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From the Fields of Forever: Healers’ Duet Laughter given wings, / My banner flutters in the Sky / like fiery amber and starry night… / Benign Ruler of all I spy! Unmasking Wisdom by Quinn Blackburn Wading Through the Spiritlands Spirit, insight, and tranquility in blue. Peace is a road that begins in each of you! ! In Her Bloodstream: Song Unbroken Eater of Souls, Pale Huntress of the World’s warm Heartwaters… They come! Bradán Feasa~ Swimming in Wisdom Armored, Flashing and Bright, like Knights of Olde… Braving hungry teeth and wicked claws. Press on! Be Bold! Vanishing Beauty by Quinn Blackburn Singing Through Dreamtime Nothing is ever forgotten for each memory is like a book, only waiting for the cover to be opened and read… Queen of Heaven by Quinn Blackburn Her Crown… Woven of Sunlight, Music, and Sw… We brew Sunshine into Medicine, Transform Blossom into Stone… Raising the Sun with Song- Wearing a Crown Invisi… In feathered robes the choir collects; shuffling, rustling, warbling erratically until one Singer interjects… A Shadow Across the Moon Magic sifts from every plume, as endless as Mother’s love. Nothing remains hidden from my sight, as I bring messages from Creator abo… Raising the Sun with Song – Sing Your Truth Do you accept Truth with a smile? Or do you deny, hide and pout? It can sometimes seem brutal, but that is not what Truth is really about&#… Dreaming Wisdom in Winter's Womb by Quinn Blackburn In the Moment Between Lightning and Thunder Power echoes in each beat I keep. Visions unparalleled… Heights unguessed… Scales of Balance ~ a poetic discussion on Creatu… Silently I slide along, measuring Creation with my scales. / You must listen closely to hear my sibilant song / for there is Wisdom, Magic,… Dreaming Wisdom in Winter's Womb by Quinn Blackburn Beauty Within ~ A poetic discussion of Creature T… Scarlet and gold cover the land / warm spicy scents fill the air, / mountain laurel and rich earth, / as Bounty spills forth and fills wait… Still Standing I stand like a Tree surrounded by City. / Harsh, cold concrete binds my roots! / I shift uneasily in this unwelcoming ground… From the Fields of Forever ~ Into Creator’s… Standing with green hands outspread, a chain of childhood memories for thy head… Quartet in Moonlight ~ Song of the Steadfast As a sunset, it fades and another voice lifts / like an oboe’s sweet tones, / this Teacher’s voice drifts… Wading Through the Spiritlands by Quinn Blackburn Swimming in Wisdom by Quinn Blackburn Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior “Be of good cheer! For I am the Herald of messages Divine; emblem of the Optimist, the Fortunate, and the Kind.” Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love Joy waits for no season! Open your heart! Love is not bound by Time, or Death, or Reason! Grandmother Speaks to Me Like Thunder by Quinn Blackburn Healers' Duet by Quinn Blackburn Bardic Shield by Quinn Blackburn In and Out of Shadows With a Hatful of Tricks... by Quinn Blackburn Father's Touch by Quinn Blackburn Lady of Graceful Mercy :Voices from the Forest by Quinn Blackburn Venus Rising from the Wisdom of the Sea Therefore, Remember! Each of us contains a shining form of excellence within our roughened exteriors… From the Fields of Forever ~ Wisdom from the Wate… I am the waterless Sea stretching from shore to shore. I feed the World and serve as Summer’s dancing floor… Rainbow Warriors Creating Karma and doing laundry as we attempt to understand Life around us… Wading Through the Spiritlands by Quinn Blackburn Grandmother Speaks to Me like Thunder With a final rumble the storm rolls away beyond the vanishing plains. Gold rimmed clouds sail across heavenly blue… Surrending to Summer by Quinn Blackburn In Her Bloodstream Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart… Songs of Hope and Winged Truth Let Love be your lamp, and Faithfulness your shield Within My Shadow “Stormbringer, Bonepicker, Trickster some call me.” In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul Dream Dancer, Wave Rider, Sleek hounds of the Sea… Fearing Shadows ~ A closer look at a familiar Hal… Fear holds no power after it has been faced. / Little details will show you the big picture, so / Listen closely or these subtle signs will… Grandmother’s Red Braids Singing in the Win… We sing of Life in all it’s cyclic glory,Unity, Community, Harmony, and Wisdom of days long passed… Sweet Bonds of Desire I spread, like legends, like rumors, From temple’s sacred spire to envelope all the world in sweet ribbons of hidden desire." The Fields of Forever~ Voice of Love “Heady with the scent of Love, / Dancing in every glowing shade, / I sing of every grace found above. / Though I wither, True Beau… From the Fields of Forever ~ A Healer’s Han… Herald of spring, yet my dress is plain. I will teach you of tenacity, and stability, Master Healer, I show you when new life has begunR… Voices from the Forest: Lady of Graceful Mercy Generous Heart leads to Generous Mind. I will