Karl Marx by Ben Kling Adolf Hitler by Ben Kling Josef Stalin by Ben Kling Leon Trotsky by Ben Kling Mao Zedong by Ben Kling Fidel Castro by Ben Kling Giant Douche by anarchei Peace Pays by AlexNoir Turd Sandwich by anarchei Fuck Monsanto by boobs4victory Is Anyone Listening? by Linda Gregory Business in the Front by Geoff  Powell Fuck Monsanto by boobs4victory We're Not Friends by icecole Full Responsibility by berndt2 WARNING Politicians seriously harm you by Dan Donovan WAKE UP! The gorgeous, the hideous, the ordinary. / The faceless, tasteless, graceless majority. / The triumph of ugliness over beauty, / Of ignoran… Stupid Things, Politicians Say#3!! by Seth  Weaver FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People… FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People’s Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet in 2014 : Sunilism / By Sunil Sharma See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil by Adam Howie an instinct like aggression by RangerRoger Our Bodies Our Food - Monsanto by boobs4victory No GMO's - Monsanto by boobs4victory Nelson Mandela by JMcCombie Free Pussy Riot Now by edend Get it together Thailand by mobii TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER by Larry Butterworth HELL BOUND TRAIN! [Video] / I’m angry about the state of the world! / I’m angry about things I can’t control; / Evil politicians, bad rock and roll! / I’m an… 10 Downing Leavers by David Scullion PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENSE. This has been my last comment of a discussion at about the Conflict in GAZA, I’m so pissed with peoples inability to realize … The Spin Doctors by BlueMoonRose You'd better pull your head out of the sand..time to make the politicians bend..It's time to break down the chain of command..We want..Life, Life, Life by jammingene Robbery by anarchei KEEP OUT !!!! by Yago 'NO Hope, Just More War...' by Scott Bricker House of Cards by ssan Fuck Monsanto by boobs4victory The Politician’s Song! this isn’t a crime, / I can’t do the time! / plus expenses! Arnold Schwarzenegger dancing in politics by Marie-Elena Stupid Things, Politicians Say#2!! by Seth  Weaver bALLoOnHEaDs by Tom Norton PIGS AND RATS POLITICIANS KISSING BABIES!! / THERE AUGHT TO BE A LAW AGAINST THAT. / THEY SHOULD BE FORCED / TO KISS THEIR OWN KIND, / A PIG OR A RAT!!!!… “We Lived” …It is always said, “Didn’t she look like her self?”… Our Bodies Our Food - Monsanto by boobs4victory Real Life by Colin Wright Stupid Things, Politicians Say! by Seth  Weaver Highway Robbery, American Style by Seth  Weaver No To Tony Abbott by Spike Tickner "I telt ye!" by Ranald Ethelbert Keeping an Eye on Politicians by Christiane  Kingsley Who is suffering more? by Marlies Odehnal Stupid People by e2productions Wild Animals by TeaseTees Epicureans of the G8 The wealthiest of the Nations / Meet in exclusion from the rest / The politics of separation / To be overseen by the best Revolution Is The Solution by e2productions Flipped? by MrEych Racial Profile by e2productions Independents Vote T-Shirt by 2HivelysArt THE POLITICIANS by Thomas Andersen PRES. OBAMA by BOOKMAKER an instinct like aggression by RangerRoger TOO MANY by Yago Kitted out and ready! by Rivendell7 Scum and Villainy by Jeff Clark Breaking Ford - Rob Ford - Toronto Mayor - Crack Scandal by graphix SPECTER OF WAR by Ann Morgan Poison Politics by PoisonPolitics LIMIT - 044 by LBStudios What Good Is War? by Casey Herman politicians by Jim rownd Poverty Of Mind . One for all the Politicians by berndt2 Thank you so much!! ...... Please continue the good work.. by Rivendell7 Racial Profile by e2productions “My Flannel Bag” “My flannel bag, that once filled with coins. / Is less full of silver, with just pennies to scorn.” Peopled Money by Michael Rubin PB&J…Write Me Up or Light Me Up I say, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone…at his own GLASS HOUSE Political Blues News I am sick of listening to politicians / With their endless senseless cant / Watching question time in live video cam / Just school boys wit… Fuck Monsanto by boobs4victory Trigger Finger by MadTogger Fear & Spiders by GritFX The Real King Arthur. by darkvampire Thomas Jefferson by warishellstore Mark Twain Quote about politicians (light colored shirts) by JamesChaffin Fuck Monsanto by boobs4victory "Politicians' worthless cracks" by darkvampire Mark Twain Quote about politicians by JamesChaffin Parliament House, Victoria by Alex Ford Churchill Posing With A Tommy Gun by warishellstore I'm with sophistic nescient by RangerRoger Fear & Spiders (White Print) by GritFX ESD Grows a OPI I know I’ve phoned before / Trivial complaints about the law / But when they come uninvited to my door / I think it’s right to phone some m… Nature of Politicians It is the nature of politicians / (I will not put human / Before that nature) / To lie; / The nature of politicians / To be self serving— /… Betrayal What ever happened to “politician” being a voluntary job? That the representatives had to be otherwise gainfully employed? That… Politicians by Glenn-Patrick Ferguson Viper by ArtByDrew
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