Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… Guidlines To Selective Coloring Group Rules and Guidelines to Selective Color Group / Hello all and welcome to the Selective Coloring Group. This is a group created to hopefull… Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is go… If people can be remembered after their lives pass on, / Could a smile be remembered, even after joy is gone? True colours Only now / They show / When they’re about to fall / A true soul Fireworks – (Poem) Fireworks / so bright and colourful / shines in the night sky / for celebrations and everything nice / lightens peoples day / enjoy watchin… In the red Red was everywhere she looked, a stuffed picnic of red in this and that. / The right red was so hard to find to compliment her skin tone… AUTUMN’S TOUCH I stand enveloped / in the stillness of pre-dawn cover, / a world of vague whispers Lean spell Sensing your breathing / to feel the heat of your passions / My dreams are confidential / but I know that I can rely on your discretion / W… umbrella but there’s always one, isn’t there? Today I’m a painter… today I am painting / my thoughts / in this vividly coloured poem The consequence of colours me: / born to a gypsy mother / a clinically depressed / free-loading father figure hallucination Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un… Addicted It seemed so harmless, she would give it a try… nail my colours to the mast perish the thought / violated a taboo / advice fell on deaf ears / forbidden fruit knocked the socks off / so far I refused to nail my c… Waiting for release I am nothing / to look at / or even consider / for I am just / the simplest / of humble vessels / unadorned by / fancy fake trimmings / per… Grown Up Nursery Rhyme What care I, in knickers of red? / I’ll give him breakfast tea in bed. / Hibble hobble hibble, hibbledie head. Dying Colours A poem to celebrate autumn Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… GOD WEARS BLACK I wanted to know what colour God likes to wear Colours of the Rainbow RED is for Love, ORANGE is for Laughter, YELLOW is for Sweet Always dream Always dream / never doubt / open mind / let it out / colours bright / noises loud / its within / less the crowd Chameleon me don’t notice me / don’t look at me The world according to Red Bubble because we can uplift each other and make the spirits soar / with these nice and simple words-“your art I just adore”! ~ Colours in My Eyes ~ If I should go blind will I still remember / the colours of the world I have seen? / Will my eyes become the colours reflecting my memory; Heaven & Hell in Colours Red / The colour of love and passion; / but also violence and blood / Yellow / The colour of happiness and warmth; / but also caution a… God Speaks God speaks to us all he say’s / See the children playing and laughing in the field see the smiles on there faces.feel how it makes yo… mixed colours spring and autumn breeze blows gently / to the tune of the sing-song cicadas’ fray / the percussion of crunching leaves sets a beat i… her Ear at his Art (Mature) The Majesty of the Fall And everyone is open mouthed / At the beauty that is Fall………….. The colours of heaven We’ll strive for the warmth / from the rays of the sun / With soft shades of purple / in the warm evening sun / Our green steams stand pro… The Colours of Life It’s an illusion, this thing called Life, / For the living I know have forgotten to live – The colours of pain do they leave bruises where they fall ? your tears… p u r p l e – b l u e / ponds from a tormented soul / does your heart … Turner Sky A subtle blend of colours / That fills me with surprise / A sweep across the sky / God’s palette now is born…………&#… Raging Sunset So vivid as the earth at last / Just swallows it from sight…….. ~ shattered light ~ The bubble bursts as I look up / And shards of light fill the sky Colour Capture Red bubble Colour the World … Colour my Life I prop up the canvas / Stretched / White / And empty / Leaning into the easel in silent readiness / I look through the brushes / Pointed … Wow;…Fantastic …one more feature to c… Once again a wonderful surprise happen this week…! / my image(Reflections) was featured in Lakes and Inland Waterways group! / thanks to a… Colours of rainbows Black is the reaction / Hate is the refraction Colours The water falling is getting louder / like a million hand clapping / a gazillion fingers snapping, / bones breaking, thunder cracking / an… Feelings Kids grown / gone / drink tea / Peaceful Outside the lines Much like our life / Lines are the law / Care to stay in / Segment’s kolor Rainbow Of Life And the last stage, is a clam blue. / Your back like a child with only your emories. / You watch the time, presously pass by. / Until, Flora In Perfumed Colours Flowers in her hair flew as she ran / across my eyes.Radiating her colors to / the eyes of the forests and the wild. / Naked is her mind,vi… Paper Boats Tomorrow when I wake / I am starting something new / I will make some paper boats / and ready them for you / .. / I want my tears to be / w… My fifth work featured this week April/182009 / A fantastic surprise happen this week…! / it is my fifth work featured this week. true colours I had a man, no, that’s not true, he had me – if this is a dream, Never wake me up… COLOURS The kind of blue a sad trumpet sings / While jamming with the emptiness / Of lost opportunity. / The shade of grey that clouds / My darkes… The Colours of the Cambridge Gulf,Wyndham,WA The Colours of the Cambridge Gulf, Wyndham / Joe Mortelliti / One of the most spectacular places to witness a sunset across water in Austra… Colours Colours of / Colours of words I write, / clear drops from striking light, / weather storm in black and white / clouds of gray streaking li… Colours The kind of blue a sad trumpet sings / While jamming with the emptiness / Of lost opportunity. / The shade of grey that clouds / My darkes… fantastic…! fourth featured image this week… Once again a wonderful surprise happen this week…! / my image(digitally created VI) was featured in shapes & patterns group! / thanks t… True colours of life Red was the colour of your lips / When we kissed / For the first time / Silver was the Moon / The only audience / Of our passion / Black wa… My seventh work!