Be Afraid The facts that the scientists are not telling you about the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, mankind’s most d… Soul spill Fragmented memories spill / oozing steadily in a fluid haze / revealing vague utopian delights Oblivion She was spinning, always spinning. Translation from a Latin poem. Now, from beneath a rock, the sound / Of a swiftly flowing river, / Tributary of Lethe, ever / Bringing sweet forgetfulness / In dreams. O… Going Dark But grateful would I be / if one would stand by me / to witness my dead electricity. Heart of Oblivion! I sit here within the confines of antagonism as I watch you strip away my dreams, / You take from me my night and day with words of prevari… Oblivion… tis so cold / inside the darkness / of this forgotten night / these salty tears / the only vision of life / I sense… / breathing in a… From the Dark Well of the Nexus A dark form to it’s features that were almost Wraith like… and the eyes, those eyes, not of the creatures, but of what was controllin… Oblivion My life has culminated to this single point when everything I ever do, or see, or hear, or think, will be tainted by this moment. Words, with desire You make me see / You make me breathe / You make me my body feel complete / Every minute / Every day / Every life’s time / I want you… For You… you can’t plead guilty to suicide / my love… Oblivion—To Life The light bleeds away before my eyes / without knowing it, it fades from the skies. / The black velvet wings stretch out for me / and then … OBLIVION welcome to oblivion / do you know where you are / are you forgotten / will there be divine intervention / to help you find your place / or … Oblivion (Part 2 – The One With The Story I… Born – Underground into total darkness and oblivion, yet with sight. Blind, for all intents and purposes, aware of the smell of the d… the way chopin did i would paint myself a river / into black oblivion Sleep Will Come Drifting on mindwaves / Sinking in oblivion / A soothing journey …WhatWentWrong… just another shout in… … / If they remember anything at all, / (in times like these) / it will be trivial / at best. / Like the inappropriate way / I dresse… Jumping In Oblivion Lyin’ on the carpet / Wonderin’ who will start it / Who will make that first sweet move / Awkward mess or silky smooth / All I … Death Drifting in a timeless haze, alone. / Thick and slow, like the heavy waters of the deep. / A haunting strain of distant music – a sin… My Greed and Oblivion Darkness engraved by obscurity, still the darkness prevails ‘VOID (Parts II & III)’ Near to ne’er a day in my life has there been; I’ve not walked the line. The lofty ascension or the deep plunge unto oblivion; … Oblivion Rays of light, coffins of light, / they enlighten me in the oblivion, / running through my flesh, / from side to side, The Explosion can a heart with this many hairline fractures ever love again? / doctors diagnosis: no… </3 Step Away from the Sheltered Oblivion The friends we have made, / are like no other, / virtually connected / a world away, / opening our minds / to life outside of our sheltered… Delerium Tremens Delirium hits in the small hours / A siren pulls me from sleep / But as I wake disappears ‘Collider’ The watches mechanism winds me tightly as I set the tension. / The rain bleeds out and I drink in the cold, as clarity finds the skies o… oblivion riding the stars, it was only a dream / I followed the stream of the longest sunbeam / I was burning, burning feverishly hot / I thought I … Hard, Cold Truths … / these are the harsh and stark realities of my friends thast send me spiraling into the beautiful oblivion of a tear-induced, coma… ‘Sun-Shine-In (Oblivions’ Wake)’ Am I a prisoner of my own freedom? / Bleeding at the seams and, / losing my convictions? / Or on the verge of revolution again? / The simpl… solitude One man stood at the end of a lush valley, peering down at desolation. He was no man of any particular look. He could have just as easily b… Oblivion What if you’ve already been explained? / Fully comprehended and ready to expire, / Like telephone boxes. / Wiped out of existence by an … ‘Rmembr2/4get (Part II)’ I marched out of the picture. / It remained to be said that I should be investing time into making something out of myself. I had declared … red rains of oblivion lightning rips tears the dull blue curtain of sky / with a white booming crashing flash / rain leaps from the evil clouds emptying / thei… Nirvana … drowning in a time I did not own; / I’ve died on my journey to be born. Descendence Into Oblivion Trying, dying another hour. ‘Halved’ This whole life / upon the knife’s edge. / That perpetuated moment / between total victory; / and complete oblivion. / Uplifting, it … “A GAZE OF OBLIVION” Tenderness knows no loneliness / Innocence knows no fear Oblivion I live in oblivion, / I am the cold, / Breeze come, / To take you away, / I walk between shadow worlds, / I am the black, / Unconscious, / … Speeding Towards Oblivion I want you to be eaten alive. / I need the black hole to consume you. / So that I can continue to shine, / So Bright, I am Polaris. / A… ON SURVIVAL landing, darkness, oblivion, pain oblivion found i looked for you / and when i found you / i found myself speechless / i wish i could be the poet that / others seem to be with little effo… Of a sleeping sun The shadow path / One death to feel / In which time slowly / Condemns me to oblivion / By the touch that stroked my hair / One last time … Insane Again Here I go again / waking up insane / with a ghost by my side / a demon tied to a chair in my brain. / There’s a dead girl standing t… ‘Ascendant’ The stars wheeled overhead, as I strayed through the eves of the garden of dreams. / All time had been washed away into obscurity; and with… calling oblivion calling oblivion / she knows the answer / her black velvet arms / are made of endless night / calling oblivion / bullets are faster / iR… ‘Burn (In Rampancy)’ Flowers bloom as thunder peals and waves break upon shore, rifles scream their brilliant threat, a violent clarion call. Universes crash in… Sleep Is Not Contented Sleep is not contented / To come when she is called / With guile she is enchanted / To never be so galled oblivion she thought it would be dark / but it was white, blank, / like an empty page ‘Oblivion’ Life lived without love is naught but a march back to Death. / I walk amidst the streets of a faded empire, chase the fleeting sun through …

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