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QUIETLY I SIT. quietly I sit / listening to the wind Cry Rape (Mature) Hi Daddy, Will You Please Give Me Back My Hands? This is the story that I won’t hesitate to tell / even if with a heavy heart I have to / and if this is a way to get to an abuserR… I did it I did it … / My mom … well she’s gone now / so the story can be told I am liquorice allsorts, minus the pink I went from Barbie / to Medusa / in one quick fall Freckles “Mum says only one, huh?” / She nodded sadly and slumped to the ground, still cradling her prematurely adopted toys. / “W… goldilocks she had the longest hair. maybe i am still a child i did not think i’d be here / but / a smudge in the night / rolled / my ink blue slip / between my thighs / (the odds / are like promis… Breathe now for the last breath is gone Come. / We are all invited to laugh at Love’s funeral. In the name of the father I’d expected to hear his side of the story – an equal and opposite force. But instead I heard what I already knew or had pieced… The Child Without No childish games, memories or laughter / No little girl’s things, to remember years after / Not learning the skills to be a good mo… Burning Father Love’s naked and bare Mother gives. / Still … life embodies hope within all. / We are beyond releasing comes. God Can ride in the Trunk ! Remember the e-mail? I recieved an e-mail about a teen girl who was experiencing dating and car joy-riding. When she took off on a date her Mom`s words were,&qu… Childless She was shrouded in shadow, yet he could see the outline of the sharp object she had brought with her from the kitchen. Radio Red Bubble – I Wanna Be 2 I wanna pretend I am only 2 / And say and do whatever I please / I wanna talk about things like green snot / And things people think you sh… evil vs. good – a child waits ugly greed’s, degenerate behaving / beautiful deeds, gracious giving The Child When I was a child I thought as a child / And life was sweet and full of love / I lived each day full, filled with play / Then I became a … Let’s Do It He took my hand and said; / Let’s just do it. / I thought going out in torrential rains / was quite mad / but once out / I felt so alive. … Monster What made you into the monster / who made me go so wild? / Could I have stopped it? / No,…. / because I was just a child A Mother’s Work… A mother’s work in never done / although, at times, can be such fun. / She will clean her house through-out the day, / referee the ch… Letting Art Go I laid back and let tears roll down my cheeks / I laid back and heard the wind sweep across my belly / I laid back and shut my eyes to the … When i was a little girl… Abuse is cultivated in silence and darkness; it grows on fears and tears. LITTLE ROSIE PIXEL (A Children’s Poem) She danced like light could sew a picture / Through the needle eyed Outside Dunny Fair Dinkum Dunny Story Love’s threads I knew you / before our eyes met, / love’s threads woven / when we were / still one. / Your birth / making us / live as two, / love&… Tenderly Is Love’s Soft Caress An Infant Born / Held To Mothers / Breast, She Strokes / His Cheek Tenderly / In Soft Caress Can You See Me ? You touch me / still / with zombie fingers Hannah Bubble Do you know Hannah Bubble? / She’s always getting into trouble Child with skin made of stars We are not lost—one / within the other, / our lines are their own, / hung / from side by side stars, riding / a sky made of earth / whisp… Moonlight Sonata in the palm of a Poet’s hand It’s no accident / that light comes through / like mosaics of windowless panes: / from Sunday hats and prayer bowls— / to screaming in a … One Tree One tree, one solitary life, / One silhouette reaching into the sky. / One lone and weary traveller, / One road, that passes them by. To the Lost Let your new eyes stare out upon the wonderous tide; / Let the storms pass, & return to me with arms open wide, FAYE Yes Faye was a miracle; I call her my little angel because she died on October 3rd 1973. Eastern Star Were you a guardian angel who kept watch over the helpless mother and Child ? Silent Scream Oh, god where’s it coming from? / Thru’ fingers like dry sand. / I know I haven’t cut myself / but there’s blood upon my hand. The Calling From far away without your knowledge / it is you who I contemplate / and a thousand things go through my mind / that will decide my fate. /… My Child Memories, like toys abandoned, / Found later to be loved again, / So real, yet so elusive. The Child The Child / walking / air sprinkled / with bird / song / near yet / unearthly / lifting / self safe / in nature / then / the child / little… THE SOMETHING OF ITSELF….(part 2) Innocence / in its own moment / hears its own song Dear God… Dear God… / Today is the the day… She Cries Your Name Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow. When You Were Born The moment that my eyes laid claim / to every atom that makes you / beheld upon your ancient face— / each pore, each crease, each shining t… Visions Parents hid visions / of sex from me / There’s something / they didn’t know / I had been / … the sky above (poem) the sky above and / the world at your feet / a miracle in one hand / and doom in the other Kindness It’s timeless, her kindness, / my openness, / life’s lightness. But I Will Speak She is mourning / Let her cry for her treasured loss / Let her stand before the casket / Let her hold it / Let her touch it / As she says… Fathers He watches you come into the world / Vowing to protect you against all harm War on Wane Wayne, the wicked Wicca Witch of the West, Wasted a Wagon in a Ward….. Goodbye Goodbye, you dirty pervert - / time to leave my thoughts, / I’ve replaced you many times / with so many horrors. in the womb in the womb / safely tucked away / beneath a mother’s beating heart / his infant body