Girls and Women A girl is stories, A woman is truth her lips all I could think about was her scent. And how much better she would smell, closer to me Caution! I’m 40, you know? Is that too old to regain some measure of health, regain some measure of my former figure, and go out and do the t… Little Girls Without Fathers A Mother Who’s Trying So Hard / And Filling Both Shoes… / It’s The Little Girls Without Fathers / The No Father Truth…. Nice girls and the Not so Very Nice All the nice girls / with the right curls / following their hearts / The ones with no dents in their head / Adventures of snow peaks and re… Tahitian girls, naked ballerinas and coal miners characters in my dreams Esmeralda and her hair (revi… When Esmeralda was two, her mother cut her hair. She stared into the mirror and did not recognize herself. It was so short her ears froze… Bra boys and girls are meeting in March. In the few bits of Heartbreak High that I watched, there wasn’t a rather short, stout, deputy principal, striding through the playgro… Fake Memoirs II (Mature) A Chant for Big Girls who like Double Dutch (skip… Fuck You, She said in a sing-song voice / As she shut the door on his sullen face / Walking the hall, slamming the door / On things she s… Girls IN MY CIRCLE When I was little, I used to believe in the concept / of one best friend. The Bra Girls. Where are they now? You’d be surprised how, half a century later, so many things that fellow MBHS students said and did are remembered, like it was yeste… Horse events and angular tent pitching for girls&… After the hog roast and my vegetarian version:quiche. Yes I know that a quiche rotating on a stick over a fire does not conjure the same ro… boys who’d be girls, who’d be boys, w… For every girl who throws out her e-z bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. Cassettes and Little Girls I once knew a kid who had a crush on a girl named Krista. / He had brown, shaggy hair and liked girls then / —he wouldn’t always. Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us. History of Atlantis Atlantis was falling, falling out from it’s highest point in the sky. It fell faster, and faster still until finally it collided with the A… The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) the club (Mature) WOMEN From the Mother who bore / to the women who tore / The sisters that grew / the girls at the dances / taste the best thing on offer / I feel… Playboy Bunnies on LSD When i was a little girl, i was enthralled with the big Playboy sign, hanging in all its pink neon glory from the Drake Club Hotel off of … No longer a Maiden, Not yet a Crone……… No longer a maiden, / Not yet a crone, / I am a Mother, / Giver of Life. / With this energy, / I embrace my womanhood, / And I celebrate my… wittle archie’s ( winter blues ) poem if your outside in the winter / its usually cold and wet / so heres something you could do / before you go out and forget / wrap up in a ja… Girls with Gun and Dog – The story behind t… They were lucky to find this place; they’d have no hope without it. They had to get out and to her grandfather. No Heroines Skinny girls in skinny skirts / Pouting for the camera / Showing off size zero figures / With not a word to say Zulu Fly…and the Pretty Girl Bench Zulu Flys are different, we’re story tellers, the fly on the wall that you always want to hear from The Fantasy of a Fat Girl I can change my cover, / still be a good book, / turn inside out / and be the woman / any man would want? Mosquitos She called the other day. / She does that sometimes / Asks about my life / Tells me about hers / But I don’t care / I feign interest… Blue eyed Lacy and Iggie the mouse. Lacy’s big blue, tear filled eyes find mine. we sit facing each other around my round table, fresh vanilla cupcakes between us. Cinderella Ever After Little girls of a certain time and place / invariably dreamed of being princesses – / always beautiful, always loved. Love Sweet Triangle Once more I pass by Beijing / and it’s blue blue sky.. / This time it was a golden autumn The Ones That We Forget To See Why must we all be cool and clever? / Can’t we just be ourselves ever? / I’m ok with being dorky. / I’m just a girl who&#… intention’s return-consciousness story from… My thoughts bring me to the connection between and among religions- the myth of conscious world… Just a little tale my girls love…… One chilly morning little bird hopped out of his nest and Mamma bird said “Good morning little bird…It’s time to fly today!” / Little bird … THE SINGLE GIRLS’ BEST FRIEND or BILL, BIL… Here, bring it over here. NO! Leave your hand on it. Now, take that-there thing, yeah, that- and pull it back…There you go, Girl, you… A Seamless Affair Something something. Who knows. I know it’s nothing special but it was in me The Things Unsavory Girls Miss Out On Behind the optic lens of a death’s head pessimist, lies the macula… retina, door to the optic nerve. The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… Girls (described using maths) I’m sin^2 and you’re cos^2, together we’re 1 the toilet wont flush oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my god and im in a rush / what a mess as i hurridly blush / oh my god the toilet wont flush / oh my go… When He’s Chiming, When He’s Chiming,… Touches Heart & Nation / Silence falls throughout London / Hope You Enjoy Big Ben / Please visit the pics too:-) Indeterminacy 402 (The Balloon) Which came first, the girl or the balloon? red bum cheeks clearley remembering the good old days / playing in the fields climbing trees / jumping over gardens chap door run / home from school with … She is extraordinary. As she walks with her head held held high / Ignorant to the passing glances and whispered words / Rules and trends she’s supposed to … the price we will have to pay ( poem by craftsman… here we all are on redbubble / all looking for a peace of fame / creating the most beautiful art work / with or without a frame / in exchan… wittle archies close call ( wear your seat belt i… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age from a village called sauchie in scotland uk… / t… wittle archies bwirthday suwrprise hi their wittle archie here im jwust a boy of only shevan yearsh old and im from a village in clackmannanshire called sauchie in scotland i… Of gypsies, first dates, teenage years, the bra b… t was the time when Rock ’n Roll was new. / She and I also did a mean cha-cha!! Indeterminacy 413 (Bruna) Talk was she’d killed a man in Kansas. With a home run. Ball come down a mile away and beaned him into the Great Beyond. Love of My Life I grab her waist and pull her in tight. Her cheek squishes against my chest, her warmth heating my body, and her love filling my heart. Grandmothers were Teens Too Read and Enjoy Gramma’s night of teenage revelry shared with me and part of a book which was written about this wonderful lady Cheetah In The Urban Jungle This time round, the prize – / Is a blonde that caught my eye. Who knew birds fly at midnight?