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A flame inside a frame I see a picture and in an instant instantly I seem to obsess over her and what she used to mean / Constantly stressing me when I think abou… The last flame I breathe in / The snow draws near / And I… / Despite having fac… stand the coin on its edge she has been waiting for the candle to burn with a bright flame / ‘There you are,’ said a voice behind her. / she snuffed out … pyrotechny I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting HAVE YOU EVER Have you ever danced naked / on the tip of a flame / or skipped on ripples / of a butterfly’s wake River of Deceit My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul. against the edges of me My heart is like a burnt out heap, she sleeps and eats and breathes underneath where it’s deep and I wonder when it will leave. Flutter She’s a moth, that girl; with butterfly eyelashes and her wings made of difference. The Flame of Hope hope / promises / broken / flame roses on the fire – children has killed by … let stop that fire / stop the War please! moths, flames and me “lovers are like moths / drawn to a flame”, ’tis said. Reinventing a Life I must be clear-eyed now in this new life; / I must sew together these ragtag scraps / of my life’s crazy-quilt into something / that wil… ECSTASY- LOVE’S RELIANCE that love was flowing swiftly through our veins conundrum I don’t know how people live without love! My Passion’s Flame For there within this heart of mine, / asleep was I, in love and life, / blind to passion’s breathtaking bliss, / until you granted t… Heart of Fire Heart of fire, child of the volcano / born from flame and unbridled passion She Stands Against the Flame It threatens to engulf her / Though she stands against the flame The Flame of Peace A sweet evening breeze tousles curtains and stirs a candles flame. The Moth and the Flame but of course… the flame itself – the very fire that PROVIDES the light – it burns algebra of my insanity you put me under your skin, / and there you keep me warm. / [ I couldn’t ever come closer to your inner irresistibility] / devoted to… Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… Feeding the Flame I long for the day I can own it, the heat of that fire, / awaiting the footfalls of one who will know / the contours of honest desire. Against the Elements The flame of a candle flickers / Alone against the wind / Thrashed from all sides / It still stays alight The Reflection The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice, The Memory of You seething with desire into the candle flame I look / into the candle / flame and see / such peace / such joy / serenity / and clarity a single candle lit flame………… Not only can i feel the strength / of a burning desire from within / my heart, / I feel as though i am totally engulfed / by the heat of y… Small Begining’s. a stillness of sublime knowing Fire keeper.. I found myself flat on my back on Saturday night, awed. / Grass in the curls of my hair. To my left, like ghost breath, a pall of sage-sce… Like a Moth to a Flame……… I hear the crickets / in the night air. / I wonder what they / communicate about………. / and, then, / a THUD. / Was it a c… Mystree Deep – Part 5 – The Dragons And then she came upon the carcass. Lying right in front of her house was a mighty Black Dragon, one of the most evil creatures known to e… Passing on the Flame For too long / We travel in circles / Walking in darkness / Behold the flame / That illuminates shadows / And burns like truth… / I p… Waiting Until every wisp of flame had died out, / I waited for you. the flame in your name connecting with feelings / connecting with love / connecting with the crystal / in the sky above cosmic traveller / where or when disappear… Flame Tonight I feel your sadness / so desolate and lost / the passionate fire / once coursing / your veins , / is gone / life is tough som… We live again new day / new dawn / new life / given Features This Last Week Love Note In The Sand ~ Homepage Feature (2-13-2010) / Right Down To The Core ~ Berries, Fruits, & Seeds / Be Mine ~ All The Colors Of… He When I pass through rough waters…He is with me; / He will take my hand when rivers overflow. / When the flaming fires of doubt dare overtak… Come Undone Beautiful and young she stands stripped in front of her mirror. Piercing green eyes staring deep into her soul. She sees the truth in all… flame i have been touched… / by your smoky voice Passion Ember Such Flame Yes Burning Heat / Euphoric And Surreal… / Beautiful It’s Honesty… / Passion Ember Lies Within… The eternal flame Why do you rake the coals? / I’m searching for lost causes. / Surely they are already burnt out. / There are always embers / And from them … Lady Flame Red, orange, yellow, passion A dancing flame of a single lit candle The essence of your milky alabaster skin / enters my soul as I see your smile / within a dancing flame of a single / lit candle, / To kiss… FANNING THE FLAMES From deep within Seeking We seek for the truth / All of our days. / We wonder and look, / Choosing our ways. / Chosen paths that takes us on our journey / Uncoilin… YOUR EYES ARE THE FLAME The touch of soft white hands / makes sense like sunlight / and peace. eyes, flame when i look in your eyes / remember how it is / by the fireside / in the evening tides / when i look in your eyes / the fire ignites / and … RED ANGEL all alone in paradise / watching the flame / burn into embers / sadness filled the air / tears welled up in my eyes / i felt abandoned by a… RECENTLY FEATURED WORKS # / Featured Work / “NEXT SIDES OF THE APO BOOK” was featured in the group Art in Math 1 day ago / 1. SOME MORE SIDES OF APO BOOK / Feature… golden love we were golden, we too / in the sunset of love / my body fit so