…. featured this week April/20/2009 / A fantastic surprise happen this week…! / it is my seventh work featured this week. Amazing;… two more feature to celebrateR… Once again a wonderful surprise happen today…! / my images(Halellujah;…Jesus has Risen) and Path to Calvary…(Series were featur… Featured in ‘’ Going Coastal ’&… One of my images has been chosen as a feature and i would just like to thank the group moderators of ‘’ GOING COASTAL ’&… An Ocean Scene LISTEN: Can you hear the crash of the waves as they splash on the sand at the beach? Colours All Over You didn’t look at me the first time I came, / You were ranting in your diary then burning the prose before extinguishing the fire wi… Colours and Reality How do you know when you have seen all the colours of the world? / Do you experience a visual orgasm? Blue Grey as the stones beneath my feet, / As grey as the ever flowing sea, / Greyer than grey is the colour of me- / For, away from you, I̵… ~ the Colours form … ~ When I close my eyes I see the colours in the skies / Rolling and folding and blending – do you see? Cloud Watching So will you settle upon my jaded skin / like white clouds upon an earthly scene / like heaven’s blanket breathing life into / the per… Pastel Anger Management I am an artist, but let me begin by telling you that pastels anger me. “Little Old Johnny Deeply” It was all about blues,and yellows and red. So perfectly insane. Were spinning in circles, all dazed and confused. / With hearts so shattered and souls so bruised. Black pastel colours the colours of summer turns pale / and roses wither without a sound / like a wanderer / captured in the frame of reality / she hears the un… Winters Grand Entrance Blanketing the soil / Deciduous trees retire, / Starved from summer’s heat. Featured in AS IS Group Dromana Afternoon / Thanks so much Tony and Harsh from the ‘’ AS GROUP ’’for featuring Dromana Afternoon and to eve… Wishing the Colours Back He painted colours, / Where darkness was thought, / And thought only where darkness called, Starting a new life A Monarch butterfly opened its eyes to a world it didnt know. / It looked around wondering where it was and what had happened to it. / With… Featured in ‘’ The Dandenongs ’… I am truly thrilled and honoured and I would like to express my thanks to the group and the moderators Pilgrim, Robyn, Sue and Jeni from … Colours I have no idea what is / To wear in these boots / I must first break my feet / There are so few real people / To talk to or to lean on in … Colours of your mind As i walk into the sunset / I touch the colours of your mind / In the sure knowledge / That our hearts will truly bind / A painting from th… looking for something in red I’m looking for something in red, all sexy and see through coz I’m off my head. / Something quite daring and intimate too / Or, / Maybe … Colours of Africa exhibition I am having an exhibition of my work from Friday Nov. 14 – Nov. 30 at ABD The Gallery 240 lake Street Northbridge, Western Australia.… Autumn Falling down from the tree / To lay next to you. Colours French Raspberry is a colour, / Birds eat raspberries. Paint colours Darkness floats past open eyes as the wind blows across my brow / All the thoughts in my head seem distant-unreliable even / Deeper and dee… Featured in ‘’ Trees ’’ Thanks so much to the group ‘’ Trees ’’ for the feature of ‘’ The Red Woods Forrest ’’. / … Enjoying the last colours of Fall… Goodbye Autumn / you brought joy with all your colours / red, yellow, orange, green and brown / sometimes hidden in the morning fog / anot… colours i see it now, all washed out / in the late spring / we would find the sea, or the stream. / i see it now, / sweetest harmony of light / re… Dr Zooss Land – Complete Children’s B… We went to a place where the colours were weird. There were strange trees and shrubs and a bird with a beard … Painting Poems the Colours of a Kaleidoscope I’ll kiss your lips as if they were a golden daffodil. / With beaming droplets from the rain. / They coress my neck as they dwindle w… Orange and yellow play; distract / Hues of all sorts rush by / in ordered chaos / Like soldiers in rank Colours of Life Red for the blood lost in too many wars / Orange for the scars of earth to restore / Yellow to welcome the ones you love / Green the colour… paradise of mirth we have paid our debts / we enter this world of our own / where we only see the fazed outlines / and rushing colours around us We Are Amused Counting my whiskers, / Which’ve grown far too long, / As if they’re autumnal maple leaves - colours changing the colours are changing, / october has bled / and has had it’s say. / there is a distance / it is the challenge, / all of the thing… Spectrum of colours – Rainbow Red yellow, green blue orange, indigo / Colours colours and clours all around / With a gentle bow and an enchanting smile / It greets us be… The Poet of Colours Oh the poet / Who walks hand in hand / With bliss, eternity and purity colours You make me believe / There is / Flaming green / With hints of laughing lilac / And calming red / Mixed with burning blue / Funny dots of… NO COLOURS 2 Jew, Gentile, Black, Yellow, Red, or White. Colours of Love That’s why it is called a moment – it cannot be bottled, entrapped, sealed with a contract. It can never last for more than a … Changing Colours Ghost from his haunted past lingered in the pressent day and conflicted like two colours that clash. Read for its poetic content. Colours The kind of blue a sad trumpet sings / While jamming with the emptiness / Of lost opportunity. / The shade of grey that clouds / My darkest… Where are you …he jumps into the road, appearing to dance around someone, bend down, or even hit them – it’s hard to tell because four …
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