The only piece of fu… Relationship Help: Principles on an Office Romance As you’re having a job in an office environment, you have to see your officemates longer than anyone else you know outside of work. U… AFTER ALL THAT. And Miss Ploy / he said / when you’ve done / with the word processing / they’re a few other items / I want you to process / and can you … Hallways of Hell Walking the carpeted hallways of Hell always provides me with many varied journeys where I encounter all manner of demon. Another Day At The Office (Mature) Office and Newspaper He placed the key in the knob. He turned it until the door opened. He entered, placed his bag on the empty bench. He looked around and saw … ‘Aevus’ They told me his purpose, / the mandate of his office; / is to prevent everything / from happening at once. / Either they misunderstood, / … Doctor Eagleberger The doctor puts on a long white coat and turns on a light switch to reveal that the sweat lodge is in the middle of a big white room within… Coffee,Tea,Or Me What is the difference between a secretary or a sexualtary? 5 Things about Translator in Guangzhou Your Boss … From constant communication with Chinese manufacturers to drawing documents, having a translator in Guangzhou can spell success for your bo…

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