is formed / he is nourished / he is loved / sw… A New Hand In Yours Created for my daughter… Time is on my side now… rantings of a middle aged, empty nest lady. who’s children are grown, and reflecting about time.. literately about time management.. … PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st… she sings of dancing rainbows and sleeping butter… And then she begins to sing. / Songs of dreams and lullabies filled the room… stories of singing rainbows and sleeping butterflies flutter … Child’s Play Why did he have to do / all those really nasty things / I hate it running down my legs / when I haven’t got a hankie I Know Where Mommy Is Bobby poked his tiny head around the corner and saw the man with the metal fingers pointing one, long silvery one at his daddy. Daddy look… The Child in Us The Child in Us by RestLeSsD / Oh to be a child again, / If only for one day. / No worries, cares or troubles, / Just thinking of games to … The Angel And The Boy And soon this angel heard a sound / A calling-out rose from the ground / A child’s voice, so small and sad / for this little soul had… On Childhood When does boyhood finish / And an adult life begin? / Some seem to think it happens / When he finally “gets it in” MY ANGEL You came to me at a point so low, / I held you once and will never let go. Touched by Art A warm story of how an artwork warmed the hearts and souls of two artist halfway around the world from one another. IN HER HEART IS A CHILD When she drinks / rose petal tea / her mind caresses light / and moves with ease to open her heart, / to drop her clothes, Linaji, “IT STILL RAINS”, Mud Puddles… Let us throw out that new umbrella / That has never gotten wet / And stomp on the mud puddles / As we all get wet. / If it rains and pours… War (Through the Eyes of a Child) This thing of war, so foolish and sick. / The smell of death, so smoky & thick. / When some become greedy and selfishness rules / Men f… Cabbage Patch Heroes Do you remember the whistling? / Of the wind in the trees / And the tale we were told / Of the birds and the bees Touched by Beauty Many days in warm embrace / I gazed down at your little face / Touched by beauty my precious one / Love you always my darling son That Child Within….. At first I was vapour / And then a cloud / Then reappeared under a magic shroud  / A child adrift among the  mysterious stars / Gravitate i… Swinging On A Cuckoo Clock He sits amongst his crime of time. / Shame! / Don’t they know he’s our future? / He wanted to capture the magic bird like Gran… war without end I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t… I’ve Learned I’ve learned that…. Beat of a different DRUM My heart beats to what rhythm? I ask, and where? / It’s the same at all pulse points, like sounds of a snare; / Yet, I have no drumst… Qadar No Destiny An eyeless rider I see in my rear, / It’s Destiny that follows you in fear. / If you let her pass you on the bend, / Don’t le… Faith in Fifteen Minutes Oh to live with no more fear from the enemy who seeks only to steal, kill and destroy! / What is your life worth today? Misplaced Good. Show me a ‘miracle’ story, and I will show you one hundred hungry mouths. Living Doll A doll was what you wanted, / a pretty little pet / to dress in crinolines and lace, / forever in your debt Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! Hide and Seek They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up… Olumide Tolerance, respect for all views, love is the true teaching. They Never Saw It Coming They never saw it coming, the happy people at the fair Axel The gold in your hair / Is only a hint of the wealth I have in my heart / Because of you / And when the wind blows through it / It’s as if … Yesteryear’s Child Dreams multiply at the age of twelve / Living in worlds woven with imagination / From Robin Hood’s forest to pirates coves / Great pa… THE SECRET GARDEN To play like a child / In A Secret Garden again / To hold hands / With an old friend / To run between the trees / And be out of breathe / W… Three thousand miles you’ve come I took your cracked bones / with tainted marrow / and laid them to rest / in a tumbleweed tombstone / I buried your skeleton / beneath th… Child Proof Fingers wrapped around my thumb, skin soft and sweet / Small smiles through eyes of big love / Pieces of me laying at my feet, my blood flo… The bottom dropped out of her world tonight There was a shoulder shudder and a hiccup. Belfast child … I know this man so bent and damned / I see him every day / on every street across our land / his face so scorned and grey Issue 14: Love Child When passion collides with / an individual’s chest of gifts / the hands of time warp / as hours dissolve in minutes / and weeks blend into… The Fish, The Loaves, And The Basket . Through the Eyes of a Child Through the eyes of a child / is seen wonderments and / amazing scenes to relish and / ponder upon. A Deluded Man Behind your back she smiles / While in a million ways / She delights in cuckolding you Vision… As I look back / on my younger days… / I can see myself a child. / That with each rising / sun and set, another day / had filed. / I … Now This…is Awsome I have the urge to write / And tell the world what happened / just the other night Thank You Lord For My Beautiful First Grandchild,… A familiar aroma gently took my breath away / She smelled of honeysuckle / That fluttering butterfly’s leave on Baby lips / As they fly and… No Title Could Ever Fit What Happened… you don’t have to be scared like me… Headlock: Inertia (Mature) The Child Within some have been misused and abused / now seeking love
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Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of child writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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