show you the path of the Gentle Warrior, Modest, loving, innocent, mercifully kind.” All Of Our Deeds Come Home to Roost We can only reap / that which we sow. / If you put no effort in, / you receive nothing, / and naught of value will grow. Wild Queen of the Roadside by Quinn Blackburn Bardic Shield by Quinn Blackburn Along a Good Red Road by Quinn Blackburn In and Out of Shadows With a Hatful of Tricks Spring unfurls her blossomed cape and dances the grass green again. Vibrant and bright eyed appears a shape, and then… Beauty Within by Quinn Blackburn Quartet in Moonlight~ Tracking Wisdom Around the … Glowing Moon, White as Bone, Sails o’er Waters… O’er Hills, o’er time-darkened Stone. Gnawing the Moon down to a cr… Bardic Shield “As above, so below! / From tiny courageous seed, mighty strength will grow. Over Hill and Moon with Sceptre and Crown Majestic Lord, Lady of the horned crown… Together, our cloven dance upon the Earth cannot be outdone… Messenger of Hope and Dawning Truth by Quinn Blackburn Tracking Wisdom Around the Wheel by Quinn Blackburn Stars of Beauty and Truth Gathered in Her Arms White stars gathered / like wise blessings within my arms, / I show the Beauty / of Nature’s sweet charms… Voices From the Forest: Roots Given Wings A murmuring Choir / with rushing voices / mimicking the Sea, / Speak to us of / Lessons / Wisd… Stalking Wisdom Around the Wheel: from the Quartet in Moonlight by Quinn Blackburn Gentle Warrior Singing Gifts of Love by Quinn Blackburn Quartet in Moonlight~ 3rd Singer Wise Fool, / I dance to my own heart’s beat. / I’ll hand you Wisdom on one side / …and then fall to my own conceit! Recycling Wisdom Pharaoh’s food, strength of legions, My forms and functions are numerous. Queen of Heaven I was given no voice with which to sing, yet my lessons are inevitable, vital as the Spring! From the Fields of Forever: Bride’s Blessin… My wine-dark fruit tempts every feathered messenger, yet there is no part of me without virtue… Love’s Knight Errant Muttering and mumbling like the White Knight of Wonderland, a new voice begins to sing… Gathering Wisdom While Balancing in the Winds by Quinn Blackburn Laughing Down the Shadows As we travel along, Laughter, chuckling like a brook, becomes a joyful song… Swallowing the Moon by Quinn Blackburn Heart Song I am there…Hiding, Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming of the day when / I will not run before Your Anger,Your Hurt…Your Hunger!" Quartet in Moonlight: Trickster's Riff by Quinn Blackburn Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W… Wash away your woes in my healing embrace… Raising the Sun with Song ~ Bold vs Brash “Like the Magician, I teach you how to bring your tools to bear… to balance between this world, and the blue road of spirit, wi… In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul by Quinn Blackburn Unmasking Truth Mystery, magic, and true dreaming, or larceny, fraud, and self-deception… which you may truly desire in your life is the question you… Wisdom from Angelic Wings Across the sparkling mirror’s face, / Countless wandering sails bent in formation, / They come! In Her Bloodstream: Ballad of the Dreaming Soul by Quinn Blackburn Charmed Prince of the Woodlands by Quinn Blackburn Emerald Heart of Winter “I herald the returning of Light and Life upon the season’s wheel. Peace-bearer, Warmth-bringer;secrets of purification, healin… From the Fields of Forever: Lion of Summer I roar across the sunny fields and shake my snowy mane, casting wishes and beginnings upon the Winds! The Give-Away Eagle by Quinn Blackburn Father's Radiant Smile by Quinn Blackburn From the Fields of Forever ~ Into Creator's Eyes by Quinn Blackburn Become the Change you Desire by Quinn Blackburn Scales of Balance by Quinn Blackburn In The Moment Between Thunder and Lightning by Quinn Blackburn Buzzing to be Heard ~ the song of a well known Sh… Voices dry as desert tears, / yet moist as rankest fen, / this Singer teaches us / the patience of Zen… Blazing Trails I might spread my arms and hold back the fearful night… Quartet in Moonlight:  Danu's Huntsmen by Quinn Blackburn Along a Good Red Road Great or small, each has their place at the banquet of life. Share your burdens and halve your strife!" T’wixt the Balance of Day and Night Balanced and Bold a new voice arises… Sensitive and full of surprises… Raising the Sun with Song – Hearts Afire wi… Do you feel challenged by Change? Without it, your garden would not grow! I’ll help you plant new seeds of thought, and tell you when… Along a Good Red Road by Quinn Blackburn Ride the Winds Thunder rolls across the hills… / Denim whipcracks split the skies… / …Feel the rumble of their coming… From the Fields of Forever: Sweet Whispers in the… With a true heart I herald the Goddess of Spring, and caution vigilence in all things… Spiritual Warrior My wind-wise rattles / teach the rhythm of Mystery, / as I quake with power. / Self-reliance and spiritual evolution / can be learned withi…
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