Every Time You Pray For Me I have not been / the one you remember / something is gone / and i’m feeling all alone Bowing Sun Flowers These modest sun flowers bow because they are shy, / They are happy to let all of the other sunflowers have the entire sky, Bow-song of the Compassionate Warrior “Be of good cheer! For I am the Herald of messages Divine; emblem of the Optimist, the Fortunate, and the Kind.” War Between The Worlds The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside. Pain and Ice Cream Come on laughter and cry aloud / with the madness of ending the staged comedy a red bow for your salt Balloons full of paper Ardin’s Bow Ardin’s bow shall end / Hell’s fury set against us / Release the arrow / These were the words carved into the wall behind a sto… The Violinist Knows For standing there on stage / Is a man of tender age / Yet, his music tells his story / As if a man of many years Introducing a murderer I paid no attention to the rain pattering against my plastic protective cover. My competition training calming my breathing and steadying … Bow Your Head and Listen keys of a piano / guide my thoughts / as I retreat to a place I’ve long forgotten Tourte Bow The coffee boils in its steel pot / The milk rises bubbling and frothing / The rain keeps raining / As the rivers loose their banks / And o… Wrapped in a bow Moments of your day consumed by me / Feelings in your body which belong to thee / Thoughts in your mind that are mine to see / Beats of you… The Robin Hood Murders Chapter 1 nerves taking charge of my pulse as I stepped into the heavy atmosphere of the courtroom, feeling the weight of every single pair of eyes Bow Live the word / she said to me / Let the love / forever be / backwards glance / shall be your end / stolen time / your only friend / To thi… bow and bend unconsciously i tilt my head / to see through the gap / out into the space, / the space that yearns beyond. / a slight scent catches on the… The final bow All that is left now Adam & The Bow 25 minutes a day. Sweet Holy Presence Lord we gather in your Holy Presence, / With naught but one thing in mind. / How we yearn for Thy sweet Holy Spirit, / For You Lord we ever… I BOW MY HEAD AND PRAY I GO HOME AND BOW MY HEAD AND PRAY Take A Bow Graceful is never expecting anything in return, is never holding onto or holding back that which never was yours in the first place, grace… Chase Covering their tracks was pointless now, all that mattered was to find a clear open space to manoever in. Death would come quickly if they … I pump my arms, and bow my chest yet still… …The fear comes raging in. It lingers for a moment, and then dissipates in a silent explosion of tiny marbles, and for a single secon… CLARE’S WILD BOW So the music surged wild and became us as I spun, / Mossy mused, and the swans kept calling, / calling, calling… The swans kept calling DRAG ME TO HELL WITH A BOW ON MY BUTT THEY TELL ME I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH / THEY SAY I LIVE IN SIN / THEY SAY I’VE TURNED AWAY FROM GOD / NO WAY HE’LL LET YOU IN Watch You Shine Welcome to the stage / Let them watch you / Eyes unmoving as you stand / Then flashing into action / You dance through the light PLEASE bow YOUR heads let me rest / cause life is a curse that is blessed / like a half done test / or like a hole in your chest / its confusing / people ar… HER LIPS A CUPIDS BOW. Her lips a cupids bow, / I long for a kiss of her lips, / But more so now, / The licks and the kiss of her, / Tender like hips, / In h… Prisoner of love Ball and chain / A prisoner of / Love An Archers Paradox ‘the arrow never actuarly reaches the target’ Rich in colour. Indigo so blue / A shade of a colour / Sparkles with truth / Black like a hole / Deep and despair / Beyond a heart, is no repair / White-ne… HE AND CLARA BOW. He has a painting of Clara Bow / On the wall above the fireplace / That catches the light from the / Window just right. Who’s that? / Th… Playful Puppy—-Crazy Kitty Little paws on little feet / Begging for a special treat / Chasing string and tails too / Chewing on your favorite shoe / Catching frisbees… The Traveler in a cold twilight, quiet no sounds to be heard, just the crackling of the fire and a slow grinding scraping sound of a courses stone being…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of bow writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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