If you do not look 2008 05 11 If you do not look, you will not find. / And you can love anyone at all, / and even pet them— / but to smile? / Without love, never. / Neie… The Day Which Never Was 2008 11 01 Somehow I hear his voice, not from the lawn, not from sadness / from somewhere between the worlds of magic / I did not speak, but overspoak… 9/11 “America could feed the third world with the amount they spend on nuclear weapons. Yet they don’t?!” / “It’s just hunger to gain more, just… The New Planet by Ben Taylor (Age 11) The New Planet by Ben Taylor (Age 11) / My name is Trevor Johnson, I have achieved wondrous things in my life as an Astronomer and ‘Hungry … Great Chapters in the Bible – Hebrews 11 Heb 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of… Life and Love, the completion of this poem at 10:… I came from cracks in the Universe / that were not yet complete / I agreed to be part of the solution / So here I am / I have fought many… Portent? Gods are crying / Religions vying / Media lying / Humanity dying I WAS THERE! On that day, I was there. That day, September 11 2001; there, New York City MAD WORLD-9-11 Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that plane slamming… TWIN TOWERS DEATH CAME FROM ABOVE. / TWIN TOWERS 9-11 / PRAY FOR THE LIVING! / PRAY FOR THE INNOCENT DEAD! / PRAY FOR AN END TO TERROR! 1. VICTORIAN BUSHFIRE UPDATE 11-02-09 Day 5 Hi Guys / Day 5 of these and the weather has stopped being nice / it may be cool but not cool enough [only 20s] and now the winds are pick… 11:11 (INN-SIDE HER PASSIOIN) She kisses lightly / His poisonous tears / a fervent bath / a reminder 9-11 TRILOGY Mad World / Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that pl… RUSSIAN REBEL by Ben Taylor (11 years) Bullets whizzed past Natalya’s pale face. Her nose was bleeding and her stomach ached. / “Come out now and we won’t hurt you!” called a KGB… Windows Media Player 11 (Mature) The Soap Bubble – Episode 11. Melinda Kerr … The Bubble just got scary, but It’s Okay because I’ve got a loaded Melinda Kerr… anyone moves and she’s going off a… Past ~11-11-11-11 a.m. 11-11-11- past 11 a.m. / I missed it. / I wanted for me what happened to my friend / in Australia / She was walking down the street and at … A Revolution in Kindness in Four Parts I / Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created sh… 11.11.11 Revolution in Kindness / 2011 was a year of disruption. / A year when the earth groaned, she screamed with violent victory and sent us all … LET US NOT FORGET It was a September day / All the world was silent / The birds stopped singing / The quiet before the violence / The sky seemed strange / Ha… 9/11 in the blink of an eye / one beat of a heart / the time has passed / but we remember / we will never forget / 9/11 / look up at the heavens… I looked up I looked up… / … and saw a huge cloud spread across the centre of the sky and within the white I saw a delicate feminine face looking… #11. you already know this . . . . Whoa man / do ye / Get thee / Grok thee / Unravel / the mystery / Seek ye / unlock thee? / Do you know? / no force / no will / no pressure… Hating Your Absence [8-11-08] The moon is my clock, and when it is full, it will be time to see you again. My head has been full of confusion and the sky of spaceships. … 01-14-11 take me beyond the age of reason / into an infinite season of wonder The Democratic Republic of Tibet" by 11 Marc… Welcome to His Holiness & Divine Grace Dalia Lama in Australia! The birth of “The Democratic Republic of Tibet” and “… Never Forget… 9/11/01 My tears have ceased to shed / But I will never forget the dead / The ones they could not save / The souls that were so brave… 3 Card Sales – Merry Christmas To All ̵… I am so proud to say that I have sold 3 of my cards… Merry Christmas to All to Z-Dogs – A fellow Bubbler – Danni!!! Tha… A Tribute to 9/11 Two thousand one, nine eleven / Five thousand plus arrive in heaven. / As they pass through the gate, / Thousands more appear in wait. / A … Healing perspective on 9/11 By the same measure of the tragedy, world peace will raise from the dust of despair. 11:11 If there is one place / I wish to be . . . / Then it’s in your arms, / tightly loving me. The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern Day Sou… We cannot stop bad things from happening… you and I have no power to control others, but we have the power to love and love changes people.