Notes on Divine Intervention found in the Illiad,… Divine Intervention 1: Chryses appeal to Apollo causes the god to attack the Greek armies with plague. This intervention leads to the anger… Antigone- an essay In the Greek play Antigone, we are faced with a conflict between religious or moral law vs. state or human law, represented by the equally … How life should be lived My paintings express tranquility and peace because that is what I feel while painting and it is something I want to pass on to my children,… Melpomene – a visual character study Her waist-length hair had a character all its own… untied and streaming, it was a wild thing, a black sea at midnight – you wanted to… A Tast of Pomegranate I ate pomegranate for breakfast. My fingers dug through the rind, taring chunks away and leaving my fingers stained blood red whenever I hi… Marinella-Art The traditionally composed paintings of flowers and Greek icons, express the peace, relaxation, and spirituality I connect with the act of … In The Sign Of Taurus The Cow-horned Egyptian goddess Hathor was revered as the ancient Queen of Heaven. She was the patron of dancers, the generator of light an… Gaia The Living Planet In The Moment Of Creation Greek myth atones for existence by recounting the stories of the evolution of the forces of creation and nature through a personification o… The Sisters. (Mature) Syrinx by Ruben Dario Daphne, divine Daphne! I want to look for the slight / Cane that corresponds to your avoiding lips; / I will make a flute out of her and I… The Goose who went to Heaven There once was a small Greek god, who fell in love with a goose. Why, I am not really sure…Why didn’t he pick me? Or that girl over t… asynaisthita “Listen Sarah, generally speaking I meant the ancient fables, in the Greek mythology where the souls stood in an order of waiting in … Heartstrings and tiny souls will free Eurydice … Charites Gratiae – the three graces, mythology of greeks. / Considered daughters of Zeus and Eurynome / and yet said of Dionysus and Aphrodite… Melaina I fed to you the seeds / of my heart / And bit my lips / as you burst them apart I am Seifva Seifva was the gaurdian of the angelic world, Arc. he lost his life his love and his passsion but he gained something for all of eternety Khaos is the plan after the / first few plans have failed//barring sleeping eyes from slumber//segregates pull for connection / to find balance,… Time flies A black limousine is gliding along the famous Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly…. According to Empedocles, I can be WATER All the water I’d gather / in your cupped hands / and mirror your reflection upon my own / The glow produced by the liquid gathering … Zeus This crusader seared by the sun / Travels upon the countryside / Lost in the night, finding himself / From the stars he comes / A special k… Old Gods Zeus, in the Big Chair, handing out all the responsibilities: "OK, Aphrodite, you’ll be in charge of all the beautiful people, a… Athena With her / A war is won / Without / All but lost / Nothing is as Holy / This Goddess I speak of / Theodore John Glendinning II / Copyright … Titan on High I see you wondering ‘round / Looking for something that can’t be found / Something no one’s ever known… / In me Neféle Chi porta la morte non soffre The Eeerie Voice of Evil Still as the coldness of space / Read well oft laced with varied views / Seemingly enough doth the dark entrust / Him and the beings thereo… OF Wine Flowing crimson justified through fun / It fills body with warmth and emotion / Sitting with glass in hand / Talking laughing but not think… I Speak Only of Arms _Forwards is the ride! / To a star, to a galaxy / One hundred thousand miles away, / To Saturn herself we Ride! greek stones and the maniac quarryman the maniac quarryman reverses up the track to my land, flattening fences, barriers, walls and unwary goats in the fithy murk… Leda and the Swan Leda and the Swan comes from Greek mythology. In the myth, Zeus came to Leda in the form of a Swan. Death Can Love ( Hades-part 3) Some time later, Hades returned to the throne room, to apologise to her, saying how he should have consulted her first. But when he came up… What Dionysus Said to Apollo “He quickly grabbed a large, flat stone from the ground and bashed the creature’s head…he dragged the unconscious primate… Death Can Love (Hades- Part 2) “It is impossible to cut the threads of life!!!!” Atropos shrieked / “If Axelia does not cease in her aid of the humans, then her thread wi… THE SAINT’S FEAST DAY Her face reminded me of a gentle, whiskered mule. I don’t mean that to demean her. It’s just an observation. Death Can Love (Hades- Part 1) It was after the great many wars that the earth was void of human life. Commanded by Zeus, Prometheus the Titan began to yet again shape be… Tears in the Rain “Maria…” my voice sounds hoarse but it manages to come out in a rusty whisper “just stay with me. I love you, babe. Just stay.” Death Can Love (Hades- part 4) Hades was constantly after her and all things of her likeness. For this reason, neither Hades nor Axelia were punished and Aphrodite nullif… Death Can Love (Hades- part 5) Later that night, after he bade Persephone good evening, Hades met Charon, who showed his master what was left of his former queen. The poi… Rise of Apollyon: Part 1 Apollyon, the destroyer titan, came to Kronos under the guise of one of Hades’s servants, and sought power to defeat Kronos’s w… Greek Islands he Greek Islands is a holidaying paradise for all sorts – young backpackers, honeymooning love-birds and retired ancients on all-incl… Demeter(Greek for Mother Earth) She is everything / Everything is she / She, is Mother Nature Μπορω να τραγουδησω ενα ουρανιο τοξο Ακουστε με τα ματια σας, / Ακουστε με σας τα αυτια και τραγουδουν ο, τι βλεπετε. Why There Is No Hero In Greek Mythology Named Chr… I wish I was like one of those warriors in Greek Mythology that could look a cyclops in the eye and smile. / Maybe even say “cheese… What Apollo Said to Dionysus “Sweat dripped from Apollos brow as he fell to his knees, bow in hand. He closed his eyes as if waiting for the pain to finally stop.… Greek Ants Paradise. Heaven. Tranquillity at its best. Icarus Eyes And she took her wings / and stood before the winds of destiny / and let them blow her to the sun. greek wisdom one universe / within a single part / of another? / or the same…. / as above / so below the siren’s call… street walking Aphrodite style…legs on killer heels all pumped…walking fire of desire siren red Castor, Meet Pollux Dear Castor, meet Pollux. / The world became one. / The world becomes one! Happy “I love you,” he said desperately, and Hecate grinned broadly. But he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to Persephone. Trismegistus The adamantine blade sliced with cold precision and equal mercilessness through everything, even the thick, sinewy neck of the King. The Secret of Vesta, a new novel by Kimberly Dawn… I just published my first young adult, fantasy, fiction novel entitled, “The Secret of Vesta,” under the pen name Kimberly Dawn… A Bumblebee’s Woes A bumblebee dies having stung a living soul, / Does he ever wonder where he goes? / Does he bother the Fates for fear it maybe late, / To f… Lessons Learned Because I don’t know everything (something I admit when my kids aren’t present), I can appreciate the lessons I absorbed (sometimes unwilli… hashtag #mountingTimiona “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona (Νικασίτιμος οἶφε Τιμίονα).”

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