You and Me we are one breath, one life, one heart, one soul, / you and me The First Kiss the thrill of dew-wet on our mouths velvety and glossy our love is not of body and mind but an ideal perfect place to be be still can’t unearth the light / to get you through the day how does it feel you’re all tapped out / feeling all broken inside / can’t seem to catch a break Within a Woman uninhibited, so very free a bird flying on her own / two strong wings bound up blue skies for miles Being Human Being love / at what time I smile despite tears flowing from my eyes Bubby by MaryMac We Lay Down meeting him looking into his eyes standing close we kiss passing the torch by MaryMac Down By The Sea sand covered castle beaches a place to stay / the tide has left not yet time for us to float away poet dreaminess bright colors the world pierce / i am born to a world crying Evergreen all good girls stay home awaiting Man in the Moon walking in the cashmere moonlight morning star i watch the constellations to see the stars knowing the brightest star will rise you are a budding flower learn to recognize fake emotion that may buy you a moment of pleasure / then takes you down for days or months Stillness of Night nothing but my own judgements against me / between me and my thoughts / the blue midnight sky full of stars Do you see the REAL ME?? do you see me as you poke your head-up / peering from behind window panes can you see the real me Thy Heart of Song! Hold me close and speak to me without words; for tonight our souls remembered the intimacy Who Needs an Enemy When YOU Got A Friend? continuously declaring your need for revelation and discernment / your thoughts meaningless and empty reflection handsome man, with my hand in yours traveling to the ocean today yearning to sense yearning to satisfy the waves will come and wash away So Let The Sunshine In do not mix devious thinking with achieving Divorce me some like the taste of sour mashed whiskey / others coffee very strong Lady Love with the night, waves and the moonlight, sand dollars sea shells she greets Just Because just the thought of you drives me wild rosewood i don’t know the where’s or the how’s or the why’s / in deep thought cool stares and soft cries a single small cathedral viewing the Emerald ground in the center of the gorge downward she makes the descent The Garden natural instinctive movement / pushing toward sunlight / stretching upward Camelot Lady of the Lake her arm clothed in the purest shimmering smite Come on take me to those places we used to go walkin’ / butt cheek to butt cheek laughin’ and swayin’ / our souls slidin’ along each other’s not a… Paper Cuts man littering canyon paper litters the riverbed / hints of inorganic chemicals Loretto Chapel The subject of rumor and legend for over one hundred years, the riddle of the carpenter’s identity what is happiness? a key to success without happiness nothing can be gained Glory of Love floating clouds and wispy willows / bringing in the motions of a storm Interpretation an unsettling experience / a newfound faith / now unshakable Power in Silence SIMPLY OBSERVE and RECOGNIZE / THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS / ARE JUST YOUR PERSPECTIVE Play it Again, Jack ") jack in my heart of hearts you babe are MY / SUPER deluxe fantasy Luminary Fashion such is to be shaken from / and to have the freedom to see… A Wave of Courage eyes deceived told to sit tight my kindness all shades of evergreen moonshine blindness VERVE Can your intellect comprehend and absorb this? / Wonder…Excitement… Enthusiasm… breathtaking delight everywhere a sign a swinging pendulum / a specter dancing on corn silk Innocent Love found sweet one heart shared by two Wooden Ships the sky to the earth / human beings to one another Different : ). i enjoy your love offering / and the way you accept mine The Sun Replaces The Moon (but I love the lunar &… The night will soon be gone a carroty balloon replaces the moon malevolence i’am crazy to have been addicted with eyes of fire feeling hopeless as the flames grow higher and higher peace the solution don’t let confusion and disorder have time to set in thoughtfulness in the beginning with patience throughout nothing spoils Not of the World here i am / naked / more than the eye my feminist view A woman’s influence is greater and more powerful than some may think or will ever know Grieving for Loss Language does not touch / Intelligence and knowledge surpass understanding Me...March 2011 by MaryMac Food Glorious Food by MaryMac Destiny take me to the place where you go / where nobody knows Little “E” beautiful everlasting from the sun you reflect light Blue Shades of Evening… Are some women you have courted intensely, clearly, a fresh, and bright? an Eternal Wonder THE ONLY time / HE touches time / is in the “present moment” And The Beat Goes On a day will dawn / as time goes on / the music will play Babie Brother… stars falling mercury rising the past is calling / oh younger brother what have you done personal thoughts and philosophies personal selfish desires, personal ambitions, driven personal selfish emotions, which cloud the quest for truth. Beckoning as all of you linger I consume your presence / your smiles / living deep within Hippie  by MaryMac HOPE NEVER LEAVES A TRUE HEART the dawn of morning always repeating / surpassing the darkness of despair doves of mourning call your lover whilst perched during the morning cry softly drawn-out calls sounds of mourning Quiet Understanding accentuating warm feelings / a sense of tropical splendor Something to Ponder once the veil is lifted and all are able to see / some will still be sightless for they are not capable to conceive The Ancient Bloom an atmosphere of electrified energy transmits so intimate /only lovers will touch Drink From the Cup I brewed this particular blend today / The leaves come from a distant land The Blue with paper and ink / sun and rain / i get wet / but i don’t cry silent people a symphony of silent noise my mind is captivated / priceless treasures lay beyond butterflies… a cycle of life sipping nectar from a flower / beautiful Painted Lady The Promise submitting is like the sea flooding, / with waves of untainted love, / finding you irresistible all night long All U need… breathe the kind and vast light / solar and lunar / what a beautiful dance of existence Heart Song sweet secretion of feelings blessed open yourself and set your psyche free Ethan  by MaryMac i’am the galaxy is larger than i ever envisioned / echoing in a thousand chords I Must LIVE ! unhappiness hurt and grief / I see through illusion life is good rolling around in the floor by MaryMac You Are My it’s not that you are attractive oh no so much more than superficial oh, my heart grows active / you are my romeo imagine encompassing the celestial spring The Assets of Being… open the window and flow through beyond misgivings and fear the house on the hill the house where nobody lives yearns for someone to have someone to hold away every second passing by / like a javelin tipped in multicolored hues a simple smile does make a difference makes people feel at ease a small simple offering to bring about peace I AM…Me i have survived another day don’t the immense weight of anxiety Dystopia Your Religion oppression and disease but you can never know love… the concept of utopia you’re the one left out now sucking on your own feces Deep Clover Honey today open with radiance / tomorrow change with season / yesterday is dead Blue Ridge Mountains a yellow moon he casts a glow bright / till the kiss of dawn she morning de-light When You're Smilin' by MaryMac The First Time you lay me down in the field holdin’ me close / kissin’ my neck whisperin’ softly in my ear / i love you babe will you give me your love Stick A Sock In It : ) by MaryMac It’s a Secret You’re Not Suppose To T… being under a swarm of devils for so long / i’m on a tier where tears should never fall a lovely date we ordered a bottle of cabernet sauvignon / they were out so we ordered merlot The Velcro Generations prisoners to the instant sense of familiarity / hostage to the pressure of the mundane
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