… Casualty of Sin Jesus take this bleeding child / with dime sized arms / no one wanted to carry / mourn the child as a casualty of sin / Jesus take the ble… 11 Sales last night! My good friend from Tennessee surprised me to purchase 2 t-shirts and 9 cards… Unfurled…….. Open to the Wind Wishing that this never happened / Knowing there is sadness to yet feel / Hearts pleading in selfish requesting / Solutions / from whence d… WE WILL NEVER FORGET AND A TEAR FELL / Twin brothers reaching for the sky / Holding on to each other / Holding to each other’s hand / Proudly / Standing tall… 11:11 some days in the dim lit scenery / that surrounds my catastrophe / i find myself thinking of you. / there, in that slow motion lapse of tim… Craving [3-11-09] I’m going to lick / every inch of your skin, / and not stop / until I’ve had enough. / Every bead of sweat, / every line of yo… Hope [3-11-2009] Soon, / I will not fear to sleep. / Nor fear you; / thin and hungry, / watching from outside my window / as I close my eyes / and slip … Jim Yes we all love jim Cyclops in My Blood It’s Jack the Ripper’s claws ripping faith away from our lives, Spandau prison’s rotting walls, Hess’ rotting teeth… Lest We Forget 11-11-2011 THE ELEVENTH HOUR NO GLORY IN WAR! / NO JOY IN DEATH ON A FOREIGN SHORE. / NO WINNERS, ONLY LOSERS. / WHAT LESSONS LEARNED / FROM BODIES SMASHED, BLOWN AND B… My journey in art(2)I painted 11 Pinos in two day… I painted 11 Pinos in two days(unfinished). / I am mourning for Pino now. He was the first artist who invited me to fine art. I saw his two… WILD WEST WET DREAM I was on cloud 9 / 24-7. / But all that changed / On 9-11. / Now there’s an endless war / Against terrorism. / And the spin doctors are oil… Quote for the Day; 07-19-11 Step outside of yourself today / Look at your world in a whole new way Passion of Love: Chapter 11"Ripped Scars&quo… Jean was speechless, She held him closely and cried even harder. “It doesn’t mean your not a man, it wasn’t your fault Sc… September Weeps September longs for color / its rightful autumn hue / september / always / weeps now / September longs for you / in loving memory of my fri… 9/11 An Open Letter to my Friends The internet has one great use I’m told: Genealogy, but I think it has a second great function, and that is to unite us across barrie… A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (11) My real Disguise “Mum, don’t you know, it’s not a tan, it’s hormones!” WW Exercise #11: Prologue Folger rises from the desk in his study and stares from the window; it is mid January and snowing. 6/11/10 life is as good / as you choose to make it / as you choose to see it / as you choose to become it / as you choose to be it / x 11 ‘oor o’ the 11th day o’ the … lest we forget;… Niver fear. 11 Months, 4 Days, 9 Hours & Pocket Change But a serpent strangled the lie I believed / Before the whisper should reach my lips 11 Trees beneath the bare trees, poison looms / hovers there, exudes all doom, spitting hurt, a dense, thick fog / trees on fire, a sacred church / … September 11, 2001 A Reminder These are the things that I am reminded of when I think about the greatness of our county on days like September 11, 2009. 1/1/11 I took my first step on 1/1/11 / it is all new to me / this experience that I feel / Every thing will be different now / nothing will hurt … day 11 “If he sings, I will know if he is real. If he is real I will tell him my name.” / “Sounds fair enough. Can he sing anything?” / “He can ch… The Shy One (part 10 of 11) Life Goes On / Sometimes in life, the things we acquire and treasure can delay our journey. As is the case in this duality, the delay is an… Deep Blue Tuesday: A First-Hand Account of the Ev… People were screaming. People were crying. People were livid with anger. People were running. 