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The Old Crone by owlspook Flash Fiction by bchrisdesigns


…and cried in a language that sent shivers down my spine
The Welcoming by owlspook

Greedy Shits

It was silly really as substitutes would suffice but that “wouldn’t be proper” the majority yelled back.

I Know Where Mommy Is

Bobby poked his tiny head around the corner and saw the man with the metal fingers pointing one, long silvery one at his daddy. Daddy look…
WildFire by owlspook

The Frog Tattoo

The tattoo expanded and contracted like a big ol’ bull-frog.

Growing Up (Flash)

Once upon a time the world was mine. With a snap of my fingers it would appear.

In Oregon: roadside tree.

A road sign gave us the information, pulling over would be important. “The oldest tree in Oregon.” I wanted to keep driving, two more ho…

Predicting Dialogue

I leaf through a magazine during the television show. One of those nighttime dramas she continues to watch though she mostly laughs at the…

The Plot Thickens Featuring The Creature That Wal…

What story am I?

Don’t Laugh, it’s True

And that’s when it it hit me. / In that split second, I knew the sad, overwhelmingly obvious, now-clear-as-a-bell-why-listen-to-it-chime ir…

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the dark… I wish I was…

The Plot Thickens Featuring Star-Cross’d Lo…

What story am I?

The Plot Thickens Featuring Mistaken Identity

What story am I?
Flash Fiction by bchrisdesigns

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

“Why do they have to keep bloody changing things? Tell me, what’s wrong with just a good old fashioned pub?”

Weird (s)Hit

It’s the kind of cold sweating, bowel-wrenching fuck-up I’ve become. One man’s high is another man’s grief.

Fairy Favours (Flash Fiction)

An odd flower found in the woods; strange fairy-touched events follow…

The Plot Thickens Featuring The Boy Who Lived

What story am I?

Cold Target

They were all expendable, but that did not mean they were suicidal, and the longer they stayed in the open the greater their losses. Reachi…

Turn Around

Samantha pulled out the old fashioned typewriter from beneath the pile of junk in the attic. She hated this house. The floorboards creaked …


And that’s when it hit me; a lightning fast jab to the jaw followed by three more in staccato succession

Demands (Flash Fiction)

They came when the sun dropped away. Swarms of them, massing in the back yard and taking over my world.
All That Remains by DBA Lehane


Shards of glass lay scattered across the floorboards. Tiny fragments of me were reflected in the pieces, each revealing an emotion I was tr…

The grocery store

Then comes the part I hate. I never remember until it happens. It always happens.

The Guy’s Psychosis (flash)

Psychosis was almost fun when you learned to preempt your mind.

Contagion (Flash Fiction March Challenge)

When the virus first rolled through town, no-one even noticed. They worked out in hindsight that it must’ve come through a month before the…

Down by Gully Creek

“I’m sure I saw something moving out there!” said Jess nervously. “Why’d we have to take this route back?”
Foo's Dragon - 'A Shade of Envy' - Story Flash Fiction by  Solar Zorra by skippygirlgraphics

All That Remains

You remember, it’s where you insisted on buying a kilo of Fourme de Montbrison cheese before saying you loved me for the very first time.

The existence of heroes

Wolverine was licking his knuckles and whimpering

The Party Girl

That bitter taste still laced her mouth and she was convinced her drink had been spiked.

The Bear and the Golden Mermaid

Their romance was so intense that their spirits eventually became one.
World On Fire by owlspook

Accidents Do Happen

Charlie hadn’t been too recognisable by the time he hit the concourse below.


Sarah began to take the wedding dress off. “I never got to that big white wedding every little girl dreams about.”

A Fool and Her Money

Every time Terry turned a card, Lana felt a rush of adrenaline. This, she thought, was what it must be like to be high. On top of the world…

Thrill of the Moment

Everyone breathed a self-congratulatory sigh as the last speaker sat down. As the meeting drew to a close, Warren, the group’s counsellor, …

Red Rum

‘Red rum?’ Tess said in disgust, ‘What kind of message is that? It makes no sense.’ / Rachel looked up from the Ouija board, her face pale,…

Love Is Like Water

“Love is like water,” sighed Jen over lunch. “You can’t live without it, it’s refreshing at first but in the end it all becomes a bit bori…

The perfect invention

It slices. It dices. With a little extra grunt it purees.

