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Butch Was So Much More Than Just a Blow Up Doll (…

As Butch was filled with air, it became obvious that Butch wasn’t just any blow up doll. He was a VERY WELL endowed blow up doll.

in the hands of the volcano doll

Crossed eyes and red lips.

Rag Doll

upon the shelf of bittersweet / she sat dazed and tormented / eyes ahead and smile affixed / listening to the quiet nights / upon the shelf…

The Puppeteers Doll


Living Doll

A doll was what you wanted, / a pretty little pet / to dress in crinolines and lace, / forever in your debt

Pretty Doll

Her ivory body shows grime

Broken Doll

‘Mum, I asked you not to accept anymore packages,’ Marisa sighed. / ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Sophia demanded petulantly, ‘He loves you. He is a g…

Introducing The RB Gang – Chapter One

The driver had been fighting mud slides, flowing torrents and boulders for four long hours and he knew he needed a rest. The thing about th…

the puppet master is bringing her to her feet

morning doll

China Doll

Awake sweet princess / Your adoring fans are here / To enchant your heart

Hello, I’m an illusion

I am just pieces of skin / patched together like a worn pair of jeans / stretched over my dry bones, / And covered in hot glue. / I have tw…

“Why do I Love You…Doll?” (Poem)

I love you in a way that I love.. / my own image.. / long frozen…. / by a passed time´s comet trail.

“Why Do I Love You, Doll?” (Poem)

*I love you.. / for I can meet your eyes.. / and invent a reflection… / in a barren intercourse… / but I do not blame you̷…


I’d like to tell you a story of a Christmas long ago

Broken Doll

I ascend her to the tallest spire and laugh as I watch her fall away.. / My Doll lies broken on the floor a wicked child am I.. / I make no…

Rani, The Party and The Present

‘Nice Birthday Party’ said Rani. He wasn’t used to drinking warm beer and it was going to his head. ‘Happy 40th! Is it today?’. / ‘Thanks a…

The Playtime Curse (W.I.P.)

Here is a story of a little guardian doll who protects its owner from their greatest fears…but it also holds a deadly and horrifying …


How did it happen / How did she break / The little girl said / Almost as an escape / The doll was smashed / Upon the floor / Her parents ju…

Will The RB Gang Surive?

There’d been a few mishaps. Well, that was an understatement. Major traumas the size of Australia sinking into the sea was how The Doll had…

Little China Girl

The Witch told the old man that she would be happy to bring the Little China Girl to life if only he would sculpt an army for her, 1000 men…

The Razor Doll

they could not touch them as their fingers would bleed on their sharp wings almost like they were made of razors, and it hurt.

Where’s Molly?

‘Molly where are you?’ Becky’s small high voice sung out / ‘Boys!’ her Mummy called ‘Molly Hunt’

Bridge Cottage

There is a cottage made of stone / It stands by a bridge all alone / It has a blue door and hanging vines / I take a walk past there all th…


Thank you so much People and Portraiture Photography Group! / I’m so humbled and Honored!

Voodoo Doll


Paper doll motions

Extinction of wishing, / Becomes my fateful heart’s story. / Dissipated ideas towards shaking hands, / Is the only visual you know of. / Yo…


When everyone was asleep / Out of her bed she would creep / Take her doll and hold her tight / Going where the world seemed so right / She …

Doll faced devil ©

Doll faced devil © / By: Hector A. Encinas / ….and know she is gone.


you’re my doll

The Honey Doll

Honey lovers give her sweet words to taste, / But honey cannot hold the world together. / Lovers will give you nothing but honey, / Words s…

Doll Baby

Don’t call me baby


U heard peoples plays with DOLL / but some time DOLLS can plays with peoples / ONE day a Lonely but INNOCENT GUY / MET WAX DOLL. / The WAX …

Barbie DOLL

She was very ugly but her parents called her / BARBIE DOLL / her EYES like HOLLOW and nose was spread / All pplz tease her / one day her f…

1. Lover For Hire – 2. Doll House

no one saw the kids growing up

Childhood Memories

You used to love me when you were 3 feet tall.

