BLACK AND WHITE PEN AND INK ARTISTS ON REDBUBBLE please note this is only for BLACK AND WHITE PEN AND INK WORK only GUIDELINES for black and white photography group members, please read Depression My heart is parched. Love in Black & White The balance of love / should never be a burden in your sails the black fish i sat happily outside / in the humid / yet cooling warm night air. / I watched the black fish with its sparkling venus eye / consume vast… Young Nudes not so Black and White. In writing Child Pornography my motivation was not so much about Bill Henson and his photos as it was about beauty, freedom and innocence. … 1. Report of the Victorian Black Saturday Bushfir… This report was so important when the fires hit 10 months ago 1500views later I re-post it to remind us not to forget just how quickly such… i heard you take your coffee black now remember the / milk and sugar days / we’d chase each other up the stairs / picking up dust on our bare feet / and / run till our lungs begg… Soul Substance The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way Colour Of Skin What the colour is your skin / What the colour is mine / And what the colour is God’s skin? Be Afraid The facts that the scientists are not telling you about the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, mankind’s most d… That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché black ink Black ink. I love it it better than blue / I’ll write with it my note to you / it shall begin with a polite “could” / an… Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Funny Looking Orange and Black Bird Thank you David for your photo "Funny Looking Orange & Black Bird / Please check our my friend David Burk’s other awesome ph… 1. VICTORIAN Black Sat BUSHFIRES 2009 UPDATE 16-0… Today the world is supposed to get back to normal / But for 7500 of us it wont! My Tears Are Your Rain Written during a rain storm in which I imagined that the rain was a sad woman weeping for the one she left behind. black noise (please read description) it concerns the on-switch / the expectation / then the realization of power outage / silent / dark / off / it is palpable / the viscous ooz… Black and White Memories Black and white photographs lie on the floor where you left them. An ode to her, to her memory, and to the memories you shared. / Closing … Ebony head trip My eyes slide gently between / satin sheets of darkness. / Embraced, caressed by the / liquid texture of ebony around me / I have… /… black violet she hides behind photos of children / trying to inhale their light / butterflies, flowers in summer hours / all help her feel life is right… Black turns to blue Deep in the night / after weeks of solitude / black turns to blue. ‘Soon’ Three weeks of light to break me in, and now I’m set apart. / Although Black Friday’s canopy, has swept in wide and low; / mora… House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made Cinnamon Dust Afterward, I sleep, and the beating red dries. All too soon, small crumbling grains fall freely like cinnamon dust. The satisfaction is d… AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THIEVES OF WORDS midnight raiders / of dream speak, / riding, / seeking / unprotected stray thoughts big black spot on the ceiling I thought it was a spider / I’m glad it’s just a moth / [On the perils of being shortsighted in a dimly lit room and not able t… The Black King and his Bullrock Episode 2.0 in the continuing tale of the Game of Kings… Chilling Stuck in this mental ice age / Where evolution is far from tomorrow / And he …. is just …. confined there ….. Chilling … If Jesus Were Born Black If Jesus Were Born Black / would white men still worship Him today / Would He still Be Lifted Up As The Son of God The Night Hell Raised. Rated R part one He’s a sick bastard, no two ways about it. That is ONE SICK PUPPY. I said to myself , puffin’ on my stogy like I do every time I’m thinkin’… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… The Nigger in Me If I’ve ever been tired of something / Today was the day / I walked in a class of white AU students / And that bigot looked my way / My fur… Proud Pepper at the Black Dog Ballroom It’s hard not to stare. A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father Indelible Ink The drawing room / The only safe haven The Night Owls. The somnambulist wore black / and swung in her shadow.. My Own Makeover/Photoshoot! (Photos Here) So on Saturday April 10th, my makeup artist, Kelsey Johnson ( ) came over and made me over into a classic beauty then to… what is freedom? we walked our roads / married our women / led our lives with many customs / you came…abducted us / put us on slave ships / shackled /… Black Widow In his eyes the reflection of my lust. / Passion intensifies as my Sex he consumes, Black Snake Blossom You’ll never be the same again. black & vinegar Just one sweet, sour moment. the black line my soles were bleeding / but still I walked / until my knees collapsed / like twin towers Black Dog Days Nagging thought of regret and woe / Memories I had long left to the past Black & White I saw myself / lying as if asleep in a / coffin made from glass / eyes closed and / breast ever so still / just like Snow White / before t… Black Holes and Dreams There is a black hole, which constitutes the very core of my soul / It takes and takes: it takes my joy; it causes me to implode upon mysel… My Love Is Black with Golden Hair. My love is black with golden hair / a see through dress she slips inside / I long to taste her straight away / but patients rule, I must ab… PAIN’S MIGHT … Oh the tender soul of it all You gave your fists hands to touch Death’s not alone / And you unfurled your wings here to span the whole globe / But were rained on by st… Rejuvenation & Hope – Victorian