a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l… my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted Her Crown… Woven of Sunlight, Music, and Sw… We brew Sunshine into Medicine, Transform Blossom into Stone… Raising the Sun with Song- Wearing a Crown Invisi… In feathered robes the choir collects; shuffling, rustling, warbling erratically until one Singer interjects… I visited hell the other day ………… This place is hell on wheels. The red carpet and garish decor screams 666 at me….. NATIVE SPIRIT WOLF In the forest / So many sounds / The baying of wolves / The howling of hounds / Native Spirit Wolf walks / Silently in between / Holding … The crown i will take off my own head The Lord Jesus will be High and Lifted Up on His Throne of Glory / The crown i will take off my own head / and return to My Lord in Praise The Crown There lies this nice tavern, / Who’s bite is really worse than his bark! / Our Little Anstey Town, Over Hill and Moon with Sceptre and Crown Majestic Lord, Lady of the horned crown… Together, our cloven dance upon the Earth cannot be outdone… My Guardian’s Crown A halo overhead / Clad in jewels and possibilities / Visible but not seen with eyes wide open / Spinning on the outter rim a river of dream… mocked and ridiculed mocked and ridiculed / taunted and teased / draped in purple / a crown of thorns / pierced his skin “A Special Crown For Me” For in the weight of these duties, I sometimes wonder who cares? The Monarch’s Crown What arrogance abounds in one / who seems so ill-prepared for Xanadu? / Which high and mighty principle is laid aside / that I succeed whe… The Crown I’m getting a crown / To wear all over town Remembering Sebastien Little one / All alone, guardians told you from birth / They taught you what they could… / The rest must be learned on your own / So … A CROWN OF BLUE … A CROWN OF RED A crown of blue / A crown of red / A crown of flowers / For my head / I watched you weave them / In the breeze / As the leaves danced / Thr… MY CROWN No crown of thorns / just flowers for my head. / Paul Alleyne 01/29/08 The Rat Crown The stench of fear can be brought Crown Release is key at death / Rise and fly / Become the sky! / Smile child you are high / Never shall you fall / For here your wings belong! / … SHE HAS LOST HER CROWN She is but a shadow! / A shadow of what used to be, / A soldier of valor. / She has lost her crown, / For a few, / Remaining, / Behind the … The Monarch’s Crown Which high and mighty principle is laid aside / that I succeed where others only fail? We Must Wear Our Crown of Thorns To Receive The C… “This things I have spoken to you, / that in Me, you may have peace. / In the world you will have tribulation; / but be of good cheer… Skull Shaped Crown (poem) I watched your legacy for a long time / As the eyes in your mask were mine / You swallowed my soul in the smoke / & I felt my way throu… crown of berries lichen has grown in places / where the eye does not see, / and as paths deep, will rise / the view expands, and is made good. / holding han… To fetch the Crown Our blokes came from miles around / drawn to the cities of gold to take the kings beckoning crown / stockman & drovers citymen too / vo… The Crown So fear of all, but not of me, / For I am here to guide you. / And take from all, but not from me, / For I know where to find you. king of nothing you scream in pain / as i drink champagne The King’s Cry One must murder: / One must be victim. waif of vail . unsaid / . word unread / Thought in . trance / . dance / . chance / speaking unspoken . / Beneath / . deepest depth . . / cliff’… this crown She stands in the shadows of the night, remembering, / a soft wind moans through the cemetery pines. / Are you sure? he had asked / Do you … It’s Love, Isn’t It?(for Milan.i.e Ri… ii. / Why don’t you talk to me? Coming of spring, the fall to / rid myself of you. Daisy pinks burning rubbish, square up black. / A… Crown of Flames The flame licks my cheek teasingly / The heat boils my emotion / But dries my tears ‘Inheritance’ Every morning I rise, to find the blade is hefted. The first of all my daily orders is one of evasion; to reposition that I might, effect u… THROW AWAY THE CROWN THROW AWAY THE CROWN / THROW AWAY THE CROWN / OR YOU MAY DROWN / IN YOUR HEAVY GOWN ‘The Sunset Crown’ Shed away the frozen tears, / the spirits of my ancestors near me, / fateful-lay it down. / The westward path to desert’s edge, / to … crown 04 im believe that / my vision / is falling / short sighted / there use to be / a light at the end / now im too sure / now im not so / pur… The Blackbird and The Tower of London A blackbird poem that feeling is just a hole in your stomach/ the … bleeding raptured through inverse actions / you get it now / this is fools golden love / a paupers crown Crown of pain. “Oh watch me struggle! / Clawing with such determination- / Loosing finger nails and flesh with every tearful prying at this damned c… Mother Nature’s Redeemer Was the crown of thorns Mother Nature’s representative ? My banter downs your crown! So listen well and here my spell / I won’t be judged by you / And your little chew chew / I am a proud woman / So don’t try and… ‘Phase’ That which I seek cannot be found by looking; / I’ve been a long time far from lost. / I get caught between sometimes when shifting o… A Princess Love Party There’s a party that is grand / The best one in all the land / Filled with pretty colored gowns / As lovely maidens all around / Try … the crown His piercing stare, / the way his eyes glittered in the dark / I looked away, I turned to go / his voice a whisper yet it grabbed / and s…

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