Laws Against Defacing Art Thinking of copying, defacing or photographing someone else’s work … and passing it off as your ‘art’ ? / Read the… Schooldays. That old gang of mine. Back to Cheste… Willy, who was a cute little class-mate, in Mr Berretty’s class, tells me that I was already such a typical teacher, when I was 12 a… Cornish Miners And they shed the miner’s collar / With education, not a lucky strike. Sexual Edification My hubby he thinks it’s cute how I close my eyes when those tampon adds come on the telly so I thought “right had enough of my shy and V… When all of nature weeps Tears too late to regenerate / and all because we acted too late / Future generations will face decline / If we continue to be ignorant to … Reheated fish fingers when it could be salmon wi… new season of releasing myself education WARNING ABOUT DATA RECOVERY LABS ONLINE: Western Digital HD 5000JS series and 5000KS series is rated the worst for hard drives as they have a high rate of failure (stated by DTI D… the education of rustic delerium the mammoth weight of / rural angels camp / slung its crooked wary / on my stretched cover like broken / manzanita / swamped by cat tail… NETHERLEY COMPREHENSIVE The late Monday light forsakes us / All, as if offended. / Here we sit, you and I, / Made brutal by mutual fear. / This is the way wars st… THE LOVE Doctor So come and get your dose……… / But if you get hooked baby…… Seed, ripe, eat, plant i am the authentic infant woman / laugh with me / truly Are you a virgin? Strange question you may think, however no stranger than when the words are uttered by your 6 year old son… / This story makes me smi… Budding beauty Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol… A Matter of Education They said that she is pretty / Pretty uneducated / Some would say / To him / She is more educated than / Any of the schooled fools / Who ca… In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. Under the Sea Down, down, down we go, / To see the fish we do not know, / I see a starfish, / I see a shark, / I see a jelly fish swimming in the dark, /… Afghanistan Groups of girls hurrying to school, / To prevent acid to the face; / They should know their place. Time to Shake things up…….Back Door Training This is so simple that you can provide any type of safety information to employees. The back door is the place to provide needed training… 6 Words, 26 Lines, Priceless Lessons he two lay silent, fertilization advances! / Wide load halts their continued romances. CONVERSATIONS WITH A KLANSMAN WHEN BOTH WORLDS COLLIDE, AND TALK THE BEST 4 U ( another rap from RAS KDC) KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!! Racism – my views on “** isms”… Racism is a disease. It must be stamped out. ANY kind of unfairness, unkindness, or “…ism” must first be perceived to be wrong and it is up… Birds and Bees 1. Time we had a little talk, son. / 2. Oh, no! Am I in trouble again, dad? / 1. It’s just that you’re growing up and it’… Peace Education: Exploring Ethical and Philosophi… This book attempts to provide a philosophical and educational rationale for peace education. The book examines five philosophical traditio… James And His Imaginary Guitar The music starts to play and James stops in mid-stride to listen. WRITING STIFF: Adventures in the Literary Underbe… “Cut out a picture,” said our fourth grade teacher Miss Cobb, skin like milk, eyes opal-green, pupils black as BB shot, “… Teacher West Baby Teacher KIA got those round high cheeks, big eyes, fine lips. She spoke clearly, in very good enough volumes. I learned that. Real Math The maximum value of f(x) = (x-2)^2 +1, 0<x<1 is: / The maximum value? / NONE! The Gift of Reading I set myself next to her and began to read out loud translating the forbidden words into a language she knew and understood. Disillusioned What if we are all in someone’s dream / Reality non-existant, not as it seems / No plan, no God, no ruler supreme / Everything a visi… Complete our education ..Our survival is automated now so time to abandon body and mingle…. Vanuatu- Happiest Place in the World? “Who has bought their knife into school today?” said the Headmaster to all the pupils aged from six to twelve, on the first day of their sc… Calibres Of An Educated Fool Yes I remember I was in school, / teachers tryna make me learn / I barely understand, No Compassion In The USA I have been following in the news how the US has stopped Pres. Obama from putting through the bill to cover everyone in the US for Medical.