Bye Bye Baby Hilty watched his knuckles glow white as the vibration of the rivet gun gave way to the prickling creep of a traveling numbness. His finger… Graff: Breaking Down Synopsis When love,reason, and consequence are gone you end up with something amazing and dangerous. This is the world that Graff thrives in, the re… there is no victory in war there is no victory in war / only guns, rifles, granades / trucks exploding / there are no parades / buildings toppled / roads strewn with … MachineGun against The Moon Shoot their essence.. / as they would shoot… the moon. / Without fences of ignorance.. / they spill Life.. / as if it were an excess.… Guns & Horses With guns and horses I launch forward When Will it End Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun The Bullet and the Trigger Tick tock like a clock / Digging my own grave / And every time I look / I see we’re getting more depraved HISSS Why Do They Need Gunsssss Anywayssss A guy goes about killing a bunch of people in a Colorado movie theater. / Here’s what it was NOT: It was NOT a Second Amendment IS… The Morning Shoot The grass it crunches, when flattened by boots, / fingers feeling numb, with toes following suit. / Diesel fumes drift, polluting the winte… To Men of War You keep running, but what are you running for? / You fight, but who are you fighting for? / You died, but who did you die for? Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Mature) Guns That Aren’t My Friends on a train to no-where / with guns that aren’t my friends Gun…pow…duh? With the power of a look / the power of words / the power of conviction / the power of knowledge / the power of the masses / … Bang! “Joyce,” he smirked. “It’s not loaded.” October 9, 1967…Che death will come as bullets…for revolutionaries on the run blood, guns and money The .222 caught him under the left ear. I’d rather hurt myself. If I ended her life, her voice would still be there. Echoing with the beat of my heart. Each thump, each breath would whisper her name gent… Happy Birthday Martin Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what … FATHER & SON The Father sits proudly / With his son at his side / Must teach him many things / About the sea and the tide / How he must learn / To fish… Stolen Picture this scene, Withdrawn Withdrawn from my childhood / My innocence and youth / I’m standing guard with gun in hand / What else have I to lose? War Hero. Was it memory that led him to this place? Some distant recall from lost years of youth. He had lived in this town for only a short time, ye… Gun Control (an illusion) by George A. Yesthal / This will probably be one of my less popular writings / I found theses statistics that show that semi automatic assa… His fingers twitched and his eyes burned His fingers stitched and his body yearned. / He wanted to ravage flesh in ways that had never been done. / He envisioned penetration while … We Told Them To Love Then We Gave Them All Guns It all begins in a nursery. It all begins when all the baby boys are stolen and taken away to learn how to live life by dying. Horses and nail guns – my obituary (Flash … being different is dangerous No Perfect World Today Grenades were detonating in splashes of radiant orange. Claps of thunder came from dark guns, looming over everything with their demons for… Is it Cool? Is it cool? / Driving fast, fast, fast? / Is it cool? / Driving fast, real fast, / having a blast, driving fast. / Is it fun? / Shooting bu… The Tin Soldiers The tin soldiers in such a perfect line, / Marched in order up and down, / Their faces gleamed and their uniforms fine, / They would march … Cyclists, whats the point? Does Lycra really make you go any faster? And is it really worth sacrificing your self respect? War in the World War can not be justified! War is a major problem. cowgirl (Mature) Safety First I jumped as she dropped it / the flash banged with a crack bread and circus spent from the blast all guts…splattered ripped through the back…spectators detached and bored War Machine (Mature) The Gun Store (Mature) MAN DOWN SO MANY KIDS GET LOST IN THE STREET LIFE, GANGSTER RAP, AND THE MYTHS OF THE STREETS What they that say… Don’t talk about our x-rays / And if you let that loose lip slip / About our cell cluster cultures / That mix people together / So that lab… Messiah – Part 1 With that simple motion, his body shattered like glass being hit with a sledgehammer. Sector 17A His screams echoed down the empty corridors… Guns Can Never Love Roses Have you ever seen a gun marry a rose? / I witness this every day. / The silent trigger whirs and shoots the / Bullet through the anticipat… Darling, when I hold you. Darling, when I hold you / Nothing will ever feel the same / You’d bring me close / While we try to kill the pain / But we know nothi… For the Weak Packing Heat and / Hustling Streets / is for the weak. Celebration January first, midnight / Marked the end of his life / Which suddenly expired / When a bullet was fired Another Loser “The officers got out of their cars with their guns drawn.” Guns Full of Roses Petals fall / While bullets shatter lifes / A rose is a sign of love / While a gun causes chaos and panic / Gunshots, murders, and violence… Something once noted from the trenches Their boots took root as they strove, / struggled to swim through the fog on foreign soil. Do Not Enter (My Mind) bullet holes and gun crimes / nothing but fear in your heart / lifeless Flickering Lights- Ch 1 The gun bursts are much louder now and it is a steady bang of artillery smashing the ground and destroying anything in its wake. I cant stop now its Gritty Men Tough leathery 1970’s men. “Gringo Guns”…..Mark Fiore CLICK HERE Hellogoodbye, RJA, Boys Like Girls, Shiny Toy Gun… It’s too late baby, there’s no turning around / I’ve got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud / This is how I d… Flickering Lights- Ch 2 There is no perfect place – only better places. Walking Death (School Shooting) 8:25am. Bafflement. Guns pulled out. Ready. A shout. A few screams. No time. Shooting begins. Brains on the wall. Blonde hair. Bl… Arrows and Olive Branches there are dark outlines hanging in the sky / and they ever keep a watchful eye / yes they ever keep a watchful eye… / there are barbe… Two Sides #2 (White Noise) Bed-Stuy is the place / where stars go to fall / or not to rise / where brags and dreams / and their messengers / Litter the pavement like … Tears for fears My bullets bounced and pinged off his carapace, knocking hello but not being admitted. In a second you came here armed without a gun / once begun it could not be undone BEAT DOWN This bitch is going to pay with her life. The Almighty Gun we can embrace it and feel it’s strength / we can exhibit them with so much pride Man With A Gun man stands with that killing tool / so easily procured at his disposal / ready to unleash his anger / just a small pressure of the index … call of duty rap When i walk in the room I get my xbox loaded / Put in call of duty and get the blood flowin Welcome to the USofS Let’s Ban some shit Messiah – Part 2 I realized all too quickly that I am the same exact person that they were when they decided to murder each other to oblivion. A Violent Society, Guns and Bullshit by George A. Yesthal / Before we decide that, the fact that we have access to firearms, or that we don’t give enough care to our mental hea… Finger On The Trigger cold steel becomes warm / power and control are mine / I can smell the breath of Satan / he talks so I can hear My New FX2000/Tarantula/Excalibre On first inspection the rifle had clearly been a working gun, the stock has had a poor attempt at being re-finished and the barrel seems t… So Trendy, Man… Not even 7% would even think twice about the numerous concurrent genocides, genital mutilation, savannah abortions, and beheadings that occ… “Extremist?” I prefer “Peaceful Thinker” Our blades, barrels, ropes and bombs slay the evil thrust upon us, / And yet we are not terrorists. Nor terrorising Finger On The Trigger that it’s okay to squeeze then nothing will change / / we all have powder burns on our fingers/ Guns aren’t for threats, there for actions Guns threats actions

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