… girls night out / plus One… wittle archie-are you a good sprout or bad sprout… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jusht a wittle boy of sheven yearsh of age / from a village in scotland called sauchie in the uk /… Little Boys & Little Girls He was broken, now he’s hurt / And cannot fix the pain. Naming the Baby Let’s see now / If a girl / How about Amber or Chloe / They’re precious and rather classical… wittle archie-be a friend ( school bullying ) end… hi their my name is wittle archie and im jwust sheven years old today im going to tell you a poem about school / today i went to school / t… The girl they write songs about And she is everything that I wish I could be Younique You are unique, / Unlike the rest. / And only you, / Do “you” the best. wittle archies new teacher and redbubble art day hi everybody my names wittle archie im shevan years old and im from a small village in clackmannanshire scotland uk called sauchie / iR… Indeterminacy 417 (A Valentine’s Day Legend) “We just turned 18,” Auburn stated. wittle archies new pet silver and trip to the fun… hi my names wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire uk scotland, tod… Girls Must be sweet, smart and sexy. Stuck to me I cannot take comfort in pebbles and limes. No lake to skim them across, no gin to sink them in. wittle archie-swing fun ( could be dangerous ) hi my name is wittle archie, if we havent met before then im very pleased to meet you……… / im only sheven yearsh of age a… Bitch. You love what makes you feel pretty and comfortable. / I love what keeps me alive and strong. / You love what gives you attention. / I lov… Feature Thanks! Feature, “Two Girls”, “All Things Poetic, Prose, Philosophical” It Ain’t Rocket Science This story starts somewhere in beginnings of hormonal town. / It ain’t rocket science our sexual formulas are as old as that fella Methusel… Back In The Summer of ’96 (oh yeah!) Something had felt wrong as soon as she’d entered the bedroom, and she’d refused to sleep with him. wittle archies call for help ( save the world ) hi my name is wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a small village in scotland called sauchie in clackmannanhi… A Woman of No Apologies She will not have to ever apologize for being one. My Girls. When you were born I felt complete, / Those tiny hands and little feet. / Those sleepy eyes of precious blue, / You were so pink and very n… Climbing Trees in Ribbons Little girl me / dressed in a prison of ribbons / and Sunday dresses / hitches a scraped knee / over the branch of her favorite tree̷… Afghanistan Groups of girls hurrying to school, / To prevent acid to the face; / They should know their place. a red sock day (not a green sock day) the bath overflowing and running into the ocean, / you and me beneath the covered night sky. / I know this, wittle archies fisrt day out alone ( the shadow )… hi my name is wittle archie im jusht shevan years of age and im from a village called sauchie in clackmannanshire scotland uk / hi to all m… proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… wittle archie ( its pretty kool to wear glasses ) heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone misssssssed you / hi wittle archie here guess where ive been hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm / cant you guess ( nooooooooooooo… Thanks for the Feature “The Eyes Have It… Feature, feature, feature!!! BIG BOY They call me BIG BOY / Because of my size / You can see in my eyes / I’m very intelligent and very wise / I’ve been running fre… Meet Me In The Next Life reincarnation is the only hope The dancer So weak these arms are / weak enough to be lead by a pair of strings stolen from a puppet / her splinters seem to grow under my skin like r… wittle archies windy experience hi my name is archie and im jwusht a wittle boy of only shevan yearsh of age and im fwrom a village in scotland uk called sauchie / to-dwa… A Night Out With The Girls (Erotic Content) (Mature) Underworld Ho Electric fish and dragon’s eye / slithering through darkened tide / Hoary browed and shining of fin / Back to where it all did begin / Puls… The girls Water splashes as feet run through the stream / Peals of laughter under the summer sun / Once ashore, they link arms / Skipping along the p… The Queen’s Library! “Now what are we to look for, Lindsey?” Joy asked. Lindsey walked to one of the many book shelves filled with books. “ REAL MAGAZINE Thank You so much Jean and everyone at Real Magazine for giving me this opportunity to be featured in your incredible magazine!! Mudding Adventure We got to the top of the hill and there it was, Sally’s Pit – the LARGEST mud hole on the planet. Indeterminacy 146 (Two Ladies) He trusted his youthful virility to endure both of the erotic apparitions. Oddays On odd days, when the sun rose askance, the boat would arrive. Why Do Pretty Girls Always Lie? She smelled of text messages. / A digital massage of ringtones / and new England voices. / A 10. / Perfect fit / Non plastic tits / Whisper… We Just Wanna… Tattoos! The more, the merrier! / Pink or blue dyed hair or both! Spike it or shave it!!! Drovers Diary, The Girls. And drag us over all those splintery lumps and horrible drafty cracks. Just Because I’m a GIRL I’m not obsessed with make up… Doesn’t mean I can’t play in the dirt… I’m not a cheerleader because I d… I think i would have loved the name Judith Come with me and let me show you something / Let’s go out for a walk, please keep me company for a little while / Have you see those littl…
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