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sand and smoke tattered sails / and ferris wheels / they shot horses on the beach / unafraid of their freightened screams / lovers kissed among the flame… The Ocean Was My Temple I lived to dive into your waters / To damage your canvas with my fins / To paint around your edges / To feel you push me around playfully, … The Creeping Sea I found myself pressed against the front door, straining to make out the black glitter of water. I could hear it creep up over the verge an… The Cliff and the Ocean The rough rugged cliff dwells with the soft flowing ocean. They are opposites but together always. Cape York Adventure – 2008 Everyone’s experience of the Cape York Peninsula will vary depending on how adventurous you are and the time you have to explore this uniqu… Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. To Just Run to run along a white trimmed beach with / little yellow shells buried half in the sand… Memoirs of an Intern Longing to be back to the land by the sea, / Where the air smelled nostalgically sweet in the cool summer breeze. / I felt lucky to go abro… Bra boys and girls are meeting in March. In the few bits of Heartbreak High that I watched, there wasn’t a rather short, stout, deputy principal, striding through the playgro… I found a pebble on the beach today… dark and silky smooth to the touch… / I pondered on the question… To Spend A Day With You We’d watch the sun set, there’s no regret / Taking pictures so we won’t forget / Oh what a way, to spend a day with you climax I felt, your love is so rare The Mermaids Tale This may sound like loves one true goal / In reality future hopes is what they stole. / The falsehood offered up love and a happy life / Th… A day at the Beach Her smile expanded, a welcome to her admirers, an invitation to stay – a taut, blood red mouth. Her eyes glistened, the crows feet enhanced… With You… (Mature) siren song of a beach dreamer and sea summer dwindles agile as sand / bittersweet tang of / sifting from the tips of my (sun / loving) hands / as the moon bows in envy / to … wishing on a star I have been waiting for a moment like this / you snuggled your head onto my shoulder / snogging on the shore / one special kiss / under th… Faded Blue Spade and James Taylor Paul Kelly’s “Love never runs on time” played slower in her mind than it should, each line serenading a beggar man’s truth; there are no il… A Sense of Sunrise Sound: Water. / Building, crashing, reaching, sucking. / Constantly shifting darkness. / Gather – rush – retreat… Gather – rush – retreat… FATHER AND SON The desperation displayed so plainly on the man’s face cut into our hearts’ and even more tragic was the habitual zombie-like express… Crash… Collide… Connect a million years ago, / when first we burst from each others realities / a thousands stars, / upon a thousand planets / crashing wayward ont… Kidnapping In my two years sailing this boat I only flipped it once, and that was while I was distracted by a pretty girl; a Pamela Anderson look alik… “One of Those Jobs !!!!!!!” It,s one of those days, things go my way, / one of those jobs with plenty of pay, The Blonde On The Beach Sat watching the waves breaking free / Leaned back to feel the breeze of the sea / Hands outstretched behind me burrowed / Beneath the s… Another Blonde Chapter: A beach too far independent springing on a Triumph Herald convertible is one thing, but having to come across suspender belt and stockings on a Trinity Col… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… A Walk Through Time She walks alone with only memories to keep her company / Her shadow staying close to insulate her every move / The warmth of the sun and th… Bed Of Jewels The sand cooled down / The sun’s rays reached from the endless sky / Colours blended with each other and covered the earth, / Orange,… “The Bay Of Morgan” “Water glistened in sunlight, on the Bay Of Morgan, revealing secrets of it’s bowels from the shore.” Fanta Orange Sunsets Steps away from the gentle lapping waves, a 400 year old Buttonwood with its gnarled branches, stood the test of time. Tickled Pink Sold On the Beach On the shore of the Beach Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl Come dance in the waters / that summer has warmed / amidst the froth of the seas / Hear the sighs that echo from tides / as the crescents r… Kind and Generous Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving Patches Of Hope nobody knows where gone love true / Summer was fading into autumn / glimpses of loneliness / nothing more to do / she’s having hope i… An Ocean Tail Kicking off her shoes she closes her eyes for a moment, letting the cooling night air wash over her, nudging away the last vestiges of alco… Lie To Me The sky darkened and music sprang up from the small restaurant behind. It was thin music, stretched over too much outside sound to be anyth… Nature’s Musical Composition The colors of sunsets sing their notes / As Nature undulates with the ever-changing drama / Yellows and pinks deepen / Oranges and reds fli… The Lovers Journey….. Two feeling umbilical, as one and whole / No one can take flight from you / the etching upon your pillow / not another soul can dry those … The Home of Lost Things Perhaps he’d been here long enough that the ocean had permeated his flesh and left him a relic of Gomorrah. Mental Artefacts that Slumber in the Dirt of Hist… Most of my photos / are not in albums or collections / rather - / they’re indexed in the vault of my psyche. / Like me / sprawled on the … I found it, sipping a glass of wine.. We sat quietly / sand spilling between our toes / watching / the last glimpse of sun / dip below the dunes / she poured us a glass of Pino… A Day at the Beach (Summer Past) Sticky thighs on vinyl bench seats in an old Holden / Icecreams from the beach kiosk, vanilla oozing slowly down your forearm / The musky s… The Beach House, a Sestina We chose the beach house again to winter / ourselves from summer / and then the raking of leaves / and to keep our marriage far from the ro… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… The Wonder of It All… A solitary wall of rocks juts into the water, / Guarding the beach from something unseen. / Protecting a turquoise pool from crashing waves… Mother Sea I am