Secret Ingredient

“Wow!” Linda slugged down the egg nog. “This is way better than last year’s! / What’s the secret ingredient?”

A Brief History of Love

She was bright and kind, he wild and out-of-control. It was love at first sight.

True Bloody Love Mate

She had tits that could take yer eye out, and knew howta use em.

Toast and avo

She stared at me as if I were some foreign creature out of her worst nightmare.

She’ Gone. A short story about friendship.

I had a friend once. / We met some years back by chance. A few exploratory steps were taken at first to see if we liked each other. Seems w…

Reel Life – Part 1

David emerged from the building slowly, his face shadowed under a wide brimmed hat. / ‘Celia?’ / Startled, Celia turned quickly. A halo of …

Time to Go.

Everything was almost frozen, his brain struggling to absorb it all at once, before it was gone for good.


Greta glanced at her watch with a sigh. A mound of dishes and laundry awaited her attention at home, the groceries were turning to mush in …

Unhappy Ending

I shrugged. Helplessly. How could I lie? How could I pretend anything other than the evidence she had, until just seconds ago, held in her…

Amounting to Nothing

“No,” interjected Ted above the mocking laughs and abuse of his classmates. “I have actually invented nothing, as in nothingness. Like a re…


It was the first day of winter that he’d left me. He accused me of being as cold as ice. / “I need warmth, the fresh blooms of …

Valentine’s Gift

The radio alarm cut through Kylie’s fuddled senses. February the fourteenth and the station was playing Everybody Hurts by REM. / ‘How appr…

A True Story of Lust and Desire.

The lights were dimmed, a faint glow showing through the partly opened door. Music emanated from the room, slow and sensuous. / Bonny’s v…

River Boat Sex

She smiled, coyly. “Well the fact you live on a river boat sounds infinitely more interesting than my basement flat.”


Wes shot up in his chair, all weariness dissolved as he stared at the video monitor. His work as the tech specialist for paranormal investi…

Closer Than You Think

Living Next Door to Alice trilled through the radio. / ‘I love this song!’ Jill exclaimed. As she faced her lover, she noticed his pale fac…

Rubbing Shoulders

‘Oh boy, was my face red!’ / Keith rolled his eyes and pointedly began to study his fingernails. The congenial smile on the older man’s fac…

The Queue

I pulled off a layer of heavy clothing as the air grew steadily more oppressive. Removing a handkerchief from my jeans pocket, I wiped my s…

The Grouchy Vampire

“Believe me kids, there’s nothing cool about being a Vampire,” said Octavius. “Seriously it’s nothing like modern books and TV portray.”

The Man Who Took a Dump and Discovered He Had a T…

Only trouble is each time you yank it, the damn toilet takes you off to a different time in history.

The Longest Drive

‘Where’s the fruit?’ Tony asked as he rummaged through the bags of food piled on the backseat. / ‘Didn’t get any,’ Paul replied. / ‘All you…


“Why do these potions always have to have such repulsive things in?”

Out of Body

What I don’t see and can’t accept, doesn’t exist. / Except, what he couldn’t see was him.

“Meeting in the Supermarket” ~ Flash …

Leslie had learned retreat was better than patronization.

Sailing the Morning Fog

The whole shoreline was wreathed in fog. It shrouded the sleepy village beneath my mountaintop home. All that could be seen was the steeple…

Where’s Danny?

“Look!” shouted Kenny…“I think Danny’s shit in the garden!”

The Untold Story of How Christine Saved My Life (…

I stared blankly at the tile. The emotional whirlpool tugged me, spinning fearful waves and shame filled undercurrents. This dark ocean gr…

An Ordinary Vampire

There was nothing in particular that set him aside from mere mortal men.

Web of Hunger

He struggled to remember the last time he’d landed a fly and his digestive system groaned…

Time Stops

“I see the sunlight glinting off the glass as it shatters, caught in that long moment of time, frozen into beams of light that remind…

Bloody Snowflake

He worked for the Kings; they had refined tastes in meat. I asked what he meant by that and he said homo sapiens sapiens. I said I didn’t s…

From Within the Earth

…scientists brave enough to investigate the malignant material found that the stuff is mineral and yet alive.

The Greedy Hawk

“You shan’t have it!” cried the hawk. “And just to make sure you never get it, I’m going to make it mine forever!” Then he gulped the jewel…


Oh yes if you want to stay here you’re going to have to take the room at the top of the house the one the maid had years back and you’ll ha…

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