… THE OLD THE NEW AND THE LIFE the confrontation betwen two main philosophical approaches to “Time” concept: / The linear and the circular time . / the relati… A Beautiful Mercy. I don’t think it’s being careless, / actually I think it’s a greater representation that I cared. Something Brighter, This Way Comes Teacher, Interrupted: The Tales of life as a public school teacher in America. Cookie Cutter You are all the same, / I could have made you in my mother’s kitchen. / You’re as malleable as dough, / you’re as tie-abl… Education Educate / Feed your mind / Go to school / It is for you / unregrettably / Attending with / Hoping, wishing / For anything else / Other than… Sex Education 300 TIMES 15 Guys Go Figure / PENETRATING TV / 300 SEX SECRETS / HOW TO BUMP AND GRIND / And they wonder HOW / Its all about the education … Civics Education needed. Civics is slightly more important than science and math Health Industry Combats Stress With Locum Tenens While many people view jobs in the medical field as glorious, many people often fail to see the downside of it. Certainly, psychiatry jobs … Final Education Two romance novels weary the flesh An Ode to a Measure of Brain Mass As I embark upon this road, / one paved with the failure of the weak, / the fear of the timid, / the hubris of the gifted… “The Malcom Little Books” They say the best way to hide information, is in a book, / For this year’s generation, in a book they won’t look. / I’m a… sECRETS oF a gAY p.P.V tELLEVISION PORNO fRATBOY. Hello / Hi / Its nice to meet you. Im your Tuesday night obsession. WRITING STIFF: Adventures in the Literary Underbe… I met Peter Pan. Someone Likes The Orange Ones viewer progressions are advised After Heart of Chrome (Substitute Teacher’s… It’s not the bitterness I feel, / That gladdens me. / It’s not apathetic administrators / or treacherous office agitators sabot… English is Growing in Importance Whether you’re a foreign student, a new immigrant, or a Canadian born citizen, it is absolutely essential to possess some English skills. A… HIgher Education Fractions are endless… / Divide and have more / The politics of numbers; / Those who know / The value of poles / Cast their hooks / In Opin… receiving an early education in fourth grade / i sat in / the back row / between cindy / the blonde / and gary / the tough guy. / * / one day / while mrs. anderson / wa… EDUCATION REVOLUTION When education revolution excludes the Whisper of the Gentle Breeze / from the curriculum – it is blind to the Spirit. PLEASE SEND ME TO SCHOOL DADDY There are many volunteer organizations for help.Yet,it is not enough.we have to talk about the problem and make it transparent,so it will b… Addicted to Education I pour myself a shot of English 101 and taste proper sentence structure, / feeling the sting of predicate nouns in my throat. / I chase it … The Phonetic Alphabet The phonetic alphabet, / That hieroglyphic set, / Of forty-five symbols, / English students just don’t get, The Boss Breaking down blue print of being a leader. When teaching infants When teaching infants the teacher must try, / To be really nice, lest one of them cry, / Plan plenty of songs and games galore, / Beware Si… An Education on Educational Toys Which thing is required to label the toy as “educational”? Doesn’t a child learn something from every “toy,” … Le maître Prisez les idées-prisons / Pour qu’on puisse se reconnaître / On n’aime pas les fenêtres / Dans les prisons / On est vieille France / On es… Perception Altering growing further accustom to the scroll, our foot-set path. a beautiful figure all of the sudden a topic and canvas an education to conform into ignorance only to feel malcontent / knowledge is the key to depression / this repression of ideas seems to extenuate happin… Education Education / I got my schooling between home and the red brick building that was empowered to teach all you / Needed to know to succeed I l… Help Angels get their Wings Learn about the Apsara Dancers, Cambodian children seeking a brighter future. / Help give them an education and improve their daily lives s… Götterdämmerung . The Damned . The Übermensch … Hah its actually been featured in the 50+ Group !!! Pension Funds of Desperation …lotto tickets and scratch cards become the pension funds of desperation, Repetitious Idealistic Word Vomit or University E… It is on days like these, where the wind blows with rigorous speed and a howl that slips through the smallest of gaps in windows and doorwa… Senior Blues A much older, much grumpier mom sends her youngest daughter off to her first day of her senior year of high school. I in full time education for my A levels I am in school, and working in a bar kitchen to supplement my income for driving lessons. Memento Mori Look at me, I’ve arrived / A model of success / The society that made me / Keeps heaping on the stress

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