FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People… FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People’s Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet in 2014 : Sunilism / By Sunil Sharma AMERICAN TRINITY Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one si… Not Today Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo… An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! God and Country If there is no God, you have no right to freedom. Read the Declaration of Independence. Truth to Power You will not drag us back / to servitude or own our bodies. / Those chains have long been melted, / forged into the strength of unity. Close my eyes If I close my eyes will I dream a world… Oh Beautiful For… There is no haven safe enough for me: / the outcast – willful, wild, as yet untamed. / All shrink away as if they might be maimed / or tain… My Message to Dub-Ya I believe in karma. Art By Charles Ezra Ferrell Blog During the latter part of 2007, I discarded my self-imposed restrictions on my artistic creativity. I began to draw frequently once again a… The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstree… Is this a real Social Uprising that look for a real change & it won’t be over until it happen or this is just another Ant-Everyth… The Generation Next where we have been leaving to our generation next / I often wonder what future generations will make of our efforts! For Jesus My loyalty lies with You, Jesus / Not a stretch of land / Not a flag (spangled, striped, or blank) / After nails, a whip, a cross and thorn… Symbols on the wall I started noticing things on the walls – unconsciously at first, but gradually I became more aware of what I was seeing. Follow me on… GEORGEISMS 1.) “If you are insulted by me, don’t feel too bad because if I don’t like you, you will be summarily ignored.” / 2… Never Forget Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries going nowhere going nowhere oh how funny just too funny to be funny…they are everywhere thinking they are somewhere…thinking they are somewhere everywhere … honey (Mature) Games in the sand Just play President Bill Clinton visits Lakewood Former President Bill Clinton visited my city yesterday, stumping for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. / I have some pho… Epicureans of the G8 The wealthiest of the Nations / Meet in exclusion from the rest / The politics of separation / To be overseen by the best The Aussie Cattle Dog!!! This little story could be applicable in any country, whatever side of the political fence they are on… / Kevin Rudd called Julia Gil… The Mandolin. (Mature) SEPTEMBER MOST HATED DAY/ HOMAGE BLOOD / SMOKE / CRUSHING AND RESONING SOUND OF THE TWINS FALLING APART! / AGONY / QUESTIONS / POLITICS / SICKENING ANSWERS TO UNREST AND FE… OUT OF LATVIA OUT OF LATVIA / [Sunday Telegraph’s title] / Riga is the colour of the Eastern bloc, like nougat kicked around in a gutter. Beyond t… SPANISH POEM normally most people wanting to escape would go south I’m sure – to Mexico / but for some reason I ended up in France… abortion (Mature) Vicarious Visions motivational-ly fearful / words spill out / like rice / cakes on the floor / hard to munch / hard to swallow The Bullet and the Trigger Tick tock like a clock / Digging my own grave / And every time I look / I see we’re getting more depraved My Head Was in the Clouds Alright Dream-filled balloons sailed away that day. / I noticed that you forgot / to tie a note on the end / of each string. / How will they know w… Just a Passing Rant What?!? Bill Mitchell’s “Neo-liberals invade … Full employment should be the key goal of any government. tattered rag i had a satin dress / all the colors of the rainbow 2000 DC Touch down in speechless space sensor to sensor in a senseless stare. DESCRIPTION OF RED MOTHER MARRY – THE PAINT… Her eyes are red. My female body is violated, and bloody red from their violent invasion, rape, abuse, and torture. They hurt me on purpose… Red, White, and Faded Grey It was moving day. I sat on our porch for the last time, drumming Paul McCartney’s “Freedom” over and over onto the faded grey wood. / When… T.R.A.P.S It’s a miserable state for pigs / For the love of mud they dig / We cook their pork and fry their bacon / But it’s we who are mistaken! Trouble In Pussystan In Moscow, the trial of the activist-feminist group known as Pussy Riot continues into its second week Help Help Help Help the Paranoids are after me / They follow me every where I go HISSS Why Do They Need Gunsssss Anywayssss A guy goes about killing a bunch of people in a Colorado movie theater. / Here’s what it was NOT: It was NOT a Second Amendment IS… THE TRUTH – A LETTER TO MY CHILDREN There is always a reason or lie why, but the truth is they are abusing me. I and my children pay endlessly… Politician we trusted you to lead us on / loathsome creatures now begone Conspiracy Theorist…Is That a Bad Thing? This is the only type of journalism that can be trusted today and the type which one must seek out to get the story from the other side of … Mainstream Monstars The crowd roars as his voice soars / smoothly and anything but coarse / heals scars of doubts and sores. / How lovely how he interacts / wi… Running with the Carnivores My uneasiness wasn’t triggered because I was sitting upon this foreign sofa, waiting to meet the person every aspiring writer daydreams abo… Superstar* Looking tired into a broken mirror  / You see a strange wolf in a glimmer / A vision from your dark wood  / Red riding in your neighbourhoo… A Throne Taken by Treachery (Mature) and so comes Christmas (Mature) Spinning it you force others to / live your reality / negating life, love, memory / and space / with a push of a button / and a finger in our face. / y… Forgotten Lessons