Bushfir… Rejuvenation spreads across the bushfire torn regions of Victoria Black Magic Woman You tricked me into believing / And now my soul is consumed / By this Black Magic Woman. / My heart can never be exhumed. Oppression: Social Class Approximation Through La… A Literary and Historical Linguistic Analysis of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Its Portrayal of Ebonics / Oppression: Social C… Today . Thick Face, Black Heart It cuts the line at the bus stop, / Raises your gall, / Physically gives you a shove, / So that you want to lash back and give it a beating… BLACK BALLOONS Forgiveness is like holding black balloons / and letting the wind carry them away. / Sweet souls will dance together / again… face to face, BLACK AND WHITE [Video] / When I was a boy, I played suburban war-games / Or cowboys and Indians. / I’d shoot at my brothers with a wooden gun, / And have … Touched by Art A warm story of how an artwork warmed the hearts and souls of two artist halfway around the world from one another. The Cacophony of Being Otherwise Engaged Blind to the pain / Of ill-gotten gain / I hold on in the mire / As if nothing is stained. The Monkey’s Truth Okay. There’s this chick who works for NASA. / she looks after the monkeys there. / Names one ‘God’ because she’s r… Black background The tribe sits under the tree / 13 billion footsteps approaches / The Earth is trembling / Onibaba- adelechanel From Light To Black The light is now fading to black – my eyelids are coming unattached Mrs Abercrombie and the Black Swans Mrs Abercrombie surveyed her moonlit formal gardens from the window of her Louis XIV bedroom. Their perfection was entirely to her credit. Substratum Substratum / Beneath the surface there are blocks of time / a keep ticking ticker / investments in soiled identities that are loosing / clo… TOTAL ELCIPSE…dedicated to the artist of re… The black hole in the center was me pushing myself back into the light and life Dear Applicant Dear Applicant / We have reviewed your application and are delighted to accept your latest bout of depression. / As your recognized authori… My Indigenous Black And White Portraits I travelled by train, truck, bus and even hired a single engine plane to get me from Mt Isa to Darwin !! LOVE IN BLACK & WHITE The boat of a future horizon sails away / a chance to board a distant past tense for you / dusk and dawn becoming the forgotten hue / Ther… Looking For Woop Woop? Forget The GPS! I thought my aunt was going to suffer an asthma attack, because she was laughing so hard – at me! Black Dahlias The black Dahlias round my hat / Mirrored charcoal moods inside / The secret stories left untold / Since I became your bride / The darkene… the awakened, the dear departed day turns into night / night into day / pulse stopped blood coursed through your veins ☼ At the going down of the sun … For all of them and for the thousands with no one to mourn them we will remember them! Lest We Forget! The Black King’s announcement When word had spread through the Nations of the Black Spear that they were to return to the celestial battlefield it was if Christmas, New … Why did you make me BLACK? Why Did You Make Me Black Lord / Why’d you make me black? / Why did you make someone the world would hold back? Darkness shines its black light. Darkness shines it’s black light / evil on the mind it grows / the ivy of it’s conquests / hatred and prejudice sows. / Childre… Never Forget Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries First break. Light has spread across this vista / But not through our skins I’m Not A Cat ….. … I am a Tree ! / I don’t understand why you can’t see / I’m not a cat, I am a Tree! / In these branches I blend so well / My tail’s … Army of the Black Spear Bishops- The Shaman Episode 3.142 of the continuing saga of the Game of Kings. Deliverance I came to Africa / Pluged into violent crimson fire / Gold dripping amber / Riden upon slashed tears of blood / white amethyst sky / Forged… The Intensity Of Her Stare She stands counted amongst her sister / firmly rooted, she never strays / She bears witness to the coming and goings / accounting for each … …And all of a sudden. Creating moments of life, love and every little thing that hung inbetween. The Witching Hour My cauldron / sings / of love and wonder… Black Wings my body arrived at a party tonight / I took some Angel wings down from the wall / and pulled my hair tight / the blondeness and longness fl… Black Orchid And, all that was left, was a pale reminder / Of what was once a match made in hell… Addendum to poem 6 of The Alchemy Series: Black B… The water brings the bear; / the Bear whispers to the salmon; / the salmon swims through me. / Today he spoke no words / of the garden— /… Misery’s Bitch Black cur / That hackled, slinking hound / Snarls pain heralds no warning Check Mate – (The Game of Love) He smiled knowing that he had found her, and sensing that she would not move again. He shifted towards her again and stopped only millimetr… little black bird naked heart Black A 6 word story Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… Black Butterfly Blown in from far off dust / Astral soul / Dressed in stardust / Black butterfly gothic promise And we will never age, never die, forever together / This I know, this is the truth. God bless the man in black………. when I hear that trumpet roar, / my soul, / begins to soar, / the ink flows from the sky, / the eagle flies on high, / for the sun, / refus… So are we about to make a large black hole? large Hadron Collidor Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flo… Nope, can’t have a worthless piece of gutter trash like you gumming up my mission." GOD WEARS BLACK I wanted to know what colour God likes to wear
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