blink on an emerald hill / the quiet gathers / looking for a sound / blades of grass / arch their backs / casting shadows on the ground / cool cu… the raw sting of a drifters blink he said to me “you have gypsy eyes” / i’m really not surprised / restlessness consumes my skin like / hungry phantoms / again / unseen / a… Blink twice wink! Did You Forget Did You Forget / The magic when our eyes met / Lingering without a care / Wondering how we got there / Two lonely souls wanting more / Each… Within a blink of an eyelash A beautiful golden black / striped dragon fly adorned / with a smile upon her lips, / She stayed long enough / to give me a wink and a pr… surprise blink I come on you gently / a sherbert rain of beads / I try to find my footing / as I tremble in my knees / I never rode a horse before / I alw… I wish it could last but blink and / you miss it / pause and / its past Don’t blink Yesterday I gave you life / I blinked for a second, / Now you’re a mom and a wife / With 3 BEAUTIFUL babies / growing fast as you / o… blink out of body experiences The blink of an eye In the blink / of an eye / this so called life / can pass you by / everything changes / in just one / blink of the eye / the world can be /… blink look away forget i could do this if i destroyed my body and my mind then we could couple and the truth would run down around our feet soaking us in the wet … Every Blink… … an eye opening experience. Don’t Blink for you / might miss / something amazing / something so powerful / and so beyond / your control / Life And Then I Blinked There she was, in my arms / A child so precious and dear. / Her first step, her first words / Kindergarten was near. / And then I blinked. … Inspiration Time is important Down to a blink. down to a blink. / Pod muffles surround sound. / A single leaf blows / ear to ear. / A whistle forgotten. / Face muscles dropped, / hangin… Blink I often sit on the edge / of myself / catnapping / I often catch a blink / off guard / but revert soon / What was it? / Something / I knew … So, You Want To Change? Want to be a new person? / To be a new you? Blink I overlook a road called fifteen, / In a state of Fatti machii, parole femine, blink blink / there you are. in your gray and black jacket. / blink / hey look my buddy Audrey. / blink / oh some Pon and Zi. / blink / my school… Blink All that time spent on this tedious task / To appease her curiosity was it for nothing? Blink Six Word Story…spirits come and go in the blink of an eye Forever And A Blink… … Time. Blink I looked in the mirror In the blink of an eye In the blink of an eye, the light is gone and / there is nothing but darkness around me. / In the blink of an eye, there is no more pain, … Kersfees 1985 as jy verlief is…. 24 hour blink the sun begins its shift. / Awake with eyes closed, / memories, trapped behind closed eyes, / eye lids mechanically, pneumatically / open. … Blink What I was doing was scrolling through life stories to find one that would be suitable to stay in. Although a Tiger May Blink And as more tinkling, sparkling, confetti words / Fall to cover the black and orange map on his back / No one will ever be able to find the… Blink You wonder, if they loved like you did, if they shivered like you did, if they laughed like you did, if they felt the world fall to pieces … now, you can blink a softwood fire burns so hot and readily / you need to add something more aged / and hardened / to keep it lit all night / witness the heat… -The Blink- Blink witlessly in the / hot noon sun / Sweat stings the eyes / like serpent venom / (In that moment, everything / occurs, become… then you can blink witness the softwood burning so readily hot / add something hardened / and wiser / to this fire / witness my words so hauntingly / hypnotic… Things can change in a blink. You seem to go each day wondering who your friends are, / What they say about you, what they think about you, / Always trying to drown ever… With Every Blink We are forced to accept. Blink and Breathe Words and thoughts. If Eyes Could Blink Alice in wonderland, caught me in a spin / creatively climbing into the wind / where out thou soul / let it be a miss / for in my dreams / … Blink of an eye The first time I ever seen your eyes / Your face and your beauty I realize / Hypnotized from the start / Felt it strongly in the heart / Al… Blink No More Hitler would have loved me, she thought, placing her hand on her face. Hitler would have loved me. The Blink your experiences / failures / conflicts / accomplishments / demons / and on rare occasions / angels / live for today When the Wind Blows When the wind blows / it signals a change / something stirring in the air..

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of blink writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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