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The Alphabet Witch She’d eaten all the vowels, but everyone knows they’re the most delicious. baskerville old face I like your font. An Ode to Nothing An absence or perhaps a void / But bigger yet, as you will see / Concept rich but hardly there / Do you guess what it may be? / … My ABC of Seduction I want: Anticipation and provocation / I don’t like: Overt displays of possessiveness and an ownership-mentality The Alphabet Of My Soul Can you read into my heart like an open book? / Scan hidden secrets with your magic eyes / Reading words that form my spirit / Words in a s… Magic of the Lucky Shit Stain I discovered shit stains in my underpants today and now I am feeling lucky and singing the praises of mathematical certainty. Why? Well, le… I even tried eating alphabet soup……. Normally…. / I eat / I drink / I sleep / Words / But just lately / My hunger has gone / My thirst has dispersed / I dream silently in… Literacy The retail and wholesale / of popular cultures: / peacock and nightingale, / enjoyed by vultures. *NEW ALPHABET *A is for apple, and B is for Boat, / *That used to be right, but now it won’t float! / *Age before beauty is what we once said, / *B… ABC DECREE ….. Alphabet in order to be….. Alfa Alfa – A Limited Story “Alfalfa?” / “Bravo Charlie” I brayed, scampering back to the hall mirror, closing my eyes to the deltas of wrinkle… 5th Place in the top 10 Challenge…. The Bes… Thank you for voting “So Proud …. Eagle”! / RB you guys are the best!!! snaking capital letter let me slide around your curves alphabet soup So you think that you’re losing your mind”. It was more statement from Dr Lee than a question. / “I’m not really sure. I may be", Henr… ABCs of MsDebbie A=alcohol: first and last vice. Very successful partnership with the bottle :) / B=brazen: boldness and bravado to cover any insecurities /… Take 26 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Take 22 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Alphabet Soup Group ………. Feature Thank you so much Marie, Gail and Don for featuring my photo “Juicy fruit with some Chocolate”. You guys are great! Super Alphabet video!! I posted a book trailer of a kid’s ABC picture book that I’m going to self publish this fall… check it out: http://www.… Alphabet Soup Feature Thanks so much to the group for the feature of my “57’ Chevy”!! Very much appreciated. (And still ever so EXCITING!!) … Featured in the Group “Alphabet Soup –… Thank you for the featuring Hydranga on the Rocks! Take 24 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Alphabet Soup ~ Feature!! Thank you to Marie Sharp and ‘Alphabet Soup’ for featuring ‘Hobbit Twins’ (Aqueduct) for the letter ‘A’… Featured: Tap Water Thanks to the host of the Alphabet Soup group for featuring my photo ‘Tap Water’. It’s a real honor!! Asterix Removal from Group Names There is nothing less professional than having a personal page that has more asterisk’s than alpha characters. THE C KONSPIRACY THE LETTER C IS NOT A REAL LETTER or THE C KONSPIRASY … I would like to thank ……….. ALP… For featuring my photo “So proud ……. Eagle” / Thank you Gail and Marie! I’m honored and humbled. I also want … “Alphabet Soup” group Christmas Cardi… Many thanks to the moderators of the Alphabet Soup group for featuring my photo Christmas Cardinal. I appreciate the honor greatly!! Than… It’s A Friendly Alphabet… :) poem inspired by a gem——2 one did stay / conjoin; / did twin(e) / & gather: / . / . / they leave a / pebble / that will not / soon dry / blow away / . / . / sti… sexy alphabet sexy letters of the alphabet / the S it is sinewy / wraps around like a cozy serpent / or a turbin around a head engine / waiting to jump t… Your alphabet F is for firefly. You remind me of one, all lit up and mysterious and nearly impossible to catch. Notes from the Alphabet Agates and cat’s eyes / and stick-drawn circles / in the dirt / it really didn’t hurt / to lose a few marbles then / fun with … Take 19 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Take 20 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet The Alphabet Traveller The Alphabet Traveller is a twist in the tale, young adult’s comedy written in the style of Roald Dahl. A-Z Go and find your dream, / Have it your way, / In your time, Silver award! Congratulations! You have been accepted into our 50th Illustration West Competition. And you’re the Silver Award winner in the Childr… Alphabet abcDefghIjkLmNoPqrStuvwxyZ. / 26 letters,unlimitied words. YEAH!! – Turtle Sun Time was featured in Al… Thank you for featuring Turtle Sun Time! Alphabet….. ALPHABET Take 23 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Next up: A sequel to Super Alphabet? This was a demo piece that I did in a video for SCBWI – WA / Check out and the video at: / Featured in Alphabet Soup – L Thank you for featuring my Frozen Arizona Lemon! Alphabet Soup Group Best of C feature Many thanks to Marie Sharp and company for choosing my photo “Highbush Cranberries and Raindrops” as one of the features eligib… Take 13 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Take 14 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Thanks so much Alphabet Soup For the feature. Thanks so much for featuring Eye In The Sky. I feel very honored…Pam Take 25 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Alphabet of Life Aura / Blush / Confusion / Dillusion / Everyone / Fallen / Grin / Hide / Infatuation / Joy … No More Cigarettes A toenail clipping on the / bathroom floor. Take 17 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet alphabetic expedition You’ll have to Q like everyone else R you’ll be in trouble. / Sssssssssss . Must be all that T I drank Fore we set off, How abo… Take 15 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Words Aflight a shifting blend of sifted order / words escape their perfect border Alphabet Soup I wanna swim in a bath of words / like alphabet soup / Dive down and gulp open with / pronouns and syntax abounding / I wanna pull and p… The Phonetic Alphabet The phonetic alphabet, / That hieroglyphic set, / Of forty-five symbols, / English students just don’t get, Take 18 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Super Alphabet project on Kickstarter! My NEW project on Kickstarter…. “Super Alphabet” Take 16 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Alphabet 1.ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 2.BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 3.CDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX 4.DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW 5.EFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUV 6.FGHIJKLMNOP… Take 21 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Love Letters And next was J , who said “oK! / L take my chance with M” / and bravely asked if he would like / to go out for a spin. / "… Resurrected And the words, they flow like / the damn dam of damnation has / burst through. This alphabet soup..

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of alphabet writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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