1. Report of the Victorian Black Saturday Bushfir…

This report was so important when the fires hit 10 months ago 1500views later I re-post it to remind us not to forget just how quickly such…

Marysville bushfires :(

Just writing this to inform people that overnight my family’s holiday house burnt down whilst my mum and stepdad sat in the car and w…

Aunty Mill & Uncle Jack – Bush Poetry

Humorous Australian bush poetry.

You Get That…

Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in

Bush Fire

Sap bleeding hues..

The Lavender Bush Will Not Have Its Way

I write quickly / A thousand words a minute / With a thousand words of / Regrets / And / Sins / Another thousand and one / For my joys an…


A few onlookers (wallabies) were watching us taking possession of our house for the weekend

i remember…

A look at life in a different way


run you little tornado run

~ # Dear CFA Firey Mine # ~

This is the fate of every spouse who’s partner goes to fight / and we shoulder it with gallons of pride for you do what’s more than r…

Don’t Get Upset Because You Asked

I keep silent about our economic long term security / Or where the next invasion force will be deployed

A Bush Christening by A. B. “Banjo” P…

The priest as he fled, flung a flask at his head …

Beneath the lavender bush

i leave you, / with tears in my eyes, / and fear in my heart, / a lost soul, / beneath the lavender bush, / in the darkened alley, / surrou…


Why we hate Arson!!! / Finished for now but keep checking; I may add more later !! lol

= Bloody Good Mates =

Dave staggered out on to the bluff above the drop to the sluggish brown water. / ‘Barry mate we’ve made it to the river weR…

Never Forget

Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries

~ my outback shack ~

Take the long track to the outback shack / where the sun beats down on the hard red ground / where the black crows caw and your skin’s red …

A sonnet of silence

A heavy stillness, unbroken by sound. / Insects and frogs and birds; noise all around, / Adding to, not disturbing, the quietude. / Sile…

Barney’s Stump!

I’ll bet ya a shillin now on this … an I’ll bet ya a schooner too

~ fresh water ~

And the hint of moisture shouts / through your mouth to your brain / There must be water somewhere near abouts

Tearing Me Apart

You’ve got me pressed up against a wall again. We’ve discussed this so many times in the past. I don’t know what else to …


Run for it son … get going … don’t stop to look or take a breath ….

~ # until we hear the bush birds sing! # ~

smoke filled skies / choke babies’ cries / when the roar fades / silence fills the glades


he men in suits / do what it suits / their prime objective / commercial goal / seize the power / take control / pollute the waters / then t…

Split The Wood

Wood chips shot into the air, / Like all those promises made, / He hoists another Iron Bark log, / To stand beneath the blade

A Walk in the Wilderness

“As I walk across the lazy field, I see the sun arising…”

Denounce Torture

This isn’t about a work of art, but I believe it has profound meaning to our existence, and our future. Basic human rights; most of …


Poor Oscar shut his eyes while he tried to estimate the ever-increasing monetary cost of this pointless exercise. Then he heard the fateful…

“A Bird In The Hand”

“A days wage for a meal is what we are billed, to buy now and then to pay later”

2000 DC

Touch down in speechless space sensor to sensor in a senseless stare.

Bushfire appeal

Buy any of my items on Redbubble and all my proceeds go to the Bushfire Appeal fund / http://www.redbubble.com/people/stefanmaguran / Buy a…


“I have worms.” I announced, a little too loudly, at the supermarket checkout. / All activity ceased as people, within earshot, turned thei…


Not Massive like the last one / & lots of good things happening at last! YAY!!!

~ Ghost Gums Revival ~

It has taken some time for the new to regrow / for the germinated seeds to fall and self sow / with patience we wait, hold our breath, hesi…

By Chance

earth’s morning day / warmth on my shoulders

~ # watercolour hue # ~

Look how green was the valley / stretching up into the blue / the fresh eucalyptus filled air / giving it’s watercolour hue

Mountain Mists

Take a steep track to the top of the world where the Kosciusko moon is near

~ Mountain Muster ~

On a Muster in the evenings the Mountain Men would “Sing” to their cattle to keep them calm and close. It was here that our Bus…

For want of a little light (Images Project #8)

It was a typical black school shoe but Bernie recognised it immediately. He grabbed it from the dog, horrified to find the bones of a littl…

Drovers Diary…………Bush Ang…

When a nasty Brahman bull went burko and poor old Ted,he gored.

Daddies Not Coming Home

A tear runs down her face. Daddies not coming home. He’s gone without a trace. Daddies little girl is now left alone.


he was a gun-tottin’ boy / from the south / liked to shoot squirrels / that’s what life’s about / well, if a black man / or Arab pass…

Growing Up

I was sure that every deadly creature on earth were all coming out of their hidey holes to get me in their waist deep home.

Report: What’s Beyond the Noorat Gates

It was late afternoon before we had time to duck around to Noorat and find the mystical gates. ‘Hold up! That’s them!’

I Stuck My Head In A Big Furze Bush

I stuck my head in a big furze bush / Where the nest lay woven neatly / At first ‘twas a bit prickly side / But it didn’t annoy…

Truth Be Told

Don’t Believe the bullshit they spit out at you. Only part of what they say


There has been an unhappy turn of events in our calm and contented herd of Herefords. / We have seven cows wandering freely about the farm,…

~ Meet At The Gate ~

Meet me at the gate when you sneak out after dark / I’ll help you with your homework for a kiss

The Rose Bush

What a beauty it was! Such a delicate pink and a climber, everything we were looking for in a rose bush. We planted it next to our fence …

A Desert Kiss

It all happened so long ago, very few still tell the tale. A Tale much like a fairytale. A Girl, Skin so Pale. A Man, Very much a male.

