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Butthead Don’t stare at me The View From Beyond The Edge #1 Now fully encouraged, I continued, wanting to get the hardest part out of the way quickly:…" say cheese… There it goes, oh my goodness, did I see right? / A furry grey creature darting in/out of sight / With bucky front teeth and a long and pin… Cheese spread and roses i sit here / drinking coffee / eating toast / coated in butter, / adorned / in the molecular / equivalent / of plastic spread, / they say,… Cottage cheese pie. so much class, / so much style, / a lady for sure, / you called me a poet, / with soul, / with heart, / who teased words / from the depths … Bread and CHEESE, or a Snippet from Dostoevsky. 7. Chekhov Screws Marilyn Munroe. Say Cheese They say / depression is / simply a state of mind. / How would they fare in this mind’s state? / I ask / simply / to understand / their si… Mike’s Chili & Cheese I stand alone nine floors up staring down at a faint wine smear— to the exact spot where Mike’s head exploded like chili and cheese. Cheddar cheese I rememeber that first bite. / The pressure of my teeth pressed firmly into the flesh of the shiny smooth cheddar. Anticipation. Waiting fo… Medium regular,twelve grain bagel,plain cream che… Everyones here, / On this dreary / April morning, / Even you, / Everyone except spring, / Vinyl jackets, / Happy cows, / Steel toed boots ,… standing naked the lights are dim / the stage is set / it will be a night / he will never forget / the champagne is chilled / the cheese is so fine / the … In The Woods Humans often treat animals so cruelly … but what if the roles were reversed? Thus, “In The Woods.” :) Cheese ‘n’ Kisses I often affectionately refer to me missus as the cheese and kisses but she’s not happy about it. It gives her the threepenny bits. Sh… CH = CHEESE, CHOCOLATES & CHARM Ascending the steep mountainside, the green valley floor below, we saw tiny rooftops in the villages reflecting back the sunlight; the sun … Drinking Beer, Nibbling Cheese, Staring Into Space favorite pastimes of a senile stoic My New Year’s Resolution Liquid lettuce / Fuzzy cheese / Bearded cucs Skinny Cheese I admire their hip and trendy fashion of designer dresses that cling to them like coat-wracks. And I notice the only thing their hands touc… magic “What about Jesus and eternal salvation and the tooth fairy and Bigfoot?” He bit into his apple and squirt juice all down his shirt. He cus… If it’s tired you want it’s tired you… You doubt it, you bought it. Tae be Catty For that’s what it takes to be a cat. On Cheese Cheese, if you please, / makes me weak in the knees. No one comes between me n my cheese!!! Ain’t no real chicken in dat stir fry.. ~ coffee & cheese ~ I like coffee and cheese too! AFTER THE SIESTA THE SIESTA IS OVER ….WHERE IS THE CHEESE AND WINE / THE GARDEN IS BEAUTIFUL…LET US SIT FOR A TIME / THE SLEEP WAS RESTFUL…… Man Hands there’s so much space The Mouse Living in a hole in a home / I ran in circles Whales There are two kinds of whales. / The cheese ones, like goldfish… / and the ones under the sea. / Personally, I perfer bother. / Cuz t… Cheesy Chicken Chocko was an unusual little chicken. She didn’t like doing what other chickens did. Eating pellets was WAY too boring for her, she&#… Cheeses ain’t cheeses Then tings get really catly cos out of da corner of my whisker I see one of da mischief sniffin da hold down. I NEED SOME CHEESE !!! i really need some cheese , i havent had a decent bit of cheddar in a long time ! a bit of brie would do or maybe even some parmisan , hmmm… Cheese & Crackers by A.J & A. Smith I like the stars at night / They shine so big and bright / They’re millions of miles away / But we can see them as clear as day whine and cheese look on the bright side / a godhead in a jar / on your desktop / to hold your papers / your soul in a vacuum / dustmites in there, too / to… The Lucky Fart …He stops, he lifts up his left leg, and holds it straight out sideways perpendicular to his body, and then he farts… golden melt – (haiku) melt exceptional / golden coat oozes soogy / cheese on toast for lunch The Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich Hubby and I were married about a year and both of us worked the graveyard shift in local but different hospitals. He had the night off and… The smelly little man the stinky cyst between my cheeks will really make you queese And it All Started with Green Chicken and Fried G… Believe it or not, green chicken can be delicious. Sometimes cooking errors make the best dishes. Many years ago, hubby and I received a … Nothing Left Why does one say things one doesn’t mean? / Make promises, only to break them? / Each word, empty and weightless vanishing in the air… The Cheese Blog I have never cut a cheese I did not enjoy. / “Who mashed the cabbage?” cheese time never gave us a reason / to why we catch up to / the seasons / one foot too the next / heading to the edge / where the sun / meets … Teenagers Macaroni and Cheese My daughter has never been one to cook or bake and at one point she considered Oodles of Noodles to be a culinary delight. When hanging o… Cheese I would like to ask if you think of cheese in the way I do… A Thing That Cats Do Cats put cheese / and chipolatas, / mini quiches, / onion bhajis, A Poem That’s Not About the Grilled Cheese … You leave / for the bathroom / and I stay in bed, adjusting / the blanket so when you return / you can see everything and / nothing. a splendid afternoon of capped wine and cut cheese all of a sudden / johnnie said / “aw fuck / here comes / another one” / and farted. / hilda was sitting / two barstools / down from him / a… “Tales of a mouse & his hat” Mr Butterworth was unaware of the trouble that would soon erupt. Thought Processes, or Processed Imitation Cheese do you think in words or images? / a bit of both, I should think? / So, you don’t know if you should or not? / I don’t believe … Return of the Big Cheese I walked down the lonely street; I didn’t see a person; though the street was filled with cars. The obvious ruins of war, even if it was a …

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