Faded Blue Jeans it’s about coffee first thing in the morning / it’s about the sunset’s red hue / It’s about the smell of a lavender candle / and it’s you sing in the blues bleached out sky / a lackluster grey / no ambition for paler shades / still winds / uninspired / hold lifeless clouds / heavy and tired / … For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… miss nebulosity I saw her in the sky; shaped like a cloud, she was laying on her back, without underpants, her legs spread wide open. Six hour intervals, blue, red, white and me Blue / Love / would not hurt if I had a wooden heart / splaying sunlight permeates the air with / my dreamer’s frankincense / coming to r… Blue Eyed Gypsy Woman Her crystal blue eyes sparkle / with the verve of life / reflecting the gentle rawness / of her journey that has / sculptured the woman … Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. Chocolate and Blue Eyes Lost at Sea Many, a many a time / he had taken his love to the sea / Where like children they played / With sea horses, dolphins, / Turtles and merm… Gingerbread Innocence I know I loved your innocence. harmony in the inky chroma / of night sky / silver and blue harmonize / in regal tones The IDC & Beyond (My Story As A Dive Pro)R… I had heard a lot about the rescue course so I arrived at the boat a little nervous. …………….. 3 nights in an artistic and mystical city Last week We were on vacation in Safed a small city in the north of Israel. / First, a few words about the hotel we stayed, Ruth Rimonim Sa… five days of blue The third day, it followed me home. Old Brown Boots Harsh hard bush lands on which I’ve had to muster / And the paper bark forests supplying me with shelter Seeing You something gave way in his heart to me / today / I admit, / I had been waiting / I want him to know I love him / like a sister / a lover eve… MOON SONG Firm bow / caresses / yielding strings, / floating / somnolent song / on erogenous wings A Poem – Forget Me Not I watch the snowflakes kiss the windowpane, / Reflecting their lithe dance on your pale skin, / I feel a yearning as old as time as you rel… Dear Angel, Get Well Soon! dear angel, i wish you’ll feel better soon / i wish you’ll smile and shine soon / for my happiness is meaningless / when my an… My blue heaven I felt you whisper in my ear / as I turned my thoughts to sleep / an echoed voice now far away / a still that hollows deep / where once a s… my own butterfly effect is the color of blue really lost forever / or did I just lose track of the sky? In the red Red was everywhere she looked, a stuffed picnic of red in this and that. / The right red was so hard to find to compliment her skin tone… Black turns to blue Deep in the night / after weeks of solitude / black turns to blue. I came across this Thought I came across this thought.. / “did I do something?” / “Are you mad?” / … / What can I do when I don’t … Inhaling the scent of blue and you where your warm rugged ocean / fills / ……spills / ………….stills / like the scent of leather / and taste of man / i want to fall / deep to t… umbrella but there’s always one, isn’t there? Dear Blue Look into the basket, it is the least that you can do while sitting out there blue dreaming. I think I will sing close to yellow days are NOTORIOUS / As wire connects me to bird songs in yellow / I can’t sing them / I can’t really hear them / but somehow I can be th… AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… I met a man today… His world was split in two… Dimple Diamonds, Sea Blue Lace Morning mist with ghostly Grace / Blooms renew and slowly wake / Like dimple diamonds they gently rest / Drops settling sweet on new bud… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… SAD – Seasonal Adjustment Disorder this is so true / in winter, i’m blue / in spring i’m waiting / for summer ‘now few’ blues we kissed / in a fragrant moonscape / of deep indigo blue.. RED AND COOL BLUE [Video] / I ……PASSIONATE RED / YOU MY LOVE SOFT AND SERENE / A PERFECT COOL BLUE! Bluebell Dreams – video Have a look at the beautiful bluebells covering the forest floor and enjoy the music. chasing blue silver wings to make you soar / across the skies to yesterday / where memories lie in wait / to bring you home again / all the hours spent … The blue woman The walls and the roof of her house cling tightly to each other. Groaning from the gaps and squeaking from the corners. The woman roams the… Stars, Snow, Blue Sky, and Disease Then he asked how this could come to pass and she smiled in a malevolent way and then THUMPED him on the chest… Courage Yearning stance / Bound by thrust / Not to your delight. / I’ll stand my ground / I will have my right. Soap Bubble – Episode 16. Red Bubble Blue What if Red Bubble was more than just a website. Come look through my eyes, all is not as it seems! the true story of red bubble is here! r… Plar – Beautifully Blue The Plar sinks deeper discovering a lost world, / Through black and darkness the mystery unfolds. The Blue Among the multitude of waves that is the ocean, I search / Nights of soulful wander spirited by visions of you / Days when the seas call ba… Father Figure The clues were all there if I’d only just thought, All I Want for Christmas AKA Chapter 1 of Blue Go… All I want for Christmas! / The morning before Christmas Break, Paul Mills rode on the bus in fear. He sat in the seat directly behind the… Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. The consequence of colours me: / born to a gypsy mother / a clinically depressed / free-loading father figure Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st… ‘blue dress’ – for Wendilicious when I think of you / I see only blue / not red, its dead / pink, I don’t think / green, is obscene / yellow is mellow / black, no th… The Blue Vase. ‘We have to get the gear there for 2.30, the auction starts at 4.30 sharp.’ Cicely / informed her sister Virginia as they loade… Faded Blue Spade and James Taylor Paul Kelly’s “Love never runs on time” played slower in her mind than it should, each line serenading a beggar man’s truth; there are no il… Jesus the Gardener – tending his sheep My dream of the love of the Gardner Christ Jesus – tending his sheep and loving us. ~ Subservient to the Impossibly Iridescent Great … I kowtow to your greatness the blue that is impossibly you / I have no colour to contend with the iridescence of you painting in the sky she just stood there / paintbrush in hand / painting a rainbow / all over the land / an angel of splendor / enormous wings / with every str… Any Type of Weather is Perfect… Dreaming The place There is a place / under the vastness / of blue shifting skies / a place between / somewhere, nowhere / and everywhere <<IMPORTANT: Do not read>> I am closed eyes and raised arms, / Icarus, / White skin drinking in the sun / My roots are set deep in the soil, / Blue grass, / Blue coll… HIS MUSE he was the gatekeeper / she was his muse / he wrote poetry / while she danced in the blue / she wore lace and satin / chenille and silk / … I BELIEVE IN BLUE UNICORNS… Please Read D… [Video] / My Blue Unicorn / Accompany the bare trees on twilight I did / On a snowbound land of a winter’s day. / Calm and soft the snow’s … BLUE LIFE YOU BOUGHT A GUITAR. / LEARNED THREE CHORDS. / THOUGHT YOU COULD SING THE BLUES. / BUT CHILD YOU’RE JUST GOING THROUGH / THOSE 12-BAR MOTIO… Love From a Leper It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba… When she is blue It’s not hard to see how her feelings are slowly curling up into a ball like a small hedgehog with his long spikes saying: do not co… The Blue Hour The dancing wave is pulled by a new moon, sending glistening ripples of a darkened silk echoing toward me- not even stars could consume suc… Without You….. Some days I am strong, I feel like I belong / Today I am lost without you. / We had plans I now need to rewrite my story / Just for the glo… Glimmer of Blue Childhood / It’s creased and tattered photographs / Linger in selective memory / Seated on daddy’s lap / Triumphant smile / Competition a… The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) Free Fall You look down and see only darkness……………… “We Lived” …It is always said, “Didn’t she look like her self?”… An ordinary day Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin… She’s emotional at the moment….have y… I have a hunch she’s getting sick of all our garbage ode to the blue rose of ashkhabad, 29 minutes ago I knew you were the goddess I was sent here to adore One brown the other smokey blue… My world is still spinning, each day never to be the same / for I looked into his eyes… Blue Already inside her / Is the boat / And the rocking Blue Moon Dreams Blue Moon rider so many moons ago, it seems / Land and Sky were vast as was Creators’ scheme / Alas, it’s now gone as human progress forsak… The Red, White, and Blue Red is for each drop of blood / Of soldiers who have died. / Fighting for our freedom, / Our people and our pride. / They fought a revolu… Burnt Out Heart Fragmented / Iced / Untouchable cold. The Blue with paper and ink / sun and rain / i get wet / but i don’t cry The Color of God If money is God then what is the color of the universe? Darkness Has Fallen Darkness Has Fallen / A Darkness Has Fallen / Hush Comes Or The Hill / Valleys Mist Now Risen / The Forest Oh So Still / Lun… Why an blue glass Apple? * Why an blue glass Apple? / * Here my version of what really happened to Snow White! / On day, when the poor Snow White was alone at home … Blue Road to Spirit ceremonial poetry Don’t let me… bury my rage deep / so deep it might sleep / to never be the lava / of someone’s volcano Half Life Half frozen at the bottom of the lake / Hair swaying with the movement of the waves born to be blue i have come to a / conclusion: / there is no doubt / some are born to be blue The Grey To You Then… / There is the gray to you, / The light faucets beckon my lonely resolve / I never knew, I never knew / Till one day I started walkin… Me and You Blue Skies / Blue Earth / Blue is Water, too / It’s a story of mine & a story of yours, too Deliverance I came to Africa / Pluged into violent crimson fire / Gold dripping amber / Riden upon slashed tears of blood / white amethyst sky / Forged… he his kiss was a whisper / on a dark lonely night / his touch / the feeling of a soft breeze / that chilled me / yet was an intense fire / wi… From your mother with love A happy moment in my life! Australian and Proud This is our country / this is our flag / Fly it high and fly it proud. / No matter when or where I may roam / I’ll always love my Isl… Blue Blue,night,murky twighlight dances across the lake,waves washing cool carvings in the sand. / Aqua,water pebbels moving under my feet, grat… Choices in pink or blue They had been lucky and didn’t have to wait a long time to conceive. Alchemy Blue The Cup and Wand initiate Themselves, / into the Chalice sinks Stalwart Stave. / Two Halves Annexed, like Yin and Yang, / Canticles of Plea… Out of the blue And then it becomes true Passion Beyond the Blue What wilt thou say of me / Should I offer a gentler approach to thee / And present a warming sun’s majestic form / With a soothing br…
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