The revolving doll

She is / no more than imagination / a favored temple prostitute

the sleeping doll

remembering Lot’s wife / irrational numbers follow me / when i’m on a roll / the upper crust stack on / my next cup of tea / as…

Porcelain Doll

I sit upon the highest shelf.

voodoo doll

i know what i saw / through the silky curtain / blood red and billowing / in the evening breeze~

The Dollhouse

Some people swore that the house was haunted. Considering it was only about two feet tall, I was certain it wasn’t an issue.

The Doll

I’m a just a doll, so I can’t feel, / But to myself I seem so real…

Isabella * BJD doll*

I am working on my first BJD. I will be uploading pictures of her and her making process very soon. please bookmark this page to see a sen…

Freedlawna the Puppet Doll

She had to be puppet-ed by someone, but when they played and pulled her strings she danced beautifully and walked gracefully…

The little princess

clockwork-perfection / what women are meant to be, idolized. / a bribe for lies / a doll for a doll.. / for a child. / not, a person.

Smile matryoshka

Be brave matryoshka / march you strong between pylons / don’t covet the cufflinks too long / is your bodice too tight / don’t …

Fantasy Goth Fairies, Dolls and Puppets

It is about passion! Check out my doll/puppet maker friend. We don’t have to be doing the same thing to resonate to her but of cour…

Comedious Commentarious :Father’s Day

One man tells his coworker that he is excited about celebrating his first father’s day as a new Dad.

“Red Fox” featured in “Art of t…

My favorite bunny girl Mikuru Asahina, gets to shine in the spotlight. This 1/4 scale figure strikes a balance of sexy and cute very well. …

The Doll

After all, she thinks, it always starts with the arm, and who knows which body part might come next?


Beautifull Doll / go on and paint Visions we cannot see. / Beautifull Doll / let me touch youre icy hands. / Beautifull Doll / you are the…


Shells of an empty soul looking. / A voodoo doll with expressionless eyes. / Engaged in an intentional emotionless struggle. / A twisted gh…

A Broken Doll

to understand is to forgive

of dolls and heartbeats.

we’re all here to see you.

The Authentic Doll

Paint the pretty china doll. / Glorify the Barbie. / Slide inside the puppet. / Create tales of a sweet bliss. / Who distorts her mirrors? …

The Doll

-Upstairs she sits, / within a darkened room. / Upon a shelf, / wide-eyed, / in the gloom.

Real Enough

A emotionally scarred boy abuses a real doll.

Doll Face

Porcelain cheecks; rosy with the frostbitten air that fills this room with no love.

Be My Rag-doll

-- if you can put a price on love then you must be a prostitute--

The Doll

I’ve stepped outside and found that everything was small / My sight was narrow and filled with flaws…


She thought she was a nurse / Today she is a teacher



Victorian Doll


love sweet poem heart

like a puzzle, love, sweet, heart, don’t shatter it, contains love, keep safe, hold tight, float away

Rag Doll

Choose Me. / I sit here upon this darkened sill. / Dust my meadow, cobwebs my forest. / Waiting for you to draw near. / I long for you to b…


Her porcelain face - / Scarred by orchid texta / Tangled hair found elsewhere: / The gaping skull exposed. / Body limp, a finger gone / My …

Barbie Doll

Because there’s nothing left to hold, and there’s nothing left for me: / I’ll just fake a Barbie’s smile – ac…

Drink your tea baby doll~

Drink it down and soothe your hate / Drink it down because the calories don’t matter / Drink it down while you snuggle under your rel…

Under it All

Layers of dust, covering up old age. / Hidden from the world. / In a corner, with other forgotten trinkets. / Hasn’t been touched in …

I Am Not Your Doll

I Am Not Your Doll / Your words are strings that bind me / I move and bend at your whim / Your desires are mine to fulfill / I am your d…

Her Porcelain Face

I have moments when I break and cry / Known only to my mind / There are times when I hold no pride / And die a little inside / But not as o…


Your mother / had brought Helen / home for tea after school / and she had held on / to the handle / of the pram / your mother pushed / …

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll / Some image of hate or frustration / The needles anguish you may have chosen / To stick and jab / In a collective spasm / The …

Doll Girl

Still I grin so cheerfully / With my stitch lipped smile / I cannot scream

silent doll

Haunting the streets forever / with words you hoped would never live

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of doll writing created by independent artists from around the world.
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