Friendship These people we call friends. / You, to me, are such a one. Freezer Dick (Mature) The Dying, The Dead (If God Exists, Tell Him He&#… And as I run I scream. I never knew I could sound like that. Itchy Dick Syndrome Itchy dick starts slowly at first, and most women, while extremely familiar with the condition, have no idea what to call it or even what c… Our Mouths Meet Like Magnets Attracting (Mature) Last-Ditch Attempts By The Crew Of The Pequod To … ‘You know, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that there is some kind of law against it. Not that I’m certain of it or anything, be… The day I met Dick Clark I got up from the chair and looked at my arm. I really like the choice that I made with the tattoo he just finished. It was my astrology … I have no title yet I started a screen play awhile back / premise: aliens rejected from their home planet come to earth and invade human hosts. The KIND of hu… WAR i can smell blood / in the rain / the night it’s like / razor blades / over the brain / filled with crime / boarded up / windows / turned d… kipple trash pulp fiction for the masses destination coordinates on target to…zero one in the dead zone of death Silvergate Conversion I bow to the tyranny of wisdom / like the bison nuzzling snow / for frozen grass. “THE PRIVATE DICK © 2011 “You slip your blouse off and let it fall to the floor. You’re not wearing a bra underneath. I rub my hands across your tits. You … The BDS (Bigger Dick Syndrome) if I had a bigger dick I could learn to play guitar / and everyone would know who I are / ‘cause I’d be a star / If I had a big… Elderberry Plays Host: A Short Private Dick Story Elderberry wondered about his ability to request that the dish be priced below the level of it’s most similar companion on the menu. … On Hard – Part 1 Egorged like a melon full of fruity goodness………. / Wanting to be thumped, thumped, thumped…….. Abject Religion. So if I fall to the depths of insanity / so dark I can’t see the day, / who do I blame when they send me away? Cool Hand Luke (The Everyday Human Madness and Hi… I want to be Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, every day / Blue eyes like an ocean, a face like Adonis, a soul like Kerouac… / I want Ge… A new Dick Dick Cheney’s / fingers / grasped the flower / gently / a mothers / touch. / Slowly he / raised the daisy / and nestled it behind… Waiting Waiting / Twelve monkeys screaming; / A narrative of pain / In a darkly surreal film. / Electric sheep don’t dream of androids / And Philip… What a DICK! Too far, too fast, / gets you hurt, it’ll never last. / I tell myself every time, / I just don’t care to wait in line. Date with Dick She felt a little better when the doorman gave a her a compliment. Being a waitress sucks dick. Being a waitress sucks dick. / 40 dollar check, 2 dollar tip. / Every night I leave greasy as shit. / Not enough money for this shift. / In… a drunkard’s communion with his junkie ne… “I can’t see through this mask”, she gasped.” Really, I can’t even feel my face. These drugs have me all stuffed up.”. Another line is cut … floppy disks and stamps you lick i opened your programs / on a commodore 64 / just to remember / the isolation / byte by byte / as you went down my / blistering cock On Finally Acknowledging The Truth “I’m sorry sir, we’re completely out of rhubarb crumble. Would you like to choose something else?” Quel horreur! Wh…

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