broken: and so are we. Deep down in the depths, drowned in mother sea. Dance With Me I gazed at you in amazement / you met my gaze without flinching / It seems our eyes met across the crowded room dream diary- poem of the gift shop by the … walking down this little dirt road / came upon a old house all lonely and cold / a little pond sitting just to the left / with very dark cl… Long live love A toss of the head / A flick of her hair / The wave of her hand / As her beauty did flare / Her bountiful step / The spring in her stride /… Blue Blood ……….somewhere between heaven and earth is me……………… What we have Forgotten. And we no longer look toward each other but silently shake our heads / The things not screamed are left unsaid The harbour that divides us. Manly or Bondi? We&#… You’d think I’d be biased towards Bondi but …no matter how beautiful Bondi Beach might be, the people who had nominated M… Wow Love Note In The Sand On HomePage Tonight! I was sure shocked when I found out my Love Note In The Sand Was on the Homepage tonight. First time! Thank you so much Redbubble for Featu… Passion of Love, Cahpter 23 “Black Iced Bea… “Come my friend , come and kill me, for you will FAIL! You can not kill a dead man!” Pebbles Shag me in the moonlight, Mr Johnson, / Worry not where thou hast parked thy bike… The Beach My feet walk on millions of years, hard as it maybe, soft on impact / Fine White boulders lay on land and in sea, minute to me, another gai… I Listen to the Rain If wishes were granted / For one single smile / I’d wish to hold you close / For just a little while. Headless He felt bold, quite daring and looked deep into the horizon, hoping there was a sea dragon to slay today. Collaboration with AlienVisitor Bubblers are wonderful collaborators – check out what AlienVisitor has done with Never Too Old Faith What is faith / but believing in the / things we cannot see, / the blue, calm sky that connects with our dreams / as our feet dip into th… Featured in ’’WAVES’’ Thanks ever so much to the moderaters of the group WAVES for featuring ‘’ Escape ’’ / This is great news and not ge… The Road to Barricane Beach My life was fading into A roads / A roads into B. / Oblivion came looking / and it found me. Relaxing Sitting at home when no one’s around. / Sitting on an island, at sunrise alone. / Sitting at your desk at work, after everybody is g… Dorothy has come home There’s sand in my pocket and a seagull passing by in the orange sky as we watch the dandelions of tomorrow waltz in the wind. dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… A Dirty Old Man Comes Clean a decrepit old crone dreams of having fun fun fun in the sun sun sun Marked Man He could feel the essence of each tattoo seep into his very being. Were they merely representations of tribulation, or something more ̷… Low Tide The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera… A soul’s truth Your soft breathing / of a dreams whisper / turns my water to / the sweetest of wines. / A vast ocean just / below the surface of your / … ~ … when once you were mine ~ Can you see through the age of time / the growth of moss and mold and slime Indian beach Crows that are dead… Need Artists!!! I need artist that want to auction some of their artwork on my website. KJ has agreed graciously to join in the auction and has 5 painting… Moments For Ty Now seems so fleeting / Gone to always remain Summer Vacation You know what I’d like to do? / I know you’re not a mind reader, silly. That’s why I’m going to tell you. / I̵… Ready or Not, Here We Come! After a long winter, it is pure freedom to be on the beach- sunny warmth and bare toes, people all about… / Gentle kisses shared betw… Featured Work!!! My sincere thanks to hosts and co-hosts of several groups for featuring my work. I’m so happy and I appreciate the features listed be… route map my heart in my hands / thinking of nowhere / because it’s somewhere / for my mind to go / when rain falls / and the fog is thick / an… breath of waves echoing of seaswept air / a balm within my soul Run With Me I saw the white horses, / Play in the sand / They danced with the wind, / ’Til they saw me, and ran, / Fear of a stranger, / Terror o… “No Means No” By Ellen Hecht … The girl laughed out loud because she knew this experience was such a cliché who would believe it? The Knighting of Sir Peanut From this day forward / All would know by this act / Daring, brave, old Peanut / Was a royal, and that’s a fact! Return to the Sea It [lightning] seems too beautiful to be purely reactionary, just a flowing discharge out of the sky like urine or blood out of a human. Morning Overture as angels standing in the wings / per sounding from ancient spheres Painting Deep Blue Grinning kids kicked circles in the sand with tender toes Featured Here ……. virtual sorrento / Have a peek , i’m thrilled to see this !! Coolum Beach to Gallipoli I stood on the sands today / Of a beach close to my home / Thinking of Gallipoli’s shore / A sanctuary for soldiers’ bones / Knowing … Sea, She Loves Me With forceful currents there, possessed / She pushed me fast to shore / As winds had stirred up, at my back / The sea provided cure Harbour daydream I fantasised about making love on a shore / The sea sensuously rippling over our feet….. beach(ed) dusk – dedicated to my visually … “never ever take anything for granted” A Grain of Sand Ebbing and flowing tides / And winds constantly churning / Sugary sands into ripples / High tides and low tides / Repeatedly etching / Abs… The Great Snow Cone Adventure “What flavour?” / “Hmm, do you have cola? No? I’ll have orange.” / “What size?” / I know that thi… My First Sale!! I was so happy and excited when I checked my email this morning and saw I had sold a card from my sketch “Lighthouse w/ abandoned Boa… Good News!! I am proud to say that I am meeting with an owner of an Art Gallery in the next day or so. Its located close to my town and a friend of my… How to relax in 4 steps (The writers cut) Step two tell the children that the only way to stay alive is to hide in a closet for at least five hours or maybe even until morning, don’… Sands of Time Not a soul around… / Quietness lays heavily in the salty air as birds float lazily in the sky… / Breathe in the beauty of the…
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