well into yours / pressed against you / heart against heart / we danced / … ‘The Prayer’ The incense smoke rises from my soul, / for I am the flame that is burning. / The darkness and the light are fused in my spirit. / The ice … Raising the Sun with Song – Hearts Afire wi… Do you feel challenged by Change? Without it, your garden would not grow! I’ll help you plant new seeds of thought, and tell you when… Empty Space Like each passing hour, my life is short, / No time to waste, / For one day, this will be an empty space. The broken man He is in pieces. He has lost everything. / Now to pick up the fragments. / To get sorted out. / Repair his life.. / Fan each flame into a f… THE STORM It started simply as a shower / You brought me a spring flower / I laughed as you placed it behind my ear / Then you whispered words I want… Fire Stealers There are people walking this earth who are ready to steal your fire. Are you going to let them? Twin flame On golden pond I toss my coin and watch it glide below / Back and forth, down and down; sailing too and fro. / Reflections catch and throw … my flame invite you to gaze / into their / burn that / knows your secrets Where’d it go? Once enthusiastic, / warm and energetic / you were. / Yet now / passive and cool, / seemingly uninterested; / apathetic even. / What happen… The Flame it’s curved spherical body / glowing and rising up higher Beauty Over the sweet grass wafted darkness that in spiraling eddies danced so nimbly / Across the sward, toward the tall, ivy festooned tower whe… MY BURNING SOLAR FLAME Kisses like sugar and dewdrops rolled into one / Caresses feel like stars and the sun / The heat of your body close to mine / The moon and … The Self immolation of Thich Quang Duc what would you be willing to do / to make the world look closer, / to pay attention? / how much could you sacrifice if you knew / that it … unconditionally freed. before I even knew you existed, / I felt the excitement of meeting you again. with no explanation. with no reason. / I fed my heart with th… Ignition Flutter flicker / tiny flame - / from this useful match / you came / flicker longing / little fire - / to warm me up / you mus… SO LONG In the beginning it was just a flicker / I mistook it for a sparkle in my eye / But this was no glimmer of hope / No light of inspiration why did it take so long to see? i didnt know / better Consenting Adults Intensity / undiminished / stirs the flame / almost extinguished / burns bright / untouchable / by any / but you Follow Your Flame Magnet bodies attracting, repelling. Mystic love Love speaks of hazy lochs, / stealing dreams / languishing your smile. / Mistaken silhouette vanishes, / dissolves into dusky cloak. / Appa… love, one of the forest I mostly want to water the rejuvenation of our evolution. / Instead, with my thumbs not so green, I drown the seeds. Keep the flame burning Flametop green, / I pulled your essence from the depths. / Touched it, tugged it, told it the truth / Quivering on the edge of ecstas… Rapture she consumed him / like hell fire / licking a path / from his groin to his heart / unconventional she / the only one he / could fathom lovi… Old Flame My hair is thin and the colour of ash, / My body bent now, / No longer as straight as a poker, Darkness and Daytime We’ve traded heat. / I kept your lighter close to me, / still warm in my pocket / like coal glowing. / A white hot flame / slowly cr… Poem: At Your Temple Door Within you flows the wide river / Where gentle blue turtles swim / Protected by your smile / Among the living soft growing green shore Inner Light Your eyes shine bright with an inner light, / that draws me like a moth to a flame, The torch Carrying a torch? / Do you light up you or me? / Torch or cigarette. / Lighting up my life? / Extinguish the light right now. / Life taken … The Flame of Blessing The Flame of Blessing / America’s warriors face dangers untold in a country unlike our own where violent war is a way of life / In evils ca… THE ARACHNI . Now she would have to choose the garage in which to hatch her eggs.. The Flame (still burns!) Can you feel my love? Sacred Flame Pay the hag Time no heed, and she turns away her face / she has no dominion over us, We, exist on every other plane.. Covered Flame A burned out, covered flame. / First lit, flame hot, burning brightly. / Intense, brilliant, defiant. / But after its lighting, the candle … Twin Flame that fearlessness of letting you know all of me / that energy that will constantly cling to me.. / I watched you talk and laugh and I just … The Flame In the flicker of the flame, / It all seemed to grow. / It spread across a solid mass- / Of what i didn’t know. / A single breath- / … Old Flame Don’t take that wrong for I swear it’s true / That had I not left, I may have fallen deeply in love with you. Fire! 911 emergency. / Response is instant. / A siren’s blare and lights flashing… Burning Desire Once a match is found all is asunder / A spark of intention becomes a sizzling desire. Fallen Heroes The fireman didn’t stop to think, the crowd knew not his name, / But donned his mask without a pause and ran into the flame. Flame Thrower Just showing my hostile side it may be to hot handle for some with fragile skin if so wear a flame retardent suit The Dark Flame the dark fire roars, / its master unseen, / he beckons it to burn, / as you fall to your knees, / screaming in agony, / it fades you away, … The Candle the candle burning bright / dripping wax set alight / draws the delicate lady Luna in The Flame I am loved / by a pyromaniac - / who cherishes most / that I am flammable; A Drowning Flame … A Burning Rain If my tortured Soul / were Free. Composers of Humanity A short poem of life, paths and music
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