What will it take to wake the sleepers, to hear their voices once again. CIRCUS OF WORDS Three Fates spew caustic sputum / from the mouth of denial,; / spinning tangled threads of life / in the subliminal isthmus of conscience, … GOOD NEWS FOR AMERICA (an irony) Ron Paul is arguably the best fix for all that is wrong with the U.S.A. today. His ideologies and concepts are radical in the extreme. The Teens These are the great minds of the next decade who will rule the earth and lead the modern culture Election Day November 2nd 2010 Voting for the Christian is a duty of stewardship. We must uphold the godly morals and fight to keep them. ways to famous (2) . FALSE PROPHESIES The undead sit and sing / sad songs of angst / while the disillusioned discuss betrayal / with the ghost of past facts. / Their dread … Politics Hope flies among the lies / Politicians at county fairs / Chaos breeds in times of need / Sucking out the air poverty’s army destitution is an equal opportunity recruiter / no longer satisfied with broken men / the ranks swell with women and children Beware the White Supremacist. (Mature) Politician ..embrace a child for mothers eyes, but babies know and so they cry JUSTICE IS, HAS, DOES, CAN JUSTICE HAS,IS, DOES, CAN GO BEYOND THE LAW. / LAWS ARE MADE FOR MEN FOR THE MEN, Beware the Madman. Beware the Puritan, the man who sets boundaries which only he shall cross, alone and in secret in his room. How dare he call unclean that w… Christina Taylor Green your life was sacrificed / on the pages of political / war, / your soul illuminated / to greet the Lord / with the smile you freely / gave … Politics Geez I hope Howard doesn’t win. To My Grandchildren I never wanted this for you / This worm-gear twisted world. / I wanted wonder waterfalls / Diamonds, gold and pearls. / I wished a dream o… Circus The Animals Gather / In the Circus Ring / The Show is not over / ’til the Fat Lady Sings Art and Politics Politics. Like life, politics are everywhere in every place and time. As long as we live we can’t escape politics. aerotriangulation Courtesy is a divided highway / lest it resemble expectation / on demand. To understand / matters of navigation consult / a map, one develo… October 9, 1967…Che death will come as bullets…for revolutionaries on the run An essay on Brothers Karamazov- by F Dostoevsky In The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky expounds on the conflict between Slavophiles and Westernizers, which has existed in Russia since the … T Party ,“What do you think of the new T Party?” Time has out witted me Time has out witted me / Life is hanging in the balance / A thread of total deceit and mistrust / I will be dead as soon as possible / No i… US Bailout An elaboration of sense in a confusing situation… No Dissent a Silent Consent . Fixed With a Gun I felt sick to my stomach while anxiety built; Politics 04/19/10 111 views / Reality of politics ? / I put three cups of water in / and got two cups of coffee out Ten Commandments According to George Here is a list of laws that are necessary as I see it. / 1. You may own and carry guns, but you may not kill me with them. / 2. I may have … The State Of Hate I see violence / You want silence / So that the intensity doesn’t conflict with your propensity to act casually A Place of Rest. Jáckboots sóund upón the stónes, like a chóir in the Látin Máss; / torn Tárot cárds are éverywhére, on the Níght of Bróken Gláss. Jim Beam Me Up I screamed, "Birmingham’s burnin’! Watts can’t get no Taco Bell! All my money has gone to fund the war on the upper … I SPEAK FLUENT DOG IT’S A LANGUAGE THAT IS SPOKEN AT YOU, NOT WITH YOU / BECAUSE IT’S ACTUALLY A WEAPON OF IMMENSE POWERS / IT’S A LANGUAGE … Cause and Effect The cigarette industry is thriving even though the world population; every man, woman and child, knows how deadly cigarettes and tobacco in… The Illusion of Choice As an American I have always taken comfort in the knowledge that, even though no current form of government can be thought of as perfect, a… somewhere the middle somewhere treasures are as desolate rented spaces…that quiet scream will not scream Gold Records went Gilded Platinum When the luster of Run, Flash, / B boys and Graf fell back / to novelty / and scenesters scurried / until a Compton remedy / brought b… DEMONS OF THE WORLD Pray for sunshine… War, Good God, what is it good for… absolut… Laughing and joking, one day / Another day, BOOM, IEAD, / shrapnel in the, soon he’s dead The Moment the King Was In After watching a French play, the Dog King at once perceives the Truth: Prisons are not made to keep the maladjusted in, but to keep the r… HELPFUL LETTER FROM THE DEPT OF OVERREGULATION IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT / YOU MUST HAVE A VALID LICENSE ON DISPLAY WHERE YOU / WILL BE DOING NOTHING AT ALL WITH… Making a Difference and Affecting Change I’ve knocked knots on my head from beating it against the wall trying to wake people up. 99% of the population actually still believe… Betrayal What ever happened to “politician” being a voluntary job? That the representatives had to be otherwise gainfully employed? That… BIG HOUSE, LITTLE HOUSE I saw the man and woman take a big box of Christmas ornaments outside and throw them in a mud puddle. They were just totally mishandling an… The Anthem of Youth Drip drip drip / Another child dies / Another mother weeping / But the world turns a blind eye / Drip drip drip / Another child on the stre… A Personal Interpretation of Malcolmson’s L… I saw a kid dressed like a young man, he was among adults. Surely his story was the same story of the very millions of kids that even today… Circled by foe …does leave us both a world apart. The Priestess of Lilith. (Mature)
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