Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. The Deep Pool Save your breath for drowning men / and your lungs for laughter The Pool of Life I dip my pen into the pool of life / And let it paint some pictures there for me / It shimmers in the glorious midday sun / And words begi… Rani Ricked He’d heard of the robberies but they’d never affected him. Sure Narrate Yolk down the road had lost her oh so precious jewels, but that was… Depths Headless bodies treading water / on the ceiling / thump thump thump / blood in my ears / geometric shapes / fly at my eyes Reflecting into a pool of words I will dress you in a sentence / wrap you in some prose / put you in a letter / polish you before i close / i will write you in a essay / … Spiders In The Pool Ernest Hemingway said “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever … Collaboration with AlienVisitor Bubblers are wonderful collaborators – check out what AlienVisitor has done with Never Too Old Cards Sold For Dad The swimming pool. / Pristine, chlorinated blue / And just us two. Pool table of Life See things from my point of view. Liar Liar Pants on Fire (a mini musical for the … Claudia stands on her terrace over looking the in ground pool being slowly scooped by a scantily clad Pool Boy who wears nothing more than … Antoine Dagobert As swiftly the bow cuts through the waves / Racing the first light of day……………… Backyard Art Featured my Backyard Thanks ever so much to the Backyard Art group and moderators for the feature of my backyard, i’m very pleased and this has made my al… Summer’s Day Splash! Blue engulfs him, / They’re really having fun. / They dive of the high board, / They lay down in the sun. / The boys are havi… The Second Date Clack, the yellowing white pool ball smashed into the tip of the triangle, Coloured orbs busting it in every direction, cigarette haze, bod… Pool of Concrete the entire future is what I push in front of me / dragging the past behind me like some / dying relative Voyeur In Suburbia Peeping Tom Is Everywhere Dreaming of a pool in a cave Flesh and bones appear to melt; / I am distraught with passion On a green field On a green field of grass, then further, slipping in, hiding their love from all / They came together to reflect the glory of their deity, … He saw them later out near the pool fence He was an observer of people.. he knew that much. / It was not an unusual habit, he also knew this, yet he was uncomfortable with his vicar… Faeries Pool I dreamt a dream, most every night / Of a magical land of fun and delight / A land where faerie creatures abound / And with their antics, t… Puddle Gazing Oh liquid light / You show / Me / The world / In reverse / Your beauty fleeting / Caressed / By winds / Your talent unrehearsed. florid beauty Syncopated pulse thick in my throat, / Rubescent stains upon my lip, You and Me Meet Mortality It was not like TV. There was no splashing, no cries of “Help,” no bubbling screams or thrashing limbs. The Pondering Pool Susan Mrosek is a master of creative writing and whimsical drawings that are both quirky, inspiring and masterful with fresh drawings and w… Tide Pools high tide / running deep with love and expirience / low tide / pulling out all knowledge of love / leaving me shallow and naive / … The King of the Table I see your game is hot as a flame / no pretention, just full out extention. / Your shots blowing us away, the competition is stiff today. Tepid Pool I found this old poem of mine that I saved under Google Docs. I was a different man back then. I thought I’d share it. / Sorrow. Dred… Two Car Family Stacked smashed on racks / windscreens cracked like frozen lace FROM THE QUOTE A STANDING POOL GATHERS FILTH John… Everything around me is lethargic / swelling in humid decay / of a mind in languor. The Fragile Being Are we really missed? Life is such a short journey Will you be remembered? The Pool (Mature) Things No One Exspects To Find Out About At The B… Jim replies, Fine ,until I got here ! UNEXPECTED LOVE She sat upon a large dark rock / Lazily gazing into the stream playfully fluttering her feet / In the crystal water half awake half asleep,… “Motive’s pool” 1986-05-02 Does he really care? / Or is it just a game. / Is it only to use U / by another name? / Helping the troubled / for love or study? / Motive&… Deepest Pool I was swimming in a dark pool / Deep down as my body cut the water / I began to rise slowly to a beam of light / At the surface I saw his s… THE POOL Fantasizing at the pool The rise and fall of a fool consumed. Seemingly stocked / I dive into the pool. The Pool Of Sapphire. last night / i sought after you. / after you, / last night. completely essential according to desire and revo… day turns to night and it’s always a party. dancing and spinning, spinning and singing. with every new arrival comes a new series of … The pool Narcissus, bend closer, / nearer still, see, / no blemish, no line / distorts this face Pool Of Tears i’m drowning inside…i cant come up for air…. the tears wont stop coming down….the world continues… my heart … A Pool of Sparkling Blue It’s gone now, replaced by a large and numbingly boring RV sales center, two acres of asphalt covering an area that was once a beautiful po… “Pool” ‘Pool’ / Stopped today for a freshing brew / Enthralled by learned ignorance anew / Wisdom from this aged head turn grey / Kids… pool party at sharky’s strangers can be just as charming as those close to you, even share similarities but it’s deeper than that. when “slag onlyR… Summer Nights The sweet smell of summer fills the evening air / the smell of chlorine and grass / mixed with the last rays of the day / rays that cast a … By the pool Note from a day in an amusentment park Waterland. The Swimming Pool The vacant hollow, / Waiting, reserved, tranquil, / running with a sluggish current, / broken by the fall - / a surge of bodily movement, … Goodbye Can’t stay here / Have to go Invent a Life… When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean. Mirrored Pool First I knelt just to see my reflection then the depths started to reveal first the flowing thoughts were / Restrained and then a bubbling… Past, Present, Future My Father, Myself, My Son / We’re all but three, we’re one IN THE SWIMMING POOL IN THE PARK. Your sister called her / the girl in the red beret / and there she was / in the outdoor / swimming pool / in the park / her gran sitting… One More, Then No Hurry constantly, in these leaps.. i find myself, a rather sad death of the turtle. now with only pebbles to count, the sun going down. and floor… High Street Haiku – Vomit Pool Yeah Reflection Pool There is a price to pay for everything… A brave new world Close your eyes, Close your ears, Close your mouth, Open your heart. Waterfall So refreshing the sight / sparkles my eye / lost in the moment / I start to cry / My own Waterfall / falls for you now / for you to see … The Beast inside Oh yes, there is a beast out there / Stalking us all Car Pool (Mature)

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