9 – 11 9 – 11 / Eleven years ago today / The horror that I felt / Hearing of planes crashing / Into buildings / Where Americans / Died and l… Comments 9/11/08 Thank you to everyone who has commented on my stuff over the past couple of weeks. / Your comments are much appreciated. / Thanks again B… 12.6.11 Two broken beings, / I won’t say souls – those remain whole / through time, place, twists, turns, / land at the strangest beige… the haiku marathon (part 11) the prince sold his doves / for a cup of lime jelly / ate it in the sun NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN — 9/11 THE SKYS DID NOT HAVE TO OPEN / OUR TEARS FELL LIKE RAIN / FOR ALL NEW YORKERS / WE ARE STILL IN PAIN / ON THE ILL-FATED DAY IN SEPTEMBER /… Familiar [11-1-08] At night I hear the crickets talking to me, / their black backs / slick and reflective / against the moon. / When the sun comes up, / I l… Remembering Sun shining through the window / On the 14th floor / Office morning conference / Door opens / Donna speaks words not making sense / A plane… Mall-Run: For Frank O’Hara Sunday Afternoon 12:21 all’s fogged up / Inside the bus the men and women you will never find on Oprah… Sold a card and 11 features (181) sold a greeting card of Need your support to Freelancer Thank you so much again for buying one of my cards it is very much appreciated!!!!… Was there repentance? God lifted up the skirts where osama hid / beneath the clods of dirt, / for years the earth hid him / living quietly / in the tomb of his h… @ Cyclone Yasi (02/02/11) Just after southern Queensland was rocked by devistating floods the northern part now faces one of the biggest Cyclones in living memory! Revolution in Kindness Part I Imagine a world where: / Sensitivity was respected above all qualities / Corporates listened to the voice of the workers and created shared… Today i am…30-11-07 Today i am mostly getting wet ! Hitler on Healthcare: An Open Letter to America b… This September it will have been 70 years since the start of World War 2 and I have to ask: is everyone done shitting on me yet? 11:11 Spiral angels to the ground / Circle of celestial voices sound : / “Stir the hands of time 11 / 11 chimes the clock to heaven / 11t… The Shy One (part 11 of 11) Who Made The Steps and Why? / Before there was time, there was space and energy. As energy filled the space, it created gradients, bands of… ten til 11 Lips slightly parted / exhaling a little / as hazel eyes slowly close / and unadorned fingers slide / into the back pockets. Mum’s birthday 11/7/12 Mum’s Birthday – 11/7/12 / rain- leaves clothed / with gentle shining / we are close today… / time of your birthday… / ne… the man behind the mohawk… 9/11 9/11/11 @11.57am / i was running a crew lifting a house in charlton city, mass. i had sent a helper out for “coffee and” and … 9/11/2001—Then and Now a day like any other day I HAVE SOLD 11 ART WORKS SO FAR~ THANK YOU FOR BUYING MY ART Natural Medicine – made easy Part 11. Thought I had better put this up so you knew what I was talking about, sorry It should have gone up first. / In ancient times it would have… Obama Speech 9/8/11 “PASS THIS BILL NOW!… WHAT??? Clear Blue Sky 9/11, Remember our dead on a clear blue day….. 11pm:11/8/10 — November Moon We’ve shared laughter / We’ve shared smiles / We’ve shared warmth / We’ve shared trials “FEATURED” Ground Zero – Rememb… Peering through a veil of red, white and blue, consciousness resurfaces… September Madness – In Remembrance of 9/11 The morning sang of hope, the sun burned bright, / No warning signs of danger in the air. Thought for the Day…8-29-11 I slipped into an unspoken moment where time ceased to exist…. 9-11-13; hanging heads 9-11-13 @9:00am / i often mention to friends and family how sad it is that the only American flag that can be seen from my front porch is … 12.24.11 It was December / like no other. / The waves of heat created, distilled and ultimately dispersed / kept parsley growing / in / her back ya… FEATURED WORK// HELEN DIED 12/11//08 B… I TOOK THIS OF HELEN A YEAR AGO. AND SHE PASSED AWAY LAST THURSDAY. SO NOW I HAVE PICTURES TO GIVE TO THE FAMILY. THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN THES… The UnderConscious (part 11) The funny air … a smile on your soul eminating face Where are the Words? It’s covered with the dust / Of dissolving families / And trembles with birthing pains / Of orphans Part 11 The band has a name Mr Sincerity was out spruiking the record as soon as he had a copy in his hands. / Mr Sincerity was working like a man processed. / The rec… We, as a consciousness. I, as a healer. (8/05/11) We, as a consciousness. / I, as a healer. / Are helping you build a more resilient life through a process of spiritual growth. / Faith, and… Faerie Tale – Chapter 11 – The Dragon… Sir Robin was deternined to do bravely or die trying.
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