~ Bush Free ~

Have you felt the softness of the bush? / Let your finger tips and skin tingle to the texture

Australian bush & Rainforest

I’m so pleased…my image "through the Smoke’ has made first place in the Australian bush & rainforest group chall…


I have collated my bush writings for you here / - being a lover of our Australian Bush the Bush is the muse for my creative words … …

~ Soft the Water Flows ~

Where do these paths I take lead me / through bends and bush and plain

~ Traversing the long long paddock! ~

Building the nation to nourish us all / Traversing the long long paddock!


THE HANDS (40) / He, she, / Travellers from different parts / Stand, hand in hand / Basking in the morning sun / While all around / In …

Goodnight Bush

Please view the image in the art section that is paired with this text. / We always read a bedtime story to Molly. She was particularly int…

And the track keeps going on…………

regret… / turn back? / but no… / I can’t / like to a magnet / I am drawn

Blue Mountain

The driest warm breeze / and crispest of air, / Through seasons / pass the wombat’s lair, / And carry the mimic / of the lyrebirdR…


When that old cur came creeping close, / I kicked him up the date, / I told it “no longer intrested” / And chased him out the gate

~ Billabong Dreams ~

Choose your swimming hole!

It’s Too Late Now!

It all started off, just like any other day. It appeared so clear, I had no idea to fear. It all happened so fast, it took my breath away. …

~ Wander the Bush Track ~

They say life is a journey of chosen paths … If I could my paths would be mostly in our gorgeous Australian bush!


Have you ever stopped and pondered about how things have changed …


Come. / Let’s celebrate, / Let’s meditate, / Let’s not debate, / Let’s never hate,

Bush Burial Sculpture 2008

Let it be so. / Amen


You came to me in my time of need. Tough, I didn’t know it at the time. You began to meet all my expectations and you continued to ex…

Bush church (Vertaling vir Bosbede)

“I would joyously dance / my dragonfly shimmer / around your legs / and in myrrh growth / encircle your body / with purple and yello…

The Eagles and the cicadas

The ‘72 panelvan lurched off the highway just shy of 40 k’s from town. He glanced at the speedo knowing he needed .3 km more to…

The Man’s Place

for no matter what old Banjo wrote those blokes are all here still / and will be here as long as this mount lasts!

An accident can happen easy!!

Please let somebody know where

~ natures repeat ~

Sleeping for ages in cold slumber / waiting for fierce heat / seeds scattered there from long ago / ready for natures repeat

Minutes To Midnight Review

Ladies and gentleman, once again Phoenix, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson, have outdone themselv…

~ Rain Relief ~

know nothing more will die / tears of joy mingle with the raindrops on my face

~ ode to the chimney ~

Usually first erected / and used every day of it’s life / built to last an eternity / by many a man and his wife

Rosemary BUSH is Burning

Can you smell it / Rosemary Bush burning / hedge / heart / healing / healed / Can you smell the BUSH burning / It’s remembrance / War / …

These Feelings

I was there at one time too. / I’ve been in your shoes. / I’ve felt the same blues.

~ Long for the Bush ~

Even on cold wet misty mornings / the bush is warm and colourful and home

Perfect Place

This place … this perfect place …

~ life in the bush ~

Who’d want a city life / with it’s hustle bustle streets / when you can live in peace in the bush

~ garden in the bush ~

to the struggling home gardens of the pioneers / where the farmers wife would lovingly toil / to bring a bit of colour to the barren soil

Dear Mr. Bush

Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday.

~ the bend in the bush ~

I’ve always longed to just walk the bush / to live there and survive there and care fore it / It is my muse!

pitch black bush

gotta get there quick / dodging dangers hidden dangers / need the doctor Emma’s sick

A Simple Man

A tear it etched a jagged path through lines of age and toil, collecting dust in bristles white to drop upon the soil.

Old Toms Bush Shack…….

not just another old guy..Tom was Real….he was Special….

Regal Redgums

what’s the goss / can you hear them whispering / bending craning / trying to see

“For want of a little light” by Anne …

The farmers, tired from their early start and hard slog, were firmly ensconced on their usual pews, frosty glass tankards in front of them

If only

If only I had known you when you were young and vibrant / When you were able to bring life, nourishment and joy / To who-ever came into co…

Recover from disstress, Bush fires and Flood vict…

Invitation to Tasmania. / Restore your energies and visit Cradle mountain. / Play Tennis, Canoe, Climb mountains

Tribute to Black Saturday (Victoria’s worst…

Blazes alight with bright eyes in a day like night / A blood red snake writhes across our sacred land / It carves a way through many souls …

A Pet Story

I heard a loud scream, when I turned to look from where it came from, the sight was too unbearable for me… / It all begin on my 12th …

George Bush (Quote)

“You can fool some people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on”.


Twisted mallee trees contorting into shapes, / Which even the most versatile bonsai would sprain

Russel falls

Giant tree ferns of the forest bow their sovereign heads / Happy to feel the wet kiss of the mountain.

It’s Over

A Distant dream, I once had. It felt so good, but it all went so bad